1 Prologue.


I felt joy I thought I would never felt again after that event in the very exact same day 15 years ago.

His voice full of sweetness that only I would ever hear. A side of him that made me have butterflies in my stomach.

"Let's Runaway together!"

He reached out a hand, staring right through my eyes. His facefull of the uncertain future that I could've lived...I knew I was afraid..

".. I'm sorry.."

Slapped his hand away as I ran back, leaving him behind. That very moment as I ran, I knew I would regret that choice I made until up to date...

If only.. I had grabbed that hand on that rainy day in Busan..

Looking back another figure now standing beside him in the aisle, I now I did this to myself..

If only.. I could change the past..

I would've chosen to run away from the world with you.