{ Zavia's POV }

Due to the voice of birds creeping I woke up. Narrowing my eyes, I watched the time on the clock above my head. Groaning, I bolted out of my bed with the slowest speed and made my way to bathroom.

Finishing my morning routine a gasp escaped my lips, as I watched my reflection in the mirror. My thick brown hair looked like a birds nest flying in different direction. There were huge dark circle around my blue eyes due to lack of sleep.

Taking a quick bath and I changed into my casual shorts and t-shirt.

I took a scrunchy from the table, while tying my messy hair I walked into the kitchen. As soon as I walked in, the sweet aroma of pancakes filled my nostrils.

In the kitchen I was greeted by "Noah", "Jolie" and my favourite "Nancy". They all are maid-of-all-work. Nancy was in her 30's, Jolie and Noah was in their mid 40's.

Slouching on the dining table, I looked at jolie. " Did mama conveyed any message? When is she returning?". I asked Jolie in a low voice. "Yeah she said she'll be back home by noon". She answered while sliding the plate on the table, full of pancakes and choclate syrup. I hum, while digging in my food.

She's been to LA, for her doctor's appointment. She's is suffering from cancer from a year. I wanted to go with her, but am not allowed to step out of the house because of the cruel and brute human out there.

After my breakfast is done, I walked upstairs to my room to organise my stuffs properly. I was in the middle of my work when I heard a knock on the door. "Sweetie am home", my mom's melodious voice says.

As soon as I heard my mom's voice, I left all the work I was doing and rushes toward the door like a small kid to embrace her tight. The second I opened the door and saw her. All the happiness within me was gone. Only to have my jaw dropped to the ground.

The beautiful face of her was looking skinny and pale. Her beautiful blonde hair was no were to be seen. She had a weak smile on her face. With that she hugged me. " Hey sweetie how have you been?". She asked.

Tears welled up in my eyes, but I took it in because I never cried in front of anyone, not even in the front of my mom. I didn't answered her question. After letting me off of her hug. She holds my hand and took me inside my room. We sat on the edge of my bed. I had many questions to ask but I want her to explain before I ask any.

" I may not have enough time left with you but I want you to assure me that after I'll die you stay in this house as you use to stay with three of them, huh?" She asked after huffing. " You know I like to talk straight to the point, so I don't expect you to ask any questions anymore, I think I explained you everything. You got it sweetie?". She says in a serious tone. I just nodded. She planted a kiss on my cheeks and left the room.

After locking my room, I laid on my bed staring at the ceiling and tears freely flowing down to my ears and with that I was asleep.

Next morning I was awake by the sound of door knocking. " Yeah ". I asked. And only heard the sound of crying. I knew what exactly happened.

The whole house was silent. There was no one in house. They took mama away and am all alone. "Don't worry am with you, and I will never leave you as everybody do, but before that you need to get out this cage." I heard a voice. It came from within me. I was confused and scared at the same time.

My whole body was sweating. To avoid all this feeling and voice. I tried to sleep and luckily I slept.


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