[BL] Quick Transmigration: Is it Better to be a Beta?

Jia Hyson finds he has hit the jackpot after he dies. He's got a system! He's a transmigrator! So cool! System: "Please help us fix the plot." Jia Hyson: "Of course!" System: "Firstly there are too many love interests." Jia Hyson: "Okay." System: "The main character is too annoying." Jia Hyson: "Um." System: "Needs more world building." Jia Hyson: "..." Oi, is he fixing the plot or is he rewriting the whole damn thing?! (This is not omegaverse, beta stands for beta reader) (This is bl/yaoi/danmei btw. 1v1, 2v1, 3+v1) Lovely Cover by my fanart empress @noc

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Extra: Arc 2 Alternative Bai Li Wei part 3 (end of extra)

So there he was, Jia Hyson, a complete mess of desire that was stimulated beyond measure, begging to be pleasured in the hotel bathroom in front of his sort of adopted son and grandson.

He had to say. It was certainly a new experience ah.

"Please…" Jia Hyson pants, "I, ah, Xiao Shun.. Xiao Ren…. I want…" He trails off but everyone knew exactly what he was hoping for. 

Maybe it was because their souls were part of the same entity, or maybe it was because they were both incredibly horny, and major perverts, but the father and son after some hesitation immediately reached the same consensus at once.

Glaring at each other they shifted their stance so they faced each other, and then threw out their hands in an amazing feat of synchronisation.

Tian Shun had paper. 

But Li Guiren had scissors. 

"Fuck!" Tian Shun swore angrily while Li Guiren, like the mature man he is, silently fist pumps in the background.

Bebe felt like all sense of moral decency was about to leave this room, and quickly decided to leave with it. There was only so much distraction gaming can provide for it. 'Host, Bebe will be gone for two hours,' it decisively declares, 'whatever depraved thing you do, Bebe refuses to witness it. You may only call Bebe on the off chance a powerful exorcist, priest, monk or angel come along to break up your disgusting sort of incestual sex fest full of sin.'

'Make it four hours ah~' Jia Hyson shoots back cheerfully as he pants excitedly, watching as the two handsome men come towards him with bright, predatory eyes. 'No, no, I think I can squeeze out five hours out of them. Xiao Ren is older but he's in good shape and Xiao Shun has the power of youth! Six hours! I'm sure we can get six hours of hot, sweaty, super kinky- and Bebe's gone. Tsk.' How rude.

However he had no time to scold Bebe in his heart.

Li Guiren kneels down and kisses him first, fierce and enthusiastically as his hands run down Jia Hyson's side before resting on his waist, teasingly playing with the waistband of the swimwear he was wearing. Meanwhile Tian Shun moves to sit behind Jia Hyson, kissing the back of his neck and also moving his eager hands, however unlike Li Guiren, Tian Shun was very focused on the upper body.

His cool but slightly sweaty hands slide, clumsily but enthusiastically, up and down Jia Hyson's torso while Li Guiren impatiently strips him of his swimwear before using his muscular arms to lift his hips up, positioning the demon to straddle his waist. His strong hands not forgetting to enjoy the feeling of massaging Jia Hyson's ass as he steadied him, making Jia Hyson's toes curl. 

To be honest it was objectively a bit hard to hold a person this way long term without exerting a lot of energy but thanks to Tian Shun kneeling behind Jia Hyson and allowing him to lean against his own body, Li Guiren had no worries and only focused on tasting the soft skin he had long desired. 

Tian Shun also wished to take a more active role, "Wei Wei," he groans softly, "Please… look at me.."

Jia Hyson twists his head, through his eyes, bleary and unfocused through his tears. He really felt he was a bit over his head this time despite how much he secretly wanted this for a while now. The contrasting stimulation of cool yin supplementing hands and hot, stinging yang hands at the same time was very difficult for his nerves to digest, causing him to immediately feel a little overwhelmed. It was more intense than temperature play as this seemed to directly stimulate and shake his soul. 

In short, it was a bit hard to bear but… en, this baby was willing to bear it! 

Tian Shun greedily takes in the sight before his mouth couldn't resist and reached forward to kiss Jia Hyson's lips. Because Jia Hyson was still a bit taller than Tian Shun he obligingly leaned down to help satisfy the younger man's wish. Both of them were naturally cold thanks to their yin-based constitution but tasting each other, with Tian Shun's arms possessively around his torso, and Jia Hyson's body leaning against him, both couldn't help but feel themselves getting hotter and hotter. 

Seeing his Bai Li Wei giving more attention to his son, Li Guiren jealously adjusted Jia Hyson's position so he was almost completely supported against Tian Shun while Li Guiren lifted his legs upwards and over his own shoulders in a very handsome if perverted show of strength. Admiring the smooth and pale legs that were just as flawless as porcelain but far more tender and soft to touch, Li Guiren felt great anticipation. 

