1 |who is Ari?|

Ari Kim

Age: 21

Birthday: May 17,1999

Height: 5'4"

Weight: 120lbs

Hobbies: writing, music, photography, singing

Favorite Songs: Don't Want To Acknowledge By Bang Chan, You Did Well Today by Okdal, I'll Smile Even If It Hurts by Ladies' Code

Favorite Colors: pastel pink, mint green, lavender, white

Favorite Animals: rabbit, narwhal, llama

Medical: autism spectrum disorder, psoriatic arthritis, bipolar disorder, anxiety, depression

Background/About Info:

Ari is a kind-hearted girl who is often misunderstood. She has an unimaginable number of fears, but she does her best to not let them get in her way. She doesn't do well around people she doesn't know, but it can be difficult to get her to stop talking when she knows you well. She is obsessed with music and writing. The two take up nearly all of her time. She has insomnia, so sleep isn't something that comes easily for her. Her moods can shift easily without her noticing. She's spent most of her life hiding in the shadows and trying to change herself to fit in. She pushes herself harder than she should and it often leads to a depressive episode. She has a past of suicidal tendencies, but has never followed through on it. She lives with her parents, younger sister, and nephew.

Ari is very intelligent and was always at the top of her class growing up. She's a year away from completing her bachelor's degree in education, but due to her new ASD diagnosis and bipolar disorder diagnosis, she decided to take a year off to try and get to know herself better. She is quite adventurous although she prefers to stick to adventures she can experience from home.

Ari has an alarmingly large collection of stuffed animals and names them after idols she looks up to. Her favorite one is her rainbow octopus named Shotaro. She can't sleep unless she's holding him. She also has an album collection that cost her over $3,000 to accumulate. She treats each album as if it's a newborn child. She has to have them organized a certain way or she'll have a panic attack.

Another one of Ari's quirks is her inability to wear certain clothing. She is very sensitive to touch and the fabrics of certain clothing makes her feel uncomfortable. She typically wears loose fitting clothing to try and avoid having too much of the fabric cling to her skin. However, there are times she forces herself to wear uncomfortable clothing because she really enjoys fashion. She isn't able to wear heels due to her medical conditions, but she often sports the cutest tennis shoes and boots. Although she has a hard time with tighter fitting shirts, she prefers to wear tighter fitting pants. She is addicted to the comfort of leggings and skinny jeans. They allow a sense of safety to wrap around her legs while still allowing her to move freely. Ari tends to stay away from anything that exposes her thighs. When she was roughly fourteen, she would cut at her thighs out of sorrow and frustration. As of now, no one knows it ever happened, and she plans on keeping it that way.

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When Ari was younger, she was a fish. She was always swimming and often had to be fought with to leave. She would swim around with her sisters and act as if she were a mermaid. She had always found mermaids fascinating, she still does to be honest. The world of fantasy is something that has always appealed to her. It's the one adventure she's always willing to take, through either her own writing or reading a story of someone else experiencing the wonderful land of magic.

Although Ari isn't a fan of social interactions, she does still imagine herself standing beside someone in the future. She wants to be loved by someone for who she is and not who she spent most of her life pretending to be. Opening up for Ari isn't something that comes easily. Her sexuality is still a secret from her family. She hasn't really told anyone about it before. She doesn't see the point. From where she's standing now, she won't have to worry about it. She isn't necessarily someone people desire.

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