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Warning: Technically dubcon use of drugs etc

'Mnn.. hah... nghnn..." Jia Hyson slowly woke up, feeling overheated and a tingling tight feeling in his lower half. Opening his mouth he realizes he's been panting and moaning softly, mouth a little dry, and his body felt taut and a little uncomfortable but not in an entirely bad way. "Ahn.. mmn... wha-ah, what?"

'Finally!' Came the haggard and impatient voice of Bebe. 'You've been out for hours!' It had to watch Sefu lay his stinky pig trotters all over his spicy chicken host for hours! Fuck! It wasn't a carnal desire system but why does it always feel like it might as well be?!

Jia Hyson had a befuddled expression of 'Who am I? Where am I? What's in my ass?'

The answer to that last question was his most loyal servant's dick.

"My prince," Sefu freezes in fright for a moment as he realizes Farrell has awoken, however just seeing those confused but still lustful golden eyes that were subconsciously crying from the body being over stimulated... it made him even more excited.

Jia Hyson bites his lip as he feels a certain part of his body stretching out a bit more to accommodate a certain stiff object that had grown even bigger inside him. He swallows heavily, heart thrumming in anticipation and restlessness. Taking in the situation he realised his wrists were bound together and chained to his childhood bed. There was also another chain on one of his ankles to the opposite corner of the bed.

It's happening! It's really happening! And so fast too! \(⁄ ⁄>⁄ ▽ ⁄<⁄ ⁄)/

No, wait...

He looks down at his body, his own dick was pointing upwards toward him and his chest was splattered with a lot of cooling translucent liquids. Even though he couldn't see anything he could feel his ass has been used for quite some time and that he's at least experienced a few orgasms to the point his dick felt a little sore and overstimulated.

So. Hadn't most of it already happened? And he.. he actually didn't remember it?

"You... you drugged me?!" Jia Hyson's eyes redden in rage. Shock, despair, and betrayal colored his features making Sefu feel guilt well up inside him. However, Jia Hyson was upset for a reason slightly different to what Sefu thought.

Jia Hyson: 'Wuwuwu I came here thinking we could have some black box confinement non-con play with aphrodisiacs but it turns out the man used date **** drugs!'

Bebe: '..Bebe is almost afraid to ask but how are those equally terrible things considered different in host's perverted eyes?'

Jia Hyson: 'I ended up only being awake in the middle! Didn't get to enjoy the beginning! The all important foreplay! Didn't get to fight and struggle before my rage weakens into lust and tears! So upsetting! That fucking coward!' ‎(ノಥ益ಥ)ノ ┻━┻

Bebe: '...'

Jia Hyson: 'I mean isn't that the best thing when playing this game? A man so unwilling yet too drunk on pleasure to say no? Fuck! How hot would that be to if I was that person?! And the real deal too! Not just roleplaying in the bedroom! But a real yandere imprisonment play with a gong that fits my ideal!? And I missed it! I fucking missed it! Coward! Small dicked piece of shit! I- ah!'

His angry monologue was cut off as Sefu thrusted into his already well loved hole, a loud sloppy sound made during the movement. With the feeling of warm liquid inside him and the lack of pain, Jia Hyson now definitely knew that this was not his first round. He groans soft and reluctantly in pleasure as the large and hot thing inside him pushes against his inner walls, stretching him out.

Jia Hyson: '...Okay I take back the small dick comment (/≧ω\) but everything else still checks out and I'm still mad.'

Bebe: 'Bebe's concern, like Bebe's love for life, is diminishing by the second.' 눈_눈

"My prince.." Sefu groans as he watches Jia Hyson's furious yet lust-addled expression greedily.

Between his panting Jia Hyson laughs coldly, his golden eyes mocking and derisive. Even though his character Prince Farrell likes to be lazy and play the fool, that didn't mean he wasn't one. Only an idiot wouldn't take one look at this situation and see this was clearly the case of a traitorous servant defiling the master!

Even though he missed out on the crucial abusive moments at the beginning this was still exciting! So exciting!

The cuffs that chained his wrists together and to the bed were not too constricting, it allowed him some freedom of movement, so Jia Hyson after laughing fiercely attempts to attack Sefu like a cornered beast. Since Sefu was right on top of him, it wasn't too difficult for Jia Hyson to land a hit on him despite being chained. "I am not your prince!" He hisses viciously, "This prince did not raise such a traitorous white eyed wolf!"

Sefu takes the hit like a man, his movements abruptly stilling at the impact with only his head tilted to soften the blow. To be fair given his limited range of motion he didn't hit that hard. Sefu's eyes, one black, one silver look deeply into Jia Hyson's own golden eyes with all sorts of deep emotions that only the author god can probably explain.

