4 Chapter 3. The Second Kill

"Buggy-sama, those three people are coming here again." One of the low-level pirates in the Buggy pirates informed his captain after he saw those people through the telescope.

"Those three people? Prepare my buggy cannon, I'll shoot them away this time for sure." The red nose Buggy spoke with an excited smile. He was originally mad because they were able to escape from his clutches but now that they have returned, he was more than happy to get rid of them, especially the boy who was wearing that hat.

The pirates under him immediately began to assemble the cannon once again, the second in command of Buggy pirates Cabaji stood beside his captain.

After the Buggy cannon was assembled, Buggy immediately began to point it towards the way from where those three people were planning to come.

The moment he launched the cannon, it blasted on the spot, injuring his crew and himself. "That damn thief!!! It must be her work." Buggy shouted in anger, veins could be seen popping up on his forehead.

"Kill them, everyone." Buggy shouted in anger and flew toward the incoming trio with knives in his hands.

Cabaji sat on his bicycle and followed his captain while taking out his swords to fight the swordsman of the enemy group. The other small-level pirates also followed their bosses with whatever weapon that they could find.

"Haha, Zoro, let's go!!" Luffy excitedly shouted and stretched his arms backwards before hitting one of the crew members of Buggy pirates.

"Let me fight that swordsman, captain," Zoro smirked before taking out his swords and preparing to face Cabaji head-on.

"You two…!!!" Nami angrily looked at the duo of idiots however her expression immediately changed when she got a certain idea. "You two! Make sure to keep them busy, I'm gonna check out their treasury." After speaking that, she immediately changed her pathway and headed toward the place where she was sure that the treasure was hidden by Buggy pirates.

While the fight was going on, Alex and Nojiko were simply floating above them, watching the battle curiously. Though Nojiko had a worried expression as she didn't want her little sister to get harmed by any of these people.

"You can go and meet your sister, Nojiko. She is there, hoarding the treasure of Buggy pirates." Alex spoke with an amused smile while making sure that Nojiko landed on the ground safely. Even though he has seen all of this in anime, it is still quite amusing to see a weak girl stealing things even though such a war was happening on the same island.

While Nojiko was heading there, he took out a golden coin from the system storage and killed a pirate who was heading toward the treasure room.

The battle continued for 20 minutes before everyone from the Buggy pirates except for Buggy was defeated by the straw hat pirates. Nojiko had come back with her sister who was looking at Alex while multiple emotions were flashing through her eyes.

Since Zoro was injured fighting Cabaji, he sat behind, having full confidence in his captain. Though it proved to be wrong as Buggy seemed to overwhelm Luffy in the fight and even be able to injure Luffy in multiple places.

Alex kept watching the boring battle for some more time and finally decided to intervene.

Floating down, his presence instantly alarmed everyone except for Luffy who had stars in his eyes.

"Hey, you! Do you wanna join my crew?" Luffy excitedly asked with a big smile on his face causing Zoro to facepalm.

"Y-You, did you eat the devil fruit of that m-monster?" Buggy fearfully asked, remembering the recent news that appeared in the newspaper. He never expected that someone would be able to behead that guy and now someone with that monster devil fruit was standing in front of him.

"It seems that you still recognise this devil fruit, huh?" Alex chuckled slightly before suddenly disappearing from everyone's eyes. Appearing behind Buggy, he pierced his chest of Buggy, using his hand which was covered in armament haki.

"Y-You….!" Buggy spat a mouthful of blood before his body went lifeless. His eyes were full of confusion as he did not even understand the reason behind his sudden death.

This scene shocked everyone except for Nojiko as none of them had ever seen such brutality. The three of them did come across many brutal scenes in their life however they were seeing this type of thing for the first time.

Pulling out his hand from Buggy's chest, he rubbed it on the clothes to get rid of the blood before pushing the body away causing it to fall to the ground.

"Let's go back, Nojiko." Alex smiled at her companion and began to walk toward her.

"Why did you kill him?" Luffy asked angrily, looking at Alex with a furious gaze. Seeing this, Zoro immediately stood beside his captain, ready to protect him in case of a surprise attack even though he wasn't sure what he could do to the person standing in front of him.

"What do you mean by that?" Alex asked with a curious expression, wanting to know why the protagonist was going against him.

"He didn't even know you yet you killed him," Luffy shouted angrily, his mind was full of a scene that had happened when he was just a little kid.

"Oh, he had a bounty on his head so I killed him." Alex shrugged off his shoulders and proceeded to walk again. Everyone agreed with his words as this was how the Sea operated from the beginning.

Luffy looked at the ground, his eyes slowly turning red. Clenching his fists, he pulled back his right hand and proceeded to attack Alex.

Noticing the incoming attack, Alex disappeared from his place and appeared behind Luffy. Covering his hand in armament haki once again, he punched the head of Luffy though he held back.


The pain came quickly however before he could even yell in pain, his eyes turned back and his entire body fell to the ground unconsciously where a large crater was formed due to the shock impact.

"Don't try to attack me otherwise I don't think that I would be able to let you live. You should also take him to see a doctor, I'm not sure how long he will be able to last." With those simple words, Alex caused Zoro to grit his teeth and put the swords back in their sheaths. 

