[The City Of Bones] Book

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[The City Of Bones]


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She dared a look over her shoulder and sure enough the green eyed man was barreling towards her at an inhuman speed. Desperately crawling into an abandoned alley she was left alone, with nothing but moonlight and this man in front of her. She stared, mouth wide open, in absolute horror, as he crouched forward, looking her up and down. His skin looking paler, and the moonlight giving it a blush gray hue. His pearly white canines poked out of his lips as he smiled. The mans sandy blonde hair covered half of his face but that didn't stop him from piercing her with his gaze. "I told you I v'ould find you," he spoke darkly with a thick Russian accent as he backed her into an alley; his eyes scanning over her as Silla tried to remember where she had seen those eyes before; a distant throb in the back of her mind not allowing her to. [100,000+ words]


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