15 Author Note:

Greetings Comrades,

I apologize for the late update but I wanted to inform you guys about what happened and why it's on hiatus

I started writing this for fun 3 months after being sent home from basic training on medical leave for breaking my leg in a march. It was going well until I started having bad coughing fits and breathing problems. I went to the doctors and got diagnosed with asthma. 3 deaths in the family, my grandma had a stroke and some other small useless shit that just took my time

Sappy shit aside, I apologize for the lackluster previous chapter. I was writing the chapter as I was watching so I stopped it when the episode ended. I watched the next episode afterwards and it would've been perfect if Matt appeared after Merle finished cursing out R.O.B. It works well too because Merle never specifies which otherworldly being he's cursing out in the show so I can make up a plot where Merle had a vision or something of Matt or something and believed in it until that moment and right when he was about to give up, TADA! R.O.B's chosen, Matt Appears!

I saw a few comments asking what the "1/4" on top of the system panel was. It's the different number of panels for different function. The 4 functions are Statistics, Inventory, Skills and Store. I knew it in my mind and thought about adding it in but it always slipped my mind. Also all the chapters are going to be rewritten so I ask for understanding if you see anything you don't like or understand.

I was rushing through most of this novel and didn't have any plans or anything. I quite literally woke up and anything I could come up with, i wrote without hesitation. I've never watched The Walking Dead and only my sister has kinda skimmed over it so I don't know anything about it apart from what I've watched while writing this which is like, 4 episodes of season 1

My illness is manageable now but I've started going for interviews so my time is limited. After I start working, I'll try and make time to watch and finish The Walking Dead. I was also recommended to look into the new spin-off series, Fear the Dead or something like that. Someone suggested that I introduce characters from the game so I'll try and find time to play them and get a idea of who they are before I start writing again

Thanks for all of you who voted and left constructive criticism, I appreciate you and anyone who just liked my work in general. Once I'm in a better state physically, mentally and financially then I'll start writing again (I swear my sister's laptop has a virus now from all the 'legal website' I've been watching the show on. I need to pay for a Netflix subscription but I'm broke broke)



PS, My sister factory reset my PC because it was loading too slow and it won't boot past the blue "recovery options" screen so I sent it in for a quote and I need $200 for repairs and I'm not tech savvy enough to fix it myself, even with YT instruction.

So Life is just swell atm

PSS, I believe in White Hair Supremacy. Kakashi, Decim from Death Parade, Kaneki Ken, Jiraiya-sensei, Shiro from No Game No Life, Gojo Satoru, Asta, Hajime Nagumo, Gintoki, Rayleigh, Leonard Burns, etc etc. So fuck off if you don't like it. That's one thing i'm not sorry about.