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"Let me get this right,"

In the room, there was no one who had the courage to face anyone at that moment ah. It was like the gathering of the four animals North, East, South, West, so beautiful one couldn't even look directly at it.

Azure Dragon Jia Hyson looked to the side, facing the window and pretending to admire the skyline.

Vermillion Bird Song Chuntao looked upwards, as if trying to make contact with a higher being in the ceiling.

White Tiger Zheng Xin was eying the door he had just entered from, silently planning his tactical escape.

And finally Black Tortoise Zheng Jinhai has his head facing downwards, rubbing his forehead in disbelief.

"You-" he starts, then stops, then starts again, "Brother, you know the prince?"

Zheng Xin stays silent for a few seconds before slowly nodding, "...En."

"And you know him..." Zheng Jinhai's voice turns pained and a little high-pitched, very unbefitting of a domineering male lead, "sexually?"

"...En." Zheng Xin was a man of few words but he was apparently stupidly honest in front of his family.

"In his defense, I'm really hot." Jia Hyson blurts out and gets immediately smacked upside the head by Song Chuntao.

Zheng Jinhai looks up at his brother who he has admired his whole life only to see him flush and nod again in agreement. "......En."

Zheng Jinhai: '...' That was the most coquettish 'en' he had ever heard in his entire life.

He then horrifyingly recalls the time when he caught his elder brother looking at Prince Farrell's social media. Zheng Jinhai didn't think too much of it other than Farrell being annoyingly popular but now... grinding his teeth he stares warily at the prince like he was a beast. "You! How dare you seduce my brother with your, your ass!"

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Jia Hyson: '...' Technically I seduced him with my feet but okay.

Song Chuntao: '...' To be honest I too, was also seduced by that ass.

Bebe: '...' Oh no, kind of want to see his reaction when he finds out it was actually his big brother's ass that was on the line that night.

Zheng Xin, while red faced, still could manage to calm the incensed male lead enough to drag him out the room before he attacked Jia Hyson, this home wrecking vixen, leaving him with Song Chuntao. The pair stare blankly at each other for a minute before Jia Hyson opens his mouth again. "Is your boyfriend going to kick me out if he finds out I wasn't necessarily the submissive between me and Zheng Xin?"

Song Chuntao silently closes her eyes and ignores him.

Ten minutes later Zheng Jinhai flies into the room somehow even angrier, he points at Jia Hyson with a finger shaking with rage, "YOU-!!!!"

Jia Hyson: '...If I knew Zheng Xin was so bad at keeping secrets I would never have fucked him ah.'

Bebe silently shuts down it's visual functions and ignores him.

"Jinhai..." Song Chuntao tentatively touches him, "Jinhai, you, ah, they're both grown adults, don't, don't overreact,"

"He defiled my brother's chastity," Zheng Jinhai spat, "Farrell, are you a man?! Then take responsibility!"

Jia Hyson stares helplessly at Zheng Jinhai, "No offense but if I had to take responsibility for every person I had sex with I could probably build a town,"

Zheng Jinhai, reminded that this man wasn't just his brother's flower picker, but also a complete slag that had picked countless other flowers in many different botanical gardens, felt so angry he was ready to vomit blood all over the bastard. "Beast!"

Song Chuntao, the female lead who has constantly been eaten up by the male lead after their relationship was established: '...'눈_눈 It's like a small pot calling the kettle black.

However Zheng Jinhai also must have known he was being a bit unreasonable and after cursing Jia Hyson a few more times he finally calmed down. After all, Zheng Xin admitted himself that he only considers their meeting a one night stand and doesn't expect for more. But seeing his older brother look so self-loathing and the knowledge that he was the shou… how can the secretly romantic Zheng Jinhai not suddenly feel heartache and overprotectiveness for him?

Crossing his arms, Zheng Jinhai sneers down at Jia Hyson, "I'll give you two options, date my brother and see if you're compatible or leave."

Jia Hyson's mouth spasms, it's not the first time someone said something like this to him but it's definitely the first to get this from a protagonist. It definitely adds a new flavor to this scene. A very intimidating flavor. Still, both options aren't really that attractive to him, "Is there a third option?"

Zheng Jinhai narrows his eyes, "An eye for an eye, hand over your chrysanthemum." Who doesn't know that Prince Farrell only tops men? Even if Zheng Jinhai doesn't want to pay attention to the gossip it became the sort of weird general knowledge that everyone knew after a while.

Jia Hyson: 'Heh. As expected of a male lead in a romance story.' So fucking unreasonable. And so, Jia Hyson began his second life of house arrest under a handsome man.


"Sorry," Zheng Xin apologises once Jia Hyson comes out of the room to confess to him, "I don't think I'm that attracted to you anymore. But I appreciate your feelings nonetheless."

Jia Hyson: '.....'

Bebe: 'Hahahaha.'

"E-excuse me?" He did not get threatened by Zheng Jinhai in order to get immediately rejected by Zheng Xin. "You're not, you're not attracted to me anymore?" Jia Hyson tries to ignore the way his voice goes a little high and pitchy in disbelief. Even though it's been a long time since they met, he had maintained his body well enough despite his more sedentary lifestyle. Honestly speaking, though it's really just his preferences speaking, Jia Hyson felt he had become even better looking as time passes on. This was a little bit painful for his ego.

Thinking about it now, isn't this the first time he'd been so firmly rejected by a romantic confession?

Bebe: 'Recording this and calling it 'Baby's first Rejection'.'

Jia Hyson: 'Haha, you're so funny, do you not believe I won't hit you?'(ꐦ´͈ᗨ `͈ )

Zheng Xin blinks and silently gazes downwards. Jia Hyson follows the gaze, then immediately turns ugly as he realises they were both looking at his feet.

He remembers now that the whole time Zheng Xin was with him both before and during sex, Jia Hyson had never taken off Cinderella's glass slippers. It couldn't be- this guy was really only into his feet?!

No, no, no, more importantly, now that he wasn't wearing the slippers, he wasn't attractive anymore? So in conclusion, was his feet not good enough without the glass slippers?! (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻


And so, Jia Hyson ends his second life of house arrest under a handsome man.

It did not last nearly as long as the first one

.…Ah, he really misses Sefu.

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