1 New Game

Where am I.....?

Arrgh why can't I remember anything!

"HELLO!! Is anyone there!"

I can barely remember anything, only knowledge I know but I can't remember any of my experiences....

[Welcome to the World of Pokémon! You have been chosen for a quest to partake!]


Pokémon? I'm going to enter Pokémon?!

[Yes, you have been chosen to enter the World of Pokémon!]

Why?! Where am I?!

[Now, are you a boy or a girl?]

Eh..? Answer my question!!

[Are you a boy or a girl?]

Damn not gonna say anything!?


Fine then! I'm a boy!

[...gender chosen - boy..initializing rebirth]


[Integrating System..]


[System Initializing]

[+ added status(minor)]

[+ added shop system]

[+ added quest log]


[Updating.....quest log]

[+ added Main Quest (1/2) - Save the World of Pokémon!]

[+ added Main Quest (2/2) - Become Champion of the Pokémon League!]

[Rebirth 86% Complete]

[Choose starting region]









Well...I don't know what the hell is going on so I'll just go for the safe bet.

[Kanto Region chosen.]

[Rebirth 100% complete.]

Huh? What the hell is going on...?

What a fucked up day..

Hey I can finally see something!

.....damn it's bright.


"Ah FUCK!"


Delia POV

"Congratulations Delia! He's a healthy baby boy!"

"Why isn't he crying? Is something wrong!?"

"I'm sure he's fine....let's make sure though."



Tears strung down my eyes as I looked down at my newborn son, unfortunately my husband was away and wasn't able to see his birth. I look over to Professor Oak as he is the one who delivered my baby since there is no hospitals in this small town.

Oak stares at my son as he starts to stops crying then says, "Incredible....his eyes.."

I grow concerned and quickly say, "Let me see him..!"

I'm shocked by seeing his unnatural but alluring crimson red eyes.

My shock is quickly converted into joy as I hold my first born son. He is very adorable with jet black hair, fair skin and those alluring red eyes.

"Welcome to the world." I say with a bright smile and begin to do some goochy goos and such towards him when Oak says,

"So what are you going to name him?"

Hmm, I have been thinking of his name for awhile and decided on Alex, well it was either that or Ash...

Humph maybe I'll name my next one that, if my husband ever comes home in the first place....

"His name will be Alex! Alex Ketchum!"


5 years later



It's been 5 years since I arrived in the world of Pokémon, as the older brother of Ash. I've figured out that this world differs from the anime as Pokémon here are more aggressive in the wild but not to the extent of animals from my past life.

Also, the Age to become a trainer has been bumped up from 10 to 14 years old. Makes more sense I guess, 10 year olds definitely aren't ready to venture in the wild with aggressive Pokémon.

Ash was born last year, making me 4 years older than him. I bet you're wondering about my dad, hm? Well you'd be just as confused as my ass when mom got knocked up outta nowhere. I thought either Ash is a lil Jesus or my moms is....

But turns out my Dad visited at night one day and didn't even say hi, what a fuckin' shitty dad.

At least I'll have Mr.Mime as a father figure soon....

After my birth I was confused at the beginning but soon caught my bearing realizing yes, I was reborn. Unfortunately I don't remember any of my old experiences but remember anything I learn from school like math or science and things like Pokémon thankfully.

Ash is just born so my mom mostly leaves me alone to my own devices. Most of my days I spend at Oaks lab but he thought I was too young to interact with his Pokémon so I mostly spent time with his granddaughter Daisy. We mostly just played tag, hide and seek, and quizzed each other on Pokémon.

We have known each other for pretty much our entire lives since we were born very close to each other. We have always have had play dates through the years and she is the only kid my age in this small town.

Since I haven't really interacted with Pokémon other than the occasional pidgey I saw. Imagine my surprise when one day I stumbled upon a Pikachu. I thought it was a bit ironic the first Pokémon I interacted with was the mascot of the series. I found it hiding under the foundations of the house. It seemed to be a bit injured.

I climbed inside to get it out but it was very jumpy and distrustful but it soon fainted from its injuries and I quickly got it out from there and began to nurse it back to health. I took it to Oak's lab and we monitored its condition while I took my by it's side while it recovered.

Oak was astonished by it since it was much larger than it's species average at around 1' 6" instead of the usual 1'04" it also was a male Pikachu because of its straight tail end, he also seemed to have a light ball inside of it body which it swallowed to absorb into his body and his species special ability, Lightning Rod.

Daisy was in the room with me humming a tune when we heard it wake up,


It seemed disoriented as it rose from the bed. I rushed over to it's side to calm it down but before I could do anything it jumped to alertness and started hissing at us. I quickly stepped in-front of Daisy who flinched from the suddenly malice.

"Calm down Pikachu I rescued you from under my house, and help you recover from your injuries!"

It kept hissing before launching a quick attack at my chest, slamming me across the room before scurrying off.

"Alex! Are you okay!?" Daisy yells while helping me up.

Ahhh...knocked the wind outta me, "Yeah I'm fine Daisy, I'm going to go after it!" I yelled while running out the lab.

"Be careful!"

I don't catch what she says as I run outside. The sky is cloudy as it begins to dribble. I see some yellow electricity in the distance towards the woods and chase after it. I'm deep in the forest when I start to get lost and about to give up when I hear hissing and multiple Pikachu sounds.

I hid in the bushes nearby as I arrive and see it surrounded by other Pikachus surrounding him. He is hissing at them while they circle him. Strange....Pikachu should be very social and help each other why are they so aggressive towards him?

They begin to attack him with multiple quick attacks aimed at him. He stands his ground as he dodges and tanks their repetitive hits until he get increasingly fatigued.

What is this!? Why are they so aggressive towards him? It's very strange since Pikachu survive in packs in the wild to survive from predatory Pokémon like Fearow. For a Pikachu to be discriminated so harshly by his own kind he shouldn't be able to survive!

In this world Pokémon are not all friendly toward each other and people, while they mostly eat berries and have intelligence they can still and will be hunted by others, to avoid this the same species usually gather together and claim a territory to defend themselves.

To survive as a weak species like Pikachu without help is impossible! This Pikachu is impossible! But as I watch his tenacity as he stand alone I can't help but admire him.

This Pikachu must have survived every day alone, not only against predators but it's own kind as well. It survival is an impossible probability but here it's stands infront of me gritting it's teeth against its own kind.

This is Pokémon that will go far. This is one that won't yield against all odds. This is a Pokémon that will overcome them.

I decide then and there to befriend this Pikachu at any cost.

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