2 |who is JiSung?|

JiSung Han

Age: 20

Birthday: September 14, 2000

Height: 5'7"

Hobbies: music (dance, producing, writing lyrics), watching YouTube/movies, sleeping, eating

Motto: "this too shall pass."

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Favorite Color: red

Favorite Season: winter

Personality Type: ISTP-T

Strengths: three letter acrostic poems, writing lyrics, aegyo, vocals, rap

Random Facts:

JiSung studied in Malaysia and can speak English fluently. He came back to Korea to take a test and convinced his parents to let him stay in Korea for a year to try and get into an agency to become a singer. His friends suggested that they try to audition for JYP Entertainment, but JiSung was hesitant. He didn't feel like he was good enough for JYP, but his friends insisted that they should go just to see if they could see any celebrities. JiSung ended up getting into JYP.

JiSung was part of a predebut unit called 3Racha. 3Racha consists of JiSung (J.One), ChangBin (SpearB), and Chan (CB97). The group produced and wrote a collection of songs before Chan brought the other two members into a group he was forming, along with an additional six members. The group went through a survival show to try and win their debut. Along the way, the group had two eliminations and lost two of their members. However, Chan refused to debut without his full group, so the two eliminated members were given a second chance and the group released a predebut music video for their song Hellevator on November 7, 2017. Their first album, Mixtape, was released on January 8, 2018, before their official debut. Mixtape included all of the songs the group sang on the survival show. On March 25, 2018, the group officially debuted as Stray Kids with their album I Am Not.

JiSung (Han), debuted as a lyrical rapper in the group. After the main vocal left the group in 2019, JiSung was given more vocal parts and has begun to show off his powerful vocals despite being a rapper. In their predebut single, Hellevator, he was given one of the high notes that the vocals in the group couldn't reach due to it being meant for a female vocal range.

JiSung has written and co-produced a number of songs for the group and has even released solo songs through the groups YouTube channel. He is known to write emotional songs such as Another Day and 19 from two of their albums.

JiSung appears to be an upbeat person who is really talkative and energetic at times, however, he is much more reserved than he seems. According to his members, JiSung is actually really shy and doesn't do well around a lot of people. They mentioned that he seems to be scared of people at times. He also hates moving and falls asleep fairly easily. He also sometimes sleeps in weird places. He admitted that he is often too lazy to get up to get water, so he has a collection of water bottles beside his bed.

JiSung has a number of fears, but one that came with a story is his fear of the dark. When he was younger, he slept with a large lamp in his room. He would often make shadows with his fingers to entertain himself. He is also afraid of heights.

JiSung is addicted to his phone and often steals the members things to hold his phone up for him. He often watches videos about random things, such as animals, dinosaurs, and insects. He doesn't have a huge network of friends, but when he has a friend, he gets really close to them. The more people he's around, the more anxious he gets and he often doesn't talk much.

JiSung was the first one back to their dorm after a vacation and despite not liking to move a lot, he immediately got up to greet his members as they came home. He had missed them a lot, even though they had only been apart for two days.

JiSung is known to eat a lot of snacks and he never seems to gain weight. He loves cheesecake, chocolate, and a lot of sweets.

JiSung once surprised his roommate, JeongIn, by cleaning the entire room by himself. He made sure to let all of the members know and bragged about how clean he made the room.

JiSung is someone who likes getting compliments and feeling needed. He loves when his fans tell him they love him.

JiSung took a hiatus from the group when he began to show symptoms of social anxiety. His experience with his anxiety is told in his song Another Day.

Overall, JiSung is a kind hearted person who is very shy. Once you get to know him, he typically gets really close to you and will become the opposite person you met. He will be hyper and often steer conversations.

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