[Wings of Darkness]
(Book one)
Shadow Rising Book

novel - Fantasy

[Wings of Darkness] (Book one) Shadow Rising




War is hard for everyone. Even for those who stay away from it. But what is the life of the heir to the throne of one side of the war? Is it easier or harder Than normal life? It depends on the fact if you have sister who can take the throne if you can't do this. But what comes when she doesn't want the throne and you are the only one to take it? Then it starts to be harder. Speedway perfectly knows about it. His twin sister has reassemored the throne and only he can take it in the event of the death of their father. It's really hard to live with the fact that someday everyone will count on you. Young dragon has to be some sort of role model for father's subjects. And the only one dragon who protects him more than his father is his aunt. She's Queen of Lunar Wilderness and she treats him like her own son. But someday he'll have to face his fears alone. This book is some sort of Wings of fire version of Transformers The only thing from wings of fire are just dragon kinds

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