“Found” by Minkeyflop Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

“Found” by Minkeyflop


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Rose Mayfield is ready to finally be on her own. As she begins her new life at a relatively small university in Maine, she is excited to meet new people, study what she's passionate about, and develop herself in a new environment. She quickly finds competition and intrigue in the town's golden boy and heir, Wick Arenthe. Wick is the son of the Mayor, and the descendent of the founder of the university. His place as top scholar and social alpha in the town of Silver Lake has been secure for his entire life. When Rose and Wick collide will she need to find a new path, or is he what she's been searching for this whole time? When the entire Were World finds itself in danger once again from the Vere nobility, will the fabled Queen Fayelle be able to save them, or will her Chosen refuse her destiny? This is not your average Mates story. "Found" is about both finding love with your soulmate, and learning to love and accept the Wolf inside yourself. Rose will enter the Were world clueless of her destiny. But with the help of her Mate, her Beta and Third, and her own Wolf, she'll learn to be the Alpha Female that has always been a part of her.


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