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[DROP]Controller of Elements


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Sutsonmia, a failure in the Dema clan. Dislike by everyone and was consider an ugly creature as he is born different from other. He was a no elementer which lead to his parents to abandon him at the age of 3. Being a no elementer mean that ones is no important in society. But Sutsonmia did not give up but did consider committing suicide but did not go on with it. He continue on living with his life but that does not come with peace. He had to work, and not just any work. He had to do all the work for the Dema. One day, when he went fishing. He was struck by lightning and was save by a mysterious woman who give him a new start. Upon, return and wanting to explore the world. He found out that the world that he live in is just a small place compare to the other place.

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