56 Suu Jin Half Naked!

Shun wanted to grab Jin's face and smash their lips together, melting into the kiss as finger touched his skin and-

Face flushing and bottom lip tucked in, he looked into emerald eyes nearing him. He was counting the pink lashes bordering clear eyes. He really, really, really wanted to do so much but dammit! Why must there be cameras everywhere!

"Can you not look so handsome?" The silver haired male sighed before laughing, "That is probably impossible. Anyways, where are the gifts?"

Suu Jin laughed softly and ran his fingers through the boy's hair.

"Those bags, help me collect them."

Shun watched the pinkette walk to the table and he inwardly squealed at the beautiful idol's attention. Inwardly steadying his heart, he grinned and followed. Once they collected all the bags, they headed back into the elevator. The floor shook slightly and Shun attached himself to Jin's side, afraid the floor would move like it did the first time he showed up.

Arms wrapped around him and held him. His cheeks flushed and he stuffed his face against the pinkette's neck. He sighed and closed his eyes, living in the warmth and smell of the idol prince. Suu Jin was removing his arms and Shun made an upset noise, earning a laughter from the handsome pinkette.

They walked out of the elevator and Shun felt like something was wrong. Why and how did they end up on the ground when they were going up the elevator?

'Wait? I… What is happening? Witch?'

"It isn't much, but a gift for everyone's tenacity and perseverance," Jin smiled and passed out the bags to everyone. Once every trainee received their bag, Shun was empty handed. The idol prince smirked and handed the last bag, one he had been holding, to the silver haired man.

Shun smiled and thanked Suu Jin, before the sounds of screams alerted him. He looked to the side to see people quickly filling around them. Shun inwardly groaned. This was just like the princesses in his kingdom! Thank goodness there was a barrier between them! Shun would had ran away or hid behind someone, anyone!

"Hello everyone," The host announced, "Let us not wait any longer. If you look down, you could see the results."

Shun found his eyes widened as he saw words and graphs appeared on the floor. Holding Jin's gift close to him, he continued to look down and saw they were all pretty close. While every one was looking down at the results and the fans screaming for the idols and trainees, a group of fans somehow got through the barrier. The security guards stopped most of them, but one was extremely agile that she slipped through and passed many bodies.

She had wrapped herself around the idol prince, and the pinkette startled in surprise.

Suu Jin was so busy looking at the results and Gina, that he stumbled when someone bumped into him. The body gripped him so tightly, his lower back was starting to feel the pain.

"Suu Jin! Suu Jin," The fan cried out with tears in her eyes, "I love you so much! You are the best and ah!"

One of the guards were pulling her off him, but the female moved her hands and gripped tighter. Hands groped his ass and pulled his top, before the female was finally pulled off him. What Suu Jin did not expect was his shirt being clutched so tightly, that when the screaming and crying female was pulled off him, she also took his shirt.



Screams were heard and Shun felt like the world was going to fall apart just seeing Suu Jin half naked! He ran and stood before the pinkette, as if he could cover the idol prince from the nosebleeds around him. Manager Bon, the kind female judge, handed over her jacket and Shun quickly took it and cover the pinkette.

"It is too small, Shun," Jin sighed, "It is alright. Go see if you won."

"But you are- Wait!" Shun lifted his shirt and the pinkette, along with others, had their eyes wide and mouth parted. A scar close to the hip was seen, before a black shirt pulled down to cover it. Shun handed the mustard shirt to the pinkette.

"Why… are you wearing 2 shirts?" Jin questioned pulling the shirt on, earning huffs from the audience.

"I will tell you later," Shun whispered and frowned, looking around for any other fans who escaped.

Jin leaned against his back and Shun swallowed, with his eyes still narrowed and looking around.

"Everything is fine, Ah Shun. Go. Finish the day."

"What if someone gets through again? Were you not scared? That was ridiculous!"

Suu Jin exhaled deeply and smiled at how protective Shun was. That made him happy and was a reminder that yes, Xiong Shun did like him. He squeezed the silver haired man's bicep and held it for a moment, before turning to the audience.

"Please be kind, everyone. Let us not ruin a special moment for these trainees. I love my fans and will be holding a meeting after the event ends. Please be patient," Suu Jin smiled beautifully and Shun just stared.

There was a something about this smile… something similar that he could not quite figure out why it was, but-

Those pretty emerald eyes looked at him and his heart jumped right into those perfect manicured hands. His legs gave out and he fell onto the pinkette, earning gasps from around them, but all Shun did was sigh. His face was pressed against the idol prince's neck and he inhaled deeply.

Arms wrapped around him and he puckered his lips to kiss milky long neck, but his face was pulled away. Cheeks pushed in and eyes squinted, his body hung like a shirt on clothe pins.

"Xiong Shun," Suu Jin glanced down at the results and a grin blossomed across his face, "Congratulations."

"Wha-" Shun, still hypnotized by the beauty holding him, blinked confused before a shout rattled his brain back into consciousness.


Jin let him go and he looked off to the side to see his friends, their past contestants, and families of those who were still in the competition. His eyes watered and cheers were heard before he jumped back into Suu Jin's arms when fireworks and confetti shot into the air. Footsteps rushed to them and Shun almost pushed the pinkette behind him, but he saw his cute little didi with arms wide opened.

Shun hugged his little friend tightly and laughed and cried and laughed some more. Then, Wen Dong, his dear childhood friend hugged him tightly, jumping excitedly. Wen Dong helped wiped the tears from his eyes as he tried to do the same to his friend, but that only led to them smearing the wetness, earning laughter.


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