As a human being that wasn't telepathic, all Jia Hyson could translate from those eyes was... very complex and a little pained?

Not watery though. No tears.

Jia Hyson: 'Disappointed.jpg, should I have hit him more to really convey how betrayed and hurt I am?'

Bebe: 'Disgusted.jpg' What did Bebe do you deserve such a bastard for a host?

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"What are you staring at you rebel bastard?!" Jia Hyson bares his teeth, looking like he couldn't wait to escape and strangle Sefu to death, "Get off me! You, you- mph!!!"

Pushing his bound wrists back down on the bed, above his head, Sefu presses into Jia Hyson and begins to kiss him harsh and fiercely, biting and gnawing his lips like he wished to devour him whole. It was very violent, and from the way he can feel the wetness of blood and the sting of pain, Jia Hyson realizes this damn wild beast had done this violent kissing before while he was unconscious!

...It suddenly occurred to Jia Hyson that Sefu was actually a complete virgin and didn't have a male lead halo that would make him instantly amazing at sex after a few minutes of testing the waters.

Actually, thinking about it now, his asshole didn't seem to hurt at all. Sefu was pretty large and Jia Hyson hadn't played that much down there recently due to all the stress happening so he should've been pretty tight. Forget beginners, even veteran gongs may cause rectal tearing to their shou's ass if they play too rough with too little preparation. Of course this depends on the shou but it's pretty normal to feel some pain. After all, even shitting too much can cause bleeding ah. ╮(╯∀╰)╭

Bebe: '...' Feeling sorry for Sefu who's working hard and yet his host is thinking about shit.

Jia Hyson: 'Who asked the man's kissing skills to be so crude? Laozi should spend this time checking on his body's condition ah. Imprisonment play is always rough~'

However, to Jia Hyson's suprise he doesn't feel much discomfort down there other than it being stretched out a bit too much. Could it be, the reason why Sefu chose date **** drugs was not only to prolong seeing the Jia Hyson's reaction but also to take his time preparing his body without losing face? That was... pft, sort of cute. (´,,•ω•,,)♡

Bebe: '...' If that was cute then there was no such thing as unappealing in host's eyes.

Oh wait. There probably wasn't. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Finally having enough of being ferociously bitten, Jia Hyson head butts Sefu irritatedly before spitting out some blood, "Tch, this prince has never experienced such a harmful kiss! Rabid beast! Fuck! Sefu, get off and take it out of me this instant!" He orders angrily, tears brimming in his eyes again subconsciously from the pain of the kiss.

Sefu seems a little shamed but mainly entranced at how angry and tearful his prince was underneath, the bloody lips awakening a primal desire to mark Farrell more, encouraging him to bite and tear at his flesh and swallow it down bit by bit so his prince could only be his.

Just imagining it made his body heat up after the cold water poured over him from Farrell's harsh words.

Uncontrollably he silently moved his head downwards to lap up the blood off those soft lips before moving his tongue and deepening the action into a much gentler kiss. Since it used far less teeth but far more tongue it was naturally much more pleasant for both parties involved.

Aroused and drunk off the sensation of tasting the inside of his prince's mouth and his hot tongue fighting his own, he slowly begins to move his hips once more causing the body beneath him to tense. With time though Farrell began to uncontrollably move in time with his movements, chasing the pleasure only Sefu could give him. A thrill of possessive satisfaction shoots through Sefu and his thrusting motions speed up. It seems the hours of subduing this body was really showing it's effects now.

Jia Hyson had indeed been subdued. His body was already rather sensitive to who knows how much stimulation after how many hours of being played with and his own personality was greatly weak to pleasurable things. Despite wanting to act out an abusive love story, it barely taken a moment for Jia Hyson to lose himself in excitement and respond in kind.

Bebe: '눈_눈 What a complete failure of a human being.'

Jia Hyson: '...Wow Bebe. Now other than my lips I'm also bleeding from my heart ah QAQ'

Bebe: '...' Hehe. You say that and yet you're still hard. 凸ಠ益ಠ)凸

Sefu, who had already smashed a cracked pot, had completely let go of all his repressed inhibitions. This dark fantasy he allowed himself to indulge in has a time limit after all, he didn't want to leave with too many regrets.

With a dark smile he pulls away from Jia Hyson's face, to straighten up his back and focus on fucking his prince's virgin hole. Despite spending hours loosening him up as well as all sorts of other things, Sefu could still feel his cock being tightly hugged by the warm walls, almost sucking him in. "You say you want me to take it out, but who's the one tightly gripping me down there, unable to let me go?" He rasps as he purposely grinds against a