1 Note for the readers:

Scene: South Korea, In a town ( Made up ) named Lika Leuteu Dosi. Green hills, classy area with beautiful statues and fountain found everywhere! Beautiful houses and gardens... With some friendly citizens.


Kim Kaeseolin : Korean term for "Catherine ". ( 21 ) Kaeseolin was a short figure, with the size of a C - Cup chest, she was rather flat. She was the height of 156cm. She was pale. She's REALLY alluring and also had brains on her side. She was more quiet than everyone but still knew how to party it up! Shes also charming and really brave! Really caring and a great mother figure!

Lee Anjellika: Korean term for " Angelica ". ( 21 ) Anjellika was also short with the height of 150cm. She was pale with short straight hair. She was flat also with a C - Sized chest. She was a party freak and loved to go out and have fun! She was an optimistic character with a lot of beauty! She was sometimes loud at times but still caring:)

Li Beulodi: Korean term for " Broady ". ( 22 ) A tall male with the height of possibly 180cm's. Yeah.. Hes really tall. Hes Bisexual, and LOVES to Party!!! Possibly even more then Anjkellika! Hes a makeup artist who LOVES to drink! Hes still really loveable and caring! :)

Mysterious Man/Wi Koneo: Korean term for " Connor " ( 24 ) also very tall, 230.36cm... Chairman of Wi Cooperation. A wealthy man with a temperament. Has a slick haircut whilst always wearing hair gel and a suit. Will always see him with Gray, Black or White belongings. Enjoy smoking and drinking, not so talkative, only talks to people he likes. VERY Charming and all girls love him.

Lee Pin Salam: Korean term for " Finn ". ( 23 ) The bestfriend of Koneo. The CFO of Wi Cooperation and has the height of 222cm's. Really professional but can woo any girl over. Enjoys some drinks and adores kids. Hard working, with a dreamy face and wealthy.

Park Namja Ileum: Korean term for " Noah " ( 48 ) CEO of Wi Cooperation. Strict and wealthy man. Has one daughter and married to Park Yeoja Ileum.

Park Yeoja Ileum: Korean term for

" Nelly " ( 47 ) Mother of Park Sala and wife to Park Namja Ileum. COO of Wi Cooperation.

Park Sala: Korean term for

" Sarah " ( 21 ) Strongly hates Kim Kaeseolin for no specifc reason! Treasures the ground Wi Koneo walks on. Spoilt brat, acts humble around everyone, rude to people she doesnt like.

Gigi: Kim Kaeseolin's pet dog. A golden retriever and is 2yrs old. Playful, cute and loyal.

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