Jia Hyson who languidly let himself be adjusted and moved however by Li Guiren, too drunk on Tian Shun's slightly clumsy but fervent kisses filled with yin energy, suddenly inhaled sharply, and lightly pushed Tian Shun away to pant and moan, wanting to rub his legs together and the stinging sensitive feeling away. Unfortunately it just became ever itchier as his smooth inner thighs scraped against the older man's stubble.

"Xiao Ren!" He gasps, "You little brat!" Even though he complained it was more like a coquettish whine that had no force value at all. 

Li Guiren turns his head kisses the bite mark he had made on the other's inner soft fleshy thigh. It wasn't a simple soft pink indent but a nearly brutal bloody red. If the man put anymore force into it Jia Hyson was sure that he could really pierce the skin and shed blood. 

To be honest even Li Guiren didn't expect the bite to be that deep. However his strong yang constitution made it so that even the strongest defense of a ghost could be reduced to a soft tofu if he tried hard enough. It was really OP. Not even a protagonist from a supernatural script could be so outrageous. 

Luckily Li Guiren had no serious intention to harm Bai Li Wei or this spicy R18 scene would've instantly turned into a different sort of R18 scene ah. 

Still, the unexpected pain of the bite really startled Jia Hyson, and then the gentle but burning kiss from Li Guiren immediately made his fingers clench, and toes wriggle and curl. His dick, which was still as hard as before, twitched as Li Guiren, emboldened after the kiss, began to lick the bite mark. The area was a little sensitive because of the pain and the warm tongue that seemed to both tickle and lightly sting at Jia Hyson was almost enough to make him cum.

Li Guiren seemed to enjoy Jia Hyson's reactions and lightly but firmly pinched the tip of his cock, delighting in how he draws out a soft whiny whimper and a stream of pre-cum wetting his fingers. Li Guiren chuckles, voice husky and barely restrained. Rubbing the sensitive, dripping head which made Jia Hyson arch his back and hiss at the intense feeling, he then retracts his hand and licks the slightly translucent and bitter liquid. 

Jia Hyson, irritated by his teasing ministrations squeezes his thighs tighter around the other's neck. However it only lasted a few seconds, much to Li Guiren's faint disappointment. Being almost strangled by his lovely Wei Wei's legs was both painful and intoxicating, soft yet chokingly firm. He wouldn't have minded enduring such a sweet torture a bit longer ah.

Still he didn't mind inflicting his own sweet torture in return.

Putting his hands underneath Jia Hyson's butt again, he pushes his hips to tilt upwards and lowers his own head, lips slowly pushing around the demon's stiff dick. 

Jia Hyson: !!!

"Ah! Ahhhmmmhn… shit! Guiren!" He gasps breathily. Li Guiren's mouth was wet and a bit inexperienced, but overall it was overwhelmingly hot! Jia Hyson wanted to both escape the feeling and get even closer, body full of contrasting wants and desires. In the end he could only grab onto Tian Shun for the stability of his sanity, mewling and groaning lewd noises that made both men flush.

"Wei Wei…" Tian Shun felt that looking at his beloved twitch and writhe helplessly in his arms, trying to burrow into his chest while his father teased the demon cruelly, was incredibly taboo and erotic. Even though he wasn't the one doing it…. Maybe it was because he wasn't the one doing it, after all if he was then he wouldn't get to enjoy the view like he could now. 

Jia Hyson gasps and grasps at Tian Shun who is gently stroking his hair while watching him intently. The energetic Li Guiren flipped him to his side so only one leg was now over Li Guiren's broad shoulder, and his body inclined downwards so Jia Hyson's face was now staring directly at Tian Shun's tented crotch. 

Craving even more, and no longer caring about his limits, Jia Hyson impatiently nuzzles the younger man's dick through the fabric, he could feel the dampness already seeping through and knew Tian Shun had already recovered from the blowjob from before and was very eager to revisit the activity again. 

Jia Hyson also had no complaints. He liked giving oral a lot, it could be said he had a slight affixation with his mouth and enjoyed the way he could control the pleasure of another person so well with it. Not to mention the yin energy Tian Shun 'creates' was undeniably addicting. 

For Li Guiren though… ehm.. it's probably a bit too difficult. At the very least there's no way he could swallow such a high concentration of yang energy unless he became as powerful as a demon god. 

Tut tut it really was unfortunate for Xiao Ren to choose him as a partner. It was like choosing the best character in a game but all their special skills were permanently locked until the game ends. One would really have to love this character to use it. 

