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I'm sorry that i shamelessly rate myself 5 star.. 😰 I know that my story might not be that great, but please, if you want to review it, please be fair and don't rate it before reading it first. And English is not my first language, so there will be quite a lot of mistake and grammar or spelling errors! So i will accept all kind of criticism. But once again, please be fair. Thank you *bow*


I enjoyed the story immensely, though the writing could use some work. - There are several grammatical and spelling errors in the story, though it is still readable. - I found this story on another website just recently, and tracked it down here, where I saw the update schedule for the chapters, which is rather... long, and ""unnerving'' - Slow-ish story development, at least in my opinion, as I was expecting a story wherein the mc already had his powers in either ch1 or ch2, though the development of the story is rather good too. - As for character designs, I'm rather disappointed, as there are several ""cardboard cutout"" characters found, though there are some rather interesting characters added in the story as well, and I rather enjoyed the heartwarming (?) and comedic interactions between certain characters. - As for world background, I already see a lot of foreshadowing regarding the mc's past life, what with the ominous voice and dreams (?) and whatnot. Plus, there are hints of a war brewing somewhere in the area, along with spies, and the usual corruption in the upper echeleons of society, so I'm looking forward to that. 》All in all a good read, I would recommend it, though if you are a grammar nazi, then ...《


Good novel. Great concept i didnt want to write a review thus early on this novel but i guess i wont see new chapter anytime soon. This novel got realy sneaky. Noone saw it. A shame. I guess they would like it if they saw it


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