1 • Chapter 1 - Meeting you •

"Yah Jisoo Get Up!," I heard Lisa say from a cross the room. "I am up." I say sitting up. We didn't have anything scheduled. I wonder what's going on. "But we don't anything scheduled Lisa." I said with a annoyed groan. "We have a meeting with Yg." Lisa said walking over with some clothes in her hand.

"Oh..Where's Jennie?" I said while taking the clothes and getting up out of bed. "She's already there, and we're late." Lisa Said calmly walking out the door.

"Wah! Why did no one wake me up!" I yelled while rushing to get ready. "I just did!" I heard Lisa yell from behind the door. Aish that girl really knows how to get me mad.

I finally caught up with Lisa and we made it there but we were a little more than just 5 minutes late. we missed 30 minutes of the meeting, Or I should say..I missed 30 minutes. I have no doubt Lisa was ordered to come and get me up.

I walked in to see a girl with black hair and pretty eyes. Lisa sat next to Jennie purposely leaving a seat next to the girl. 'What a witch..' I thought to myself. "Go on Jisoo you can sit." Yg said pointing to the seat.

"No it's fine sir.." I said standing uncomfortably. The girl turned around and smiled at me, I blushed at her sudden action. "Jennie, Lisa, and Jisoo today I've call you all hear to tell you your practice times has been shortened." yg said looking down at a paper then looking up at us.

"why?" Lisa said calmly but not calm enough. I know she's upset. You can tell. she's been working the hardest out of me and Jennie.

"because of killings that happened the past 3 days." yg said as my eyes widened and I looked down at my hands. "jisoo?" yg said bringing me out of my thoughts. I looked up to see everyone looking at me. "S- Sorry I was thinking of something." I said as a quick reply.

The truth was I couldn't stop thinking about all the people I killed just in 3 days.. 20- no.. 27 I couldn't keep count... "So jisoo thats where you come in and tour her, okay?" yg said then I nodded as a sudden reaction. I had no idea what he was talking about since I was to busy in my thoughts.

"annyeonghee gaseyo" Jennie and I said bowing before leaving With Lisa. Leaving the New girl and Yg in the room.

"what did he say?" I asked everyone while walking down the hall. Jennie laughed at my question and it made me mad. "I don't know go ask the new girl." Lisa said In English then laughed before running to the elevator with Jennie and closing it. "Witch.." I said out loud in English without realizing.

"I don't think Lisa is a witch." The new girl said coming from behind me. wait I said that out loud?

"she go plan some or leave." I said in English rubbing the back of my neck with a nervous laugh. My English was bad I was still on the basics, but I could understand others and there basic sentences.

"Cute.." she mumbled looking away from my eyes. I'll have to admit I was surprised at first. But Wow she is very honest, can't say that I don't like it. "Hm?" I said in English pretending that I didn't hear her.

"Nothing..Lets go and do this tour. okay?" She said looking up at me as I nodded. "I Jisoo." I said in English reaching my hand out for her to shake. I have no idea if I said that right. I just hope I did I don't wanna look like an idiot in front of her. "I'm Roseanne. Roseanne park." She said reaching out her hand and shaking mine.

Roseanne...My Roseanne...My little Rose...

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