Not caring about Luffy any more, Alex walked toward the duo of sisters. "Let's go." He initially thought of killing the protagonist however it didn't bring him much benefit compared to the constant troubles that he would get so he decided to spare his life for now.

The girls didn't say anything and quickly followed him toward the shore where the ships of Buggy pirates were. Touching one of the ships, he motioned the girls to enter the ship before he along with the ship began to levitate in the air.

"You didn't take the treasure of Arlong pirates?" Alex curiously asked, looking at Nami who was looking down from the ship with an astonished gaze.

"Well, Nojiko told me that you have gotten rid of those Arlong pirates so there was no need to steal the treasure anymore," Nami spoke with a small smile. Though he could tell that she was quite sad about it. "Anyway, thank you very much for saving my village." A happy smile appeared on her face thinking about the villagers who were now free.

"As I said, I did it because of the deal I made with your sister." Alex didn't want any goodwill for something that he did for his benefit.

Nami simply nodded at him, not caring whether he accepted her gratitude or not. "Can I join your crew too since my sister is here?" She asked with a hopeful expression as she was unaware of the conversation that had happened between her sister and Alex.

Alex turned to look at Nojiko for a second before nodding at Nami's request. "You are a very good navigator. You would be quite beneficial for my crew." His words immediately made her happy and she began to look around the ship, hoping to find some treasures.

"Don't trust her words, Alex. She was shocked by the news which caused her to forget about the treasure that she had hoarded." Nojiko spoke with an amused chuckle, making Alex laugh as well. He was wondering about it before and now he got the answer.

"Where are we going, captain?" Nami came back to the deck of the ship with a miserable expression. The ship was quite big however it was all empty which caused her to curse those awful pirates who didn't even leave any money on the ship.

"We are heading back to your village. I'm sure that you want to see the villagers after such a long time." Alex wanted to go back and take away those tangerine trees. He was now missing the taste of those tangerines.

"Yeah, I wanted to meet Genzo for one last time before departing for the Grandline." Nami agreed with his words, wanting to see the old man again and as well the other villagers.

Alex increased the speed of the flying ship, wanting to reach the village early. The earlier they would reach the village, the earlier he would be able to head toward the village of the 3rd member of his pirate crew.

Nami and Nojiko kept talking to each other, mainly about the life that they had experienced. Since they were going to talk about some girl's matters as well, they decided to head inside the ship to take one of the rooms for themselves.

Alex didn't say anything about it as he kept using his devil fruit to control the dead body of Buggy to do some stunts. The dead body was under the ship so the girls wouldn't be able to see it for now. He was going to let Nami take the bounty from the Marines for this lite joker.

The devil fruit was already inside the system storage and now he only needed to find someone good to bring out the potential of this devil fruit.

After flying for nearly one hour, he could finally sense the familiar presence. Letting the ship float down slowly at the shore of the island, he called out to the girls who were still inside the room, talking among themselves.

"Did we reach our village?" Nami came out of the ship and asked with a surprised expression. "It's very convenient to travel in a flying ship. Normally, it takes some hours to come here from Orange town." Nami muttered with a small smile, happy at the speed of the ship.

"Let's go Nojiko, I need to see my Tangerine trees first." Holding the hand of her elder sister, Nami dragged her out of the ship and ran towards their home.

"Calm down, Nami. No one is going to take your money." Nojiko spoke with an amused smile though her words were ignored by Nami.

While they were going inside the village, he decided to take a nap on the deck of the ship. Speaking of ships, he wanted to get himself a good ship along with some good islands.


"Hehe, this is the money that I had saved for nearly 8 years." Nami kept giggling in happiness, looking at the bags that she was holding in her hands.

Since Nojiko had told her that she had already given a lot of money to the villagers, Nami decided to bring this money back to the ship to place it inside her room.

"Nami..." Nojiko was once again speechless by her sister's behaviour toward money. Hell, she was sure that she even saw bellies sign in her little sister's eyes.

Climbing the ship, Nami and Nojiko immediately went inside the ship to take their respective rooms to stay in from now on.

Alex opened his eyes with an amused smile. Floating in the air, he went toward their home to get the tangerine trees. Since the trees were inside of a big vase, he didn't have to worry about making space for them on the ship.

Flying back to the ship, he placed those pots on the left side of the ship deck and then, he began to wait for the girls to come on the deck while using his powers to make the ship fly again.

After some time, the two sisters were finally out of the ship. Their eyes immediately brightened when they saw those tangerine trees on the deck.

Nami immediately moved toward those trees and plucked out one for herself while Nojiko plucked one for her captain. While peeling the tangerine, she walked toward Alex and handed him the tangerine slices.

"What's the next destination, captain?" Nojiko asked with a smile, giving him another piece of tangerine.

"Nami, we are going to Syrup village so less the way," Alex said while eating tangerine slices. Nami immediately began to tell him about the way so he could point the ship to fly in that direction.

After he and Nami were done eating the tangerine, he motioned both of them to stand in front of him. "From today onwards, we are going to start your training. I don't want some weak crew mates after all."

"Training…?" Nojiko and Nami were both startled by his words; however they quickly regained their composure. If he could help them to become strong like himself, they were more than willing to train themselves.

Seeing their composed expression, a smirk appeared on his face, making the girls frightened. "Start doing push-ups and don't stop until I tell you to…"

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