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" You are a werewolf and you belong to me". A husky voice said. I knew who he was beforehand because of his voice I turned steadily. "What? I know you are lying!". I said in a confident tone but in the end it weakens. A smirk appeared on his face. Which was enough to frightened me to death. He came hand to hand with me. My eyes were shut , his face was a couple of inches aways from mine. I could say because I can feel his Minty breath fanning my face. He lean and said . "Whether you like it or not you are my mate. You have to be with me. FOREVER. __________________ "Zavia Cater" a girl who has never been out of her house until 17. When her mother died. Her mother loved her dearly, but she use to scare her about the outer world, being cruel & brute. Then she encountered with "Zenon Hernandez". The ruthless Alpha. _________________ Lovely readers this is my so ever first book. So please read if you like the content. Please don't comment hatred, it's an humble request. Lovelovereaders.


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