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"Chhin" "Chuan" "Chhin"

The sound of the Li Dynasty princes Li Pei Hu and Li Yan Shao at the sword training center in the central city was heard every morning.

Li Pei Hu was the prince of Chechen and Li Yan Shao was the Minister of War. Both princes were young but courageous and wise.

Li Penghua has been in charge of the house since he was 16 years old, and at the age of 18 he is in charge of national affairs. East and West The southern states are subject to autonomy, while the northern states have applied for autonomy and refused to live as subordinate states.

"The king is summoning the prince and the prince in front of the house.

"Brother, go first and I will follow you."


He took a bath and went to his father. He loved his people and his sons equally.. He taught Lee Hwang what the princes should know when he was young.

"The Son Has Arrived, Father"

"Come Home"

"Because your mother is here."

"Son, I have something to say."

She has been meditating since her two sons came of age.

"Brother and Son"

"I'm coming. I'm going back to the dormitory for a while."

"The Son Has Arrived

"The reason my son was called today is for this year's Southern State Winter Festival

The Father can no longer go, he wants his sons to go. "

"Son, I want to go alone. I want my brother to stay here. The road to the southern state is currently unsettled."

"The south is important because it supports the economy of the province of Chechnya. It's a good idea for both of you to go. It's not too disturbing on the road because it's cold in the winter."

"I want you to go to your son's cousin in Htanzi Mountain, so come in as soon as your cousin wants to see you."

"The front of the house is 24 years old. You should look for a wife. The south is beautiful."


Yan Shaung hid his arms and laughed.

"Lee Yan Shaw"

I spoke in a loud voice, and Yan Shawng's face was disinfected. My brother is still involved in politics and does not go to maidens' houses, so he often jokes.

"I want to see my son's wife too."

She was the daughter of a former Southern lord and married to her father, so she moved to the capital. Her sister was meditating on Mt.

"Yes, Father, I will leave at the end of this month. I have to go now because I have preparations."

When I got outside, Yan Shawng said

"I really want to see Mary, brother."

"Avoid it !!"

"I'm leaving because I have something to discuss with the commander, brother."

He wanted to talk and ran away.

The Minister of War nodded as he looked at Li Pei-'s brother with a flash of light.

Ying Ka Amat (Heaven)

Yang's aphrodisiac (earth)

The numbers are the other way around.

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Even numbers (earth)

Yankama Number (Heaven)

The land of even numbers

2 4 6 8 10 Add up to 30

The sky is the limit

1 3 5 79 All together 25

I don't really understand

He was called by the lord of the south, so he came out with a phone call.

"What do you think the South Lord is called?"

"What do I know? Will you come? Really?"



"I do not know if Hamas will attend this winter."

"How do I know? So you want to know about Hamas?"

I asked with a smile on my face

"Why are you asking me this?"

"Is that so?"

"If not"

"Ha ha ha"

"Laugh and Shaolian"

Shaolin is calm in front of others, but he is usually light-hearted in the future. Shaolin is a former Southern Minister of Commerce. After the death of his father, Shaolin lived with his uncle, a court tailor, and is now a costume designer in the South. Now, the Southern King loves Shaolin as his nephew, and his future father is Shaolin's bodyguard, and Shaolin is now 20 years old.

"Let the lord of the south be informed, sir.