Li Guiren, unaware that he was being a little pitied by his soon to be official lover, was busy hesitating and blushing as he awkwardly kissed the other's inner thighs again. To be honest his throat hurt a little and he almost choked trying swallow around Wei Wei's shaft. In order to recover a bit he decided to just continue teasing and marking the other's thighs.

By this time the area was already very well loved, full of bite marks and hickeys and saliva, an erotic art on such a pale canvas of skin.However instead of being satisfied, Li Guiren only wanted more. "Wei Wei… I want to…" 

Feeling the hot exhales of breath against his cock, Jia Hyson knew what his Xiao Ren wanted. 

Pulling down Tian Shun's shorts, his long shaft energetically and vigorously shot upwards after being freed from its confines, almost slapping Jia Hyson's face in the process. Comforted by the concentrated yin energy source close by, Jia Hyson looks at Li Guiren who looked very much like a hungry but obedient puppy who was doing his best to wait while his favorite food was presented right in front of him. 

"Guiren, please," Jia Hyson shifted his hips lewdly, wantonly waving his eager dick and asshole enticingly at the police directive's face like a desperate slut, "Do what you want darling. I, ah, I want it too."

"Wei Wei!" Now that his owner finally gave him the go ahead the big wolf finally pounced on his meal, kissing and licking the dripping pillar and spreading his cheeks, his enthusiastic but tentative fingers probingly touching and rubbing the sensitive skin. 

While the big wolf was consuming his meal, the little wolf was kindly serving his owner a similar dish.

"Wei… you're so, nghn, dirty," Tian Shun groans as he strokes silky black hair while Jia Hyson begins to wholeheartedly swallow him down. Even though Bai Li Wei's hair was so soft and lovely to touch now, this hair had strangled and pierced and ripped through stronger men's flesh, the warm and moist mouth of his was also no stranger to cruel torture and the taste of blood and meat. 

Tian Shun shuddered in pleasure. 

Such a dangerous creature was so submissive and erotic in front of him and his father. Willing to bend and willing to be moved around so easily, so trustingly. Such a seductive monster, destroying all sense of taboo and morality in a man's mind, deserved to be absolutely worshipped and loved. 

Meanwhile, Jia Hyson recalls the delightfully cooling taste of Tian Shun's male essence and started to be even more earnest in savouring his 'food'. 

Li Guiren who was about to push a finger into Bai Li Wei pauses awkwardly. Even though the other wasn't human, he still wanted to make sure it would be as pleasurable as it could be for him. He considered using his own saliva as lubricant but… with his constitution it would probably feel like chilli oil if it went inside Wei Wei.

"Wei Wei…" He rasps out, "Can you… ah, can you pass me the body lotion?"

Thankfully these nice hotels always have complimentary bath products.

Jia Hyson stops sucking momentarily, taking a quick glance at the bathroom area before lengthening some of his hair to reach out and throw it at Li Guiren. He smiles mischievously, "Thank you in advance Guiren~" He teases, "So kind~"

"This…" A bit shy Li Guiren fumbles in opening the lotion cap.

"Hmph," Tian Shun snorted, a faint sense of vinegar wafting from him. "I am also kind too, after all-" He gently but firmly leads Jia Hyson's head back toward his crotch, "Aren't I feeding you well, Wei Wei?"

Jia Hyson felt like it was a good thing he was so fucking turned. Any less aroused and he might have laughed at how smug and proud the young man was at his dirty talk. Of course it's not like he hasn't heard worse, sometimes the cheesiness can actually be so shameful that it goes a complete circle and actually becomes quite exciting to hear.

Because Tian Shun had been very close to finishing the yin energy was very thick and potent, mixed with a masculine scent that made Jia Hyson's eyes dilate. "Mhhn," He makes an affirmative noise, successfully distracted as he hungrily sucks the tip of the cock, licking and sucking up the juices like it was a delicious and refreshing icy pole under the hot sun.

Speaking of being under the hot sun, Li Guiren's body seemed to be so excited the demonic Jia Hyson could practically feel the heat coming off him. He couldn't help but hug Tian Shun's waist, trying to absorb the equally excited yin energy he exuded. Unfortunately unlike the yang energy which is very energetic and easily emanates from him like heat from a fire. In contrast, yin energy is generally a more demure and calming element, a still and icy lake that you could only feel it's coldness from when you're just about to touch it. 

He distractedly moves his hands up and down, enjoying the young supple flesh of the other, ruthlessly uncaring of how it was driving the inexperienced Tian Shun wild. 

By the time Li Guiren finished preparing Jia Hyson, Tian Shun had already came once and was nearing his second climax.

Jia Hyson and Li Guiren both sighed jealously at the young man's energy.

