[Hiatus] Incubus's crown: harem king system~♡ Book

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[Hiatus] Incubus's crown: harem king system~♡


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Farrell Demon Ashera kusajishi escapes his realm in a chase for life and death, after appearing in a random Ruin, he kills a few devils in his path to escape, but something unexpected happens and his pursuers never came out of the Ruin. As he was in the heat of being consumed by bloodlust after killing the devil's outside the rune, he was going to kill their human slave as he was no more than a farel beast, she switches the playing field and in one move she defeats him. The pink-haired slave turns out to be a succubus and as his life is now in her hands she doesn't want to kill him "My life is yours, do with it as you will" With the blade, in hand, she grips it tightly and he accepts death. "Nope, don't wanna" "How about I let you live, and since your said your life is mine to do as I please~" . . . where's she going with this. "You're now my husband~♡" ehh what she say? "Huh!?" Seven-year-old Ameri galanodel has successfully captured the seven-year-old incubus from hell, ashera ***10 Years Later*** "I'm not going to lose to you! not again!" "Babe you, really think you can defeat me? haha so be it, come at me!" but not like that you pervert~♡ With 10 years to mature, they've grown into adults...somewhat, but that's just where their adventure starts! ****************** Incubus's crown is that of Demon's against all for the survival of their race, and with the harem king system they become representatives of their entire race And with the power of harem, they'll gain allies and power as they are sex Demons after all, and will try to strengthen their race so they will no longer have to hide away from all. This novel is one of fun lewd adventures, but it also has some serious stuff with mob families and that's what's going to be the funest parts for the beginning. But they are Demon's and Demon's are inherently evil and lack all control so there mostly going to toy and have fun with everyone. Promise you'll love it, and there may be romance but it's going to be with a few others and of course Ameri the main wifu~♡ ______________ Disclaimer! the cover doesn't belong to me, if the creature if it wishes I'll remove it. oh and go check out my friends novel _im an incubus~_ we're going to be competing in a challenge together, so show some love♡ also go check out my other 2 incubus novels, _incubus's pride_ _incubus reborn_ i promis you'll like them as well~


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