6 Chapter 6

"So, there are Gods, Dragons, Vampires, Angels, Devils, etc exist in this world."

"Yes. And quite plenty too. Many beings are even strong enough to singlehandedly destroy the world."

"And you are saying that I have the potential to be one of them if I can use my sacred gear fully, which is a Longinus, and also the reason for the fallen angel trying to kill me thinking me as a dangerous existence? "

"Yea-Yea. Anything else you want to ask?"

"Will there be problems like today in the future?"

"Can't say there is no probability. You are a Longinus wielder which can potentially destroy the power balance between multiple factions. There will be many who will either try to kill or recruit you."

"Thanks for the information but I need to know how can I survive? That's the main concern here."

"You can join an organization or person so that can become your backer if the need arises."

"And whom might I join?"

"Ummm. I don't know."


Issei fell to the ground.


"Haha. I was joking. There is someone. She is a devil though, and also the sister of the current Lucifer. Will you?"

"The things about evil pieces? "

"Yes. But don't worry. She won't treat you bad or force you to do anything against your will, I think so."

"Sigh. Can't you just help me?"

"Sorry, but I stay solo. I can save myself when needed but saving another one is annoying *Cough Cough* hard for me."

"Oi. What was that?"

"Anyways, I can't guard you all the time by myself. So, you need a proper backer." I said while ignoring his question.

"Sigh. So who is that person you believe can help me?"

"Let's go there," I said and vanished from the room with Issei before he could say anything.


*POV 3rd*

At the same time when Miyuki and Issei were talking, in Rias's room,

"What! Issei cannot be found?" Rias exclaimed.

"Yes. When we tracked his last location. We found he was in the park with the fallen angel. There was a hole in the ground. Likely a fight happened. The flier you gave was also left in the park."

"Sigh. I was careless. Should have sent someone to keep an eye on him."

"What happened is past already. Need to see if we can do anything at present." Akeno said.

"Correct, senpai." Miyuki appears with Issei and said.

Rias and Akeno went on full alert but seeing Issei, they kind of felt relieved. But did not drop their guard down.

"Yotsuba-san, what a surprise! Your cover was pretty solid I have to say." Rias said.

"Hehe. Thanks for the compliment, senpai." Miyuki gave a full-blown smile.

"Care to explain what is happening?" Rias then asked ignoring Miyuki's sarcasm.

"So things went like this..." Miyuki then started telling albeit editing the story a little.

"So, by coincidence, you saved Issei-san from being killed and brought here for me to making him my servant if possible to save him from his potential enemies?"


"And what about you?"

"What about me?"

"I am the governor of Kuoh town. I must know about any unknown entity comes here without any valid reason for the sake of its safety."

"Wow. You are so good at your work. A fallen angel tried to kill a person today but you only gave him a flier to ask for your help even after knowing that he would most likely be killed. Also, there are so many stray devils residing here that I can't even count on my fingers. Keep up the good work, senpai." Miyuki said without any noticeable malice.

"You.." Rias tried to retort but,


"Argh!" Miyuki released a bit of her aura while Rias crouched down on the floor feeling the pressure.

"Stop it, Yotsuba-san. Let's talk peacefully." Akeno summoned lightning and was prepared to launch an attack while saying.

"It has been proved again that, without power, one can not talk peacefully. Hehe." Miyuki laughed and the pressure vanished like everything that happened before was just an illusion.

"Wh-Who are you?" Rias asked trying to stand. She had a fearful expression on her face.

"Me? I am Yotsuba Miyuki, a transfer student. Studying at Kuoh Academy. And your kouhai, se-n-pai." Miyuki said with a smile.

"What does that even mean!" Both Rias and Akeno exclaimed.

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"Ahhh. She is doing it again." Issei's exhilarated voiced from the side.

"Did I miss anything? " Miyuki asked.

Everyone present just facepalmed.

"Anyways, senpai, don't worry. I am not going to do anything bad or good here. I am only here to help Issei to meet you. As I heard that your Gremory house treats their servants like family. And forgive for my rudeness before." Miyuki said.

"Sigh. You are well informed."

"That I am."

"Well, thanks. I planned to offer him this before you even told me anyways. Sorry, Issei-san, we could not intervene cause there are some political problems. It could become a full-blown war between factions. So we could only keep an eye for the time being. Still, we failed and cannot deny that." Rias said with a regretful expression.

"It-It's alright, senpai. Yotsuba-san saved me at that time. Nothing bad happened to me too." Issei replied panicked.

"What a simp! He already forgot he could have died." Miyuki facepalmed inside her mind.

"And Yotsuba-san, sorry to you too as the things you said are true but I acted kind of immature there." Rias looked at Miyuki and said.

"No problem, senpai. And as I said before, I am sorry too."

"Well, Then let's get to the business now," Rias said and offered Miyuki a seat and asked Akeno to bring tea while she stood in front of Issei.

"Issei-san, are you sure about it. You will be bounded with me and can't oppose me. Do you have enough belief in me?"

"Of course. You are beautiful senpai and you have big.." Issei stopped speaking catching what he was going to say.

Rias then looked at Miyuki while Miyuki just smiled wryly understanding what Issei was going to say.

She showed an expression like, 'Your problem.'

"Ahem. Alright, I, Rias Gremory, heiress of the Gremory house accept you as my pawn. Do you accept too?"

"I-I accept."

Rias then summoned her free evil pieces. She put 2 pieces inside Issei, but nothing happened. Then another 2, still nothing happened. When she was going to put another 2,

"Put all the pawn pieces left, senpai. The Dragon inside him is a glutton." Miyuki said.

Rias then put all remained pawn pieces inside Issei. A light appeared surrounding Issei as sometimes later, two devil wings appeared behind him.

"Well, I have to go now. You guys can talk between yourselves. I have some works to do." Miyuki said and vanished before Rias and Issei could say anything.

"How strong is she? Should I try to recruit her?" Rias said herself looking at the empty place where Miyuki was a moment ago.

"I think it's better if you don't." A gauntlet appeared on Issei's hand and an overbearing voice sounded from it.

*POV 3rd End*


I teleported to my house. I don't know if I did anything wrong. It could be the said character development but I kind of messed it up. But I don't think Issei would want to experience character development by dying once. Forget it, he joined peerage at least. It can be the safest point he can start from.

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