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What if Hikigaya Hachiman had a previous life? And what if, one day, he suddenly remembered his past life? Will his worldview and his ideals towards society change? Read [OreGaIru : New ME!] to see what happens. =========== Note - 1 : -->AU(:Alternative Universe), certain events and timelines have been adjusted. -->No-Harem -->[Yukinoshita Yukino × Hikigaya Hachiman] -->Notably, while the setting remains in Japan, traditional Japanese honorifics such as '-san' and '-kun' are replaced with their English equivalents. Note - 2 : Obviously, the light novel or the anime series -My Teen Romantic Comedy : SNAFU- doesn't belong to me. This is purely fan-fiction of those amazing works. =========== Just a humble request. If you guys like to extend your support, drop by at my Patreon account. p@treon.com/WrightBrothers --> I am planning to constantly have minimum of 15+chapter in advance. 

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[-Few Days Later-]

[Hachiman's POV]


It was fine weather, what one would call a rare sunny patch during the rainy season.

The clock ticked its way to the appointed hour –Today was the day I was supposed to 'go out' with Yukinoshita. Just a tad bit more until the clock struck ten.

Did I turn up a little too early? I pondered.

Here I am, stationed at our designated meeting spot, which is the widely loved LaLaport Tokyo Bay. It is a place frequently used as a date spot, if the rumours were to be believed. Filled with various shops and decked out with ample space for film events, it was the cream of the crop when it came to leisure spots in the prefecture.

Yet, I am not alone.

…there is Komichi too…

Did I unintentionally cast Komichi as a third wheel? Well, maybe I did, but I am confident Komichi, armed with her almighty social skills at her disposal, will ensure that third-wheeling is not on the cards.

Again, it is not like I have anything going on in this regard of selecting gifts for others in the first place.

Scratch that.

I can't even pick out a decent set of clothes for myself unless Komichi lends her expertise.

And as for Yukinoshita, I doubt her situation is any different. I mean, she had to seek aid from the great me(:Komichi).

That being the case, the only person the antisocial Yukinoshita could count on was Komachi.

So, it seems we really don't have much of a choice.

Maybe it's because Komichi knew she was heading out with Yukinoshita today, but her style took a leap towards being classier.

Did my words on that day have an impact?

Anyway, she wore a summer vest over her half-sleeve blouse and a pleated skirt with knee socks over her lower half, while the loafers on her feet completed the posh lady look. In her hand, she held a plastic bottle with green tea in it.

However, my eyes became almost moist with longing as I looked at the somewhat frivolous newsboy cap she wore on her head, which gave off a perky sort of impression.

Reason? The cap was actually MINE!

Ah, these creatures, referred to as younger siblings, are born thieves, constantly raiding the belongings of their elders.

Well, perhaps it goes both ways, I guess - one of the unwritten laws of nature. Oops, it seems my honest thoughts slipped out there.

Nevertheless, I clenched my hand, suppressing the urge to swiftly snatch the cap.

Right then, a voice called out from behind me -

"Sorry to have kept you waiting."

There's no need for me to turn back. I recognize the owner of the voice.

Still, I immediately faced her, unable to contain myself from looking forward to seeing her on our first 'date' we had planned out.

Yeah, I am not in the least bit disappointed that this isn't a real couple date.

That was the least of my concerns.

I mean, come on, it is not like I didn't see it coming.

I am more than pleased by her embarrassment while she asked me, even though it was a mere favor. I should be worried if she asked casually without any emotions.


Brushing my thoughts aside, I turned, and a cool gust of wind swept through as Yukinoshita gracefully stopped in front of me.

She wore a faint blue sleeveless shirt with an elegant stand-up collar. Unusually for her, her black hair was tied up in a ponytail, which fell down to her waist and fluttered like a scarf. Her skirt, which went to her knees, danced every time she walked.

"It wasn't like I was waiting a long time." I mumbled, adding casually. "By the way, you look cute in that."

"I am always cute." She responded matter-of-factly.

"You are kidding, right?" I asked, expecting a more bashful response.

Aren't you supposed to be feeling shy at a time like this…

I was hoping for something more, but I suppose I will have to make do with this for now.

"I am totally serious." She responded again.

Suddenly, Komichi, who seemed oblivious to our conversation, came rushing in. "Hi there, Yukino! Good day."

"Sorry for calling you out on your day off." Yukinoshita apologised.

Komachi responded with a broad grin. "No biggie. I want to buy a present for Yui too, and plus, I am looking forward to spending the day out with you, Yukino."

Knowing this chick, she really did love Yukinoshita with all her heart, so I didn't think she was lying.

"Thank you." Yukinoshita acknowledged.

"Yep." Said Komachi.

With that, we moved to a board that showed the entire map of the shopping district with every detail possible it could provide.

"Now, let's see, we would be better off dividing up the zones and narrowing down what we want." I provided my opinion.

Yeah, this place is quite enormous. It would probably take the whole day just to walk from one end to the other if you were taking your time about it. If we were going to mess around here, we needed to map out our course precisely, it seemed.

"You think so…" Yukinoshita nodded, giving serious thought to my suggestion.

"Or, we can split up too, for better efficiency." She added, giving me a side eye.

"No." I blurted out.

"I mean, are you confident in 'our' capability to select a gift without Komachi expertise?" I rumbled, making her peer at Komachi as a rare breed.

In response she just shook her head. "...*sigh."

"Hehe, as expected, we are unfit for this kind of thing." I muttered.

"...t-this is bad." Yukinoshita said, not in response to my words but to a heavy *sigh that escaped Komachi.

…whoa, she is afraid of disappointing Komichi, huh?

"Lady Komachi, how do you think we need to proceed? Please enlighten us." I suggested injecting a hint of sarcasm into my tone.

Ignoring my attempt at humor, Komachi stepped in to address Yukinoshita's concerns.

"Yukino, no worries. Splitting up might be a bad choice, and since we came all this way as a group, why not look around together? That way we can exchange advice, which helps." Komachi trailed off in a singsong voice as she scanned the directory board while resting her chin on her hand.

"But I doubt we would be able to complete the circuit…" Yukinoshita expressed her doubts.

"No biggie! According to my expert opinion, we should have no problems if we focus on this place with Yui's interests in mind." Komachi said this as she took out a pamphlet located underneath the directory board and opened it.

"...*Um-hum." Yukinoshita nodded in agreement, clearly intrigued by her approach.

The place Komachi was pointing to was located in the heart of the first floor. It was lined up with names like 'Love Craft', which was crawling with love, and 'Lisa Lisa', which was the sort of name that could teach you how to use the Ripple.

Basically, the whole place was probably piled with shops stocked with products aimed at young girls.

"Right, shall we go there?" I said, to which Yukinoshita nodded as if she had no particular objections either.

And with that, we were off.

The girly zone beckoned just a couple of blocks ahead, with a myriad of brand-name shops selling items targeting boys and both genders lining the way.

Despite taking the lead, navigating through these vast shopping malls wasn't my forte, and I felt a bit lost.

For once, I found common ground with Yukinoshita, who appeared equally perplexed, her head turning in various directions. Yet, she managed to maintain a serene smile, a testament to her unflinching composure.

At the very least, she didn't seem bored, making me glad.

On the other hand, sometimes Yukinoshita also showcased impressive [Evasion Skills]. Every time a shop assistant approached, she swiftly detected their presence and gracefully darted away – a move that, by the way, looked incredibly cute.

But, ah, I also empathized with her struggle all too well.

I couldn't help but yearn for these clothing shop assistants to enroll in a crash course on subtlety. They needed to grasp the art of sensing the unmistakable '[Don't talk to me]' aura that Yukinoshita and I exuded.

If only they could master that skill, I reckon their sales figures would shoot through the roof.



[To be continued….]


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