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“B” Is For Boyfriend | √


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One night. One bed. Two friends. - Fray Adams - (What tingles that name gives me!) Is a world-famous hot-to-die-for model and travels around the globe, posing for celebrity magazines, half-naked and dripping with lust and sin. He's dirty smirk was all I could think about every time I came across his handsome profile on every trendy magazine there ever was and how his perfect pecs and abs turned me on. Bad enough he happened to be my elder sister's boyfriend and also the man, I've crushed on my entire life. What tricks life plays as we're left stranded in the cold streets of Los Angeles where I'd offered to escort him to a photoshoot. And now, much to my behest we'll share a room and bed (which for me is a fucked up situation) and there's something about the way he holds my gaze which suggests he might be unto me more than he should. He can't possibly be gay right? This shouldn't be happening. Short, funny and incurably steamy, this story is one that'll leave you stuck heads up in the feels - Marcy.


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