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Shortened Novel Name: - I was Reborn as an Ice Troll in an Otome Game Real Novel Name: - I was Reborn as an Ice Troll in an Otome Game where I became one of the Hidden Target of the Heroine's Capture list Synopsis: - Jayden Walker, often as lonesome as he always was, an always depressed, an ex-bullying victim on his highschool, yet also a shameless overweight, a spineless SIMP to the VTuber Loli's and a cultured Otaku Shut-In, had come to his end at one night where his apartment were set on flames. Because of himself being a depressed person, he wasn't a fanatic of reincarnation to the extent he would die with the help of Truck-kun, and this clashed on his mind as his energy left his body. On his death, he wished to at least prove it to himself, of the god that he can and could reincarnate, no matter the karma he need to gain, no matter his goodwill were fake, doubting the power of Murphy's Nemesis. He wished to be reincarnated in a magical world, to be strong in both body and mind, to have a system, and get a good sets of skills on his assets. His wishes was granted, but comes the price. He was reincarnated, yes he did sure was. But... why was he, a former human, turns out to be a troll of frost ridges on a magical world in his second life? "Oh, god... how fvck up your mind really was? atleast let me be born as a damn human! I need my social life too! I need to loose my V-card! with beautiful ladies! Not with this ugly pinocchios!" "SOMEBODY HELP ME! Please!" Cried of our Protagonist as he runs his life away from the hoard of lovestruck girls on his tribe, with the same faces worse than those horror movie identities that he have seen. P.S.: If you can draw OR at least make an art for the cover, I would greatly appreciate it, also, only do that when I reached 100 chapters uploads of drafts, that the milestone so I couldn't instantly drop my shit. P.S.S.: Give me Ideas on some things for the novel, mostly on the names of Skills or what not since there will be - a system on his part.


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