Ah, youth. 

Tian Shun however was very embarrassed. After all he was the first to come out of everyone! Isn't that really bad??

He had read the books and comics about these boyxboy themes secretly. In all of them it's either the bottom to finish first or they finish together.

Doesn't that mean he's a bad gong? Worse than his old man? Ahhhhh! 

Determined to do something to improve his gong status, Tian Shun tugged at Jia Hyson's hair, "I want to try something can you give me a second?" He asked seriously. 

Jia Hyson was a bit unhappy to be pulled from his favourite food source but curiously nodded. After all despite his appearances, Tian Shun was quite the twisted kid. He felt like compared to Li Guiren who was older and raised more conservatively, Tian Shun would be kinkier, if not more sex positive ah.

Jia Hyson was not disappointed.

Feeling Tian Shun's mouth swallowing his own frustrated and dripping cock, while the young man's dick was nudged at his mouth again, Jia Hyson's red eyes glowed excitedly. 

Sixty-nine, huh? En, very good! This demon is pleased!

Li Guiren watched as his 'son' and his lover entangled with each other and found it as irritating as it was arousing. What was even better was the way his Wei Wei would twist and twitch every time he moved his fingers inside him. 

Feeling it was enough, Li Guiren finally pulled out his fingers, chuckling at how Wei suddenly whimpers and shakes his slender body in surprise, stopping his sucking motions to glare weakly at him with a flushed and teary face. "Wei Wei.. I love you…" He hoarsely confesses as he slowly pushes his throbbing shaft into his lover.

Jia Hyson stiffens then lets out a long, loud moan. He had to stop using his mouth on Tian Shun in favour of panting and groaning against his hip, nails trying not to dig into his tender human flesh. It was hot! It was almost unbearable! 

His mind was going wild with the feeling. Only the cool body practically plastered on him was keeping him sane, but just barely. 

"God you're so tight.. mhnnm… feels so good Wei Wei…" Li Guiren gasps as his began to pick up speed. The man was unpredictable in his pacing, but each thrust was consistently powerful, as if he aimed to completely hollow him out. 

"Wei Wei…" Tian Shun's breathing was fast and the only thing faster was his beating heart. As he was underneath Jia Hyson all he needed was to look upwards to see his father's large cock violating his beautiful Wei Wei's asshole. He could feel the lewd demon's excitement at every thrust, as his flushed cock would always twitch and drool inside his mouth. Somehow this helplessness, where he could only watch and swallow like some pleasure toy, while the person he loved was being fucked before his eyes, made his whole body go warm and tingly.

This sort of strange feeling made him want to inexplicably feel more but at the same time want to fight back and become the one who brought Wei the most pleasure. Using his hands he touches Wei's body, tracing and groping and massaging where he could reach. It was clumsy at first but Tian Shun was a quick learner and soon pin pointed the sensitive points to attack, making the noises spilling from the demon even more fervent. 

Jia Hyson was so overstimulated he was weeping. Scorching passionate heat was invading him from behind and overbearing coolness covered his front. He wanted to escape, he wanted to never leave.

Fuck, everything felt too intense. 

He loved it. 

Li Guiren pulled Jia Hyson's now limp body upwards so he was leaning his back against the man's broad chest, pushing the dick deeper into his body and almost violently hitting his prostate. 

"Hgnn!" Jia Hyson made an incoherent noise of pure pleasure and surprise, as he was finally pushed over the edge and came. Tian Shun enthusiastically swallowed it up, the pressure of his mouth from the action only extended Jia Hyson's moment of pleasure. 

Li Guiren groaned, the contractions around his dick too much for him and he thrusted a few more times before finally coming. Tian Shun followed not soon after, harshly panting as he took himself in hand and ejaculated over the demon's flawless body. 

Everyone took a minute just to breath, their eyes glassy but bright. 

"I love you Wei Wei, I hope I will make you as happy as you deserve for the rest of my life." Li Guiren solemnly vows, leaning over to give Jia Hyson a slow but passionate kiss. 

Even if his body hurt the Bai Li Wei, he would never let himself hurt his heart.

Once he was out of breath he reluctantly released Jia Hyson's swollen lips. Before Jia Hyson could say anything back, Tian Shun had already gently cupped his cheek, attracting him to face the younger man. "I love you Wei Wei." He says with equal fervour and emotion, bittersweet hope and determination in his eyes, "One day I hope, I hope you will love me as much as I love you." He then leaned in to catch a soft and tender kiss.

Even if he had hurt the other's heart and betrayed him back then, maybe with his body's advantage and his devotion he can once again open Bai Li Wei's heart and heal what had once been broken. 

In another world, these were their dying words.

But here, these were ones that spoke of a new life. 


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