1 Reincarnation

Where am I? Is this death? It's so much more empty than I expected. I see nothing but a vast expanse of whiteness no colour, no shadows at all.

I knew that I died, the pain was still there being suppressed and numbed by some mysterious force.

I glance at my surroundings and felt a strange emotion welling up inside me. It was loneliness, I had never felt such and agonising feeling before.

I felt lost, unsure of what's ahead. Then with a flash of light I saw him. A tall fair skinned man with long silver hair and jewel like green eyes. His face was indifferent as if he had seen he true meaning of life.

He was slender and lithe covered in a white cloth similar to a Greek tunic. Behind him there were several floating feathers falling from his wings.

One could easily tell that this handsome man was an angel. "Shirai Ayame. I am Noire, God of Light and Reincarnation, I shall now grant your wish."

I tried to suppress my excitement, but I had burst out in agitation and being the otaku I was I had a gist of how it worked. "First I want to know what kind of world I am going to, my cheat will come later."

He smiled, it seemed as if he knew my real intentions. "You are arriving at the world of Volas, we can have you choose which place you'll be starting first."

Multiple blue panels appeared with some sort of map on it. "No thank you, I'd like it to be random." I shook my head saying that I entrusted this task onto him.

"It is a swords and magic world full of monsters and demons. Every once in a while they summon heroes and saints to purify the miasma and defeat the Demon King!"

He sighed and put his hand under his chin pondering on how to solve this problem. "The Demon King isn't actually a bad guy, he's just the person who takes care of the Valley of Villains.

The miasma and rogue monsters are the real problem but the humans are very discriminatory.

They believe any race other than theirs are unnecessary, demons and demihumans beings such as them. Elves however are needed due to their blessed power of nature and high mana."

In other words they were racist but somehow hypocritical at the same time, I looked forward to this world. "Lord Noire, I beseech you to grant me this cheat."

With one eyebrow raised he came closer, softly I whispered into his ears telling him what I'd like to have. "And that's about it."

"I see, you're going to act as the villain behind all this so the demons, demihumans and humans get along with each other?" I nodded, this was something that aligned with my true nature as well.

Back when I was still alive I loved the villains, much more than the main characters or the heroes. And now it was my time to shine as the villainess in this other world!

"Very well, we shall reincarnate you as a princess. By the time you go through your coming of age ceremony your Relic shall be a Glaive." He continued with his final piece with me getting granted an additional gift.

"The ability you have chosen shall be

granted, however I shall also grant you more power. I bestow upon you the power of transformation, you can transform into anything at all without any limits." It was very overpowered and I was grateful for it.

"Farewell, I hope you visit my temple!" He laughed as the light grew stronger blinding me. And there it was an unknown ceiling.

I tried to speak, but when I lifted my hands high up they were small and curled up. They were my hands, I was a baby!

I looked around and saw many women in maid dresses murmuring strangely familiar words. I could not remember why I knew it, but it was comforting.

"Oh, my darling baby you are like an angel! From today forwards you are Angelica Rynalia!" A gentle yet powerful voice called to me.

I saw her, she had light purple eyes with shades of black, long eyelashes, high nose, ruddy lips. Her blonde hair was done up into a bun, she exuded her true status as a noblewoman.

I looked down and saw that her dress was a simple white dress, it didn't fit with her status yet she looked even more ethereal this way.

I looked to the side and there was an old man with a clean beard going up to the sides of his hair. His eyes were a sharp blue, his ash blond hair neatly combed. He had a rugged look to him, and the gaze of a warrior which to me was somehow comfortable.

He wore a dark blue coat that were adorned with medals. His furred cape had the emblem of the country threaded in gold.

They may not be currently wearing the crown anyone would realise that they were royalty just by the quality of their clothes.

"Angelica, you are now the princess of Toranes. I hope that the world will be a peaceful time during your adulthood." The king spoke softly, there were traces of lamentation in his voice. I felt sad about proceeding with my plans now but it was for the sake of the world!

I bawled crazily acting like a baby, I shall pretend to be a good person just until I'm old enough.

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3 years old.

"Daddy! I want to learn magic as well!" I shouted out to King Linder. "Please?" I sat on his lap giving him a puppy dog look.

He laughed. "You are not old enough yet, however I shall get you a magic tutor to teach you the basics." After hearing that my mood rose.

"Thank you daddy!" I ran out of the room and went into mine. I wondered what magic I should learn first. What skills should I get. And more importantly what my Job is going to be.

These were all the questions I wanted to know about but could not understand. My innate abilities were Transformation and Corruption.

Corruption was the ability to manipulate the negative emotions in people overloading them. Once they fall into despair I transform them into what I call Negativities.

The backstory I made for them was. "Beings who were once filled with joy, hope and love but one day their hearts fell into despair giving birth to Negativities.

Those who fell lose their morals and their only purpose is the last thing that they ever did or wished for.

They do this out of regret, they want to turn back time to what it once was. Negativities must be purified before they undergo Metamorphosis and transform into an Abysmal."

The system I created is very complex and untested however it still applies to the laws of this world.

Once a Negativity is purified they are transformed back into their original form but the side effect is that they keep the powers of when they were a Negativity.

It may break the balance of powers but this way even more people can help in the fight against me.

Negativities feed on emotions and the miasma which means they somewhat do a good job. However that fuels them to evolve into an Abysmal.

They are the accumulation of negative emotions. When a Negativity evolves they gain back their memories and human form.

However their mental state depends on their previous one. They are essentially reborn without dying at all.

An Abysmal represents a particular thing whether it be an abstract concept or

emotion. Their powers correspond to their representation but sometimes they don't.

The Abysmal's are delegated with the task of creating new Negativities. This way I have an entire army of them.

I ran outside and into the rose garden. Looking around I saw a butterfly. It was the perfect subject.

I crept up to it making no sounds at all and caught it by my hands. "Corrupt." Whispering softly a strange energy gathered in my hands.

The butterfly was now encased in a jewel like shell. The glittering purple darkened until it cracked releasing a suppressive force.

The first Negativity is born. I smiled and let the black butterfly do it's job. I wondered what would happen to it by the time I'm 16?


13 years old

It is my coming of age ceremony and I am ready to be granted my relic. For today I wore my silver tiara which beautifully accompanied my shining silver hair.

My emerald like eyes looked over nervously. My tight fitting dress was a hassle. I used magic to make myself look more gorgeous with dozens of sparkles.

Every noble child is here to be granted their Relics. These shall determine our future skills and Jobs.

I already knew what my one was so I wasn't surprised but I still felt nervous being around with others.

"Princess Angelica Rynalia." The priest called for me. I smiled gently and stood from my seat gracefully walking towards him.

I looked over to the finished nobles and saw that they had Relics of all kinds. From sabres to short swords. And even an axe!

They were all so cool, runes and engravings ran dawn their blades. I wondered what mine would look like.

I nodded to the priest and went down on one knee praying to the gods. After a minute or so a stunning bright light flashed before me.

Something inside me told me to grab it, and so I did. A compelling force made me jump up high and do complicated tricks with the intangible light.

I turned to face them with one hand on the pole. I slammed the end into the ground and the form of it changed.

It was a glaive, pitch place pole with a dazzling silver blade. I held the blade in front of me and slashed towards the side, the air burst apart and a mini vortex formed.

I slashed again in two crosses forwards and the air burst gain forming terrifying compressed wind blades that cut the ceiling and floor.

Feeling satisfied I walked away going towards the finished group. The adults were stupefied while the teens were looking at me in admiration.

I heard whispers of them talking about me and how cool I was. I nonchalantly ignored them but I still felt embarrassed.


16 years old

I was now attending the Heroes Academy, an academy formed by the first heroes to teach later generations to fight and learn many things.

I was here with my older brother Tristian. He was unlike me and had deep purple eyes with platinum blonde hair.

He was a handsome man and was very serious in his duties. But whenever he has the time to have fun he becomes too carefree. He was also very dense when it came to romance not knowing that a majority of women here developed a crush on him.

My best friend Rose also came here, she was considered normal in terms of looks in our academy but she was famous for her rare naturally pink hair and her charming attitude.

And me, I was constantly being nice to others even to commoners that they call me a saint. Too bad the real saint is going to be summoned soon.

I knew this because in addition to my powers I asked Noire to grant me a timer to the day of summoning.

When the king, my father will summon heroes from another world, presumably mine. Which is today.

I sighed and turned to Rose. "I am very sorry but it seems that it is time for the ritual, the royal family must attend you see."

She smiled at me and shook her head. "Don't worry about it I know it's important after all."

Sighing once more I turned away with Tristian following me. I wondered what I should give her. Use the good side of Corruption?

Transform her into an Incarnation? This was giving me a headache. I wonder how long this ceremony will take. Hopefully I'm not too late.

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