[QT:] System! This Prince Doesn't Want To Be An Idol Popstar!
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[QT:] System! This Prince Doesn't Want To Be An Idol Popstar!


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What is [QT:] System! This Prince Doesn't Want To Be An Idol Popstar!

Read [QT:] System! This Prince Doesn't Want To Be An Idol Popstar! novel written by the author MichelleLeeee on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is LGBT+ stories, ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Shun had been a lazy prince most of his life. The fifth of 7 siblings, he was free to do as he pleased. Until he died and was swept away to wake up in a new world. What is this stupid system thing and why is it telling him to do the missions or people die?! What the hell?! He was no knight! It had to be a witch’s doing to make him work! Shun had to hit the 100% Star Meter to return back to his kingdom. However, being an idol was hard work, but thanks to that witch of a system, he was forced to finish. No way was he going to let people die! So working hard and making friends, Shun found himself infatuated with Suu Jin, an idol prince that stole his heart and his first kiss. Would Shun be distracted by the beauty of Suu Jin to complete his tasks? Would he want to leave this world to return to his old one? For Suu Jin, he had done everything the world asked of him. He was a puppet dangled in front of the audience, but what they did not know was his past covered by NDAs. Would his flaws be spread out for everyone to see? Would Shun accept him? Would they ever get together? **Cover art by the lovely Jei. Please follow on Deviantart and Instagram @Jeijandee. She also commissions so if you are interested, don't hesitate to reach out!** *Rated 18+ for later chapters

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Congratulations on the contract! 🎊 I won't write a long review, but I just wanna say that this book is worth reading! You can say it's a slow burn, but it's not boring at all. The MC, the ML, and other characters are so interesting! Add this book to your library and enjoy the process of Shun becoming an idol popstar! ❤


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Reveal spoiler


If I could give this book a rating higher than a 5 I would in a heartbeat. The storyline and character developements will bring out ALL the feelings. Michelle is a truly talented and creative writer. READ THIS BOOK! Read ALL her books. I promise you will not be disappointed ❤️


To be very honest I don't say dis alot but dis book is one of the very best LGBT novels dat I have ever read.i can't even find any bit of flaws in it at all, I love MC Ah Shun alot he's funny nd very smart nd I like that even though he wasn't perfect he was willing to accept each flaws nd work on them👌💓. This novel really took me on a very emotional nd exciting rollercoaster, it was as if I was watching a real Kpop idol show. 💓💓💓💓


I feel that this is a promising novel of many plot twists ahead. The style is simple and enjoyable. Your characters are deeply described and detailed. Best Wishes!


Gah, the writing in this is top-notch! Right from the get-go, emotions are well-expressed and incredibly relatable for the readers. I didn't expect for the protagonist's sexuality to be revealed early but I appreciate that it's not there for no reason, rather because it is a plot point. The flipped reincarnation concept is also unique, watching as the protagonist struggles with modernity rather than royal traditions like it usually is. I still find the method of transversing funny, but that's good and I'm really invested to see what kind of decisions our prince makes on his journey. Go, go, Shun! Thank you for writing this book, author and all the best <3


lol maybe I'm just noob but the concept of this book is so novel to me. I really enjoyed the first few chapters, the characters seem very animated and the story flows. there aren't alot of errors and the readability Is great, I'd recommend to anyone.


Fast-paced, light hearted and very very entertaining! There’s great cast of characters, with a likeable protagonist and a cool love interest. The vulnerability of the characters are showcased in a way that only adds to their appeal. Loving the system+idol show set-up too. Will def be following this story 💕


Such a fun and interesting book! A good book to read if you're looking for a light but a detailed book. The writing quality is superb, and the story development is enjoyable. If you like a slowburn book with lots of se*ual tension, then this book is perfect! [img=recommend][img=update]


Nice story! It’s sad that where the mc comes from they dont accept gay people :/ Yet I’m glad now he can be himself and not thinkg that he is a disappointment to his parents. The updates are quiet fast which is good to keep the readers want more and be hooked on the styory :3 Keep it up💚


This is so great I actually was so close to tears in the beginning even tho it wasn’t sad but I felt sorry for him. But definitely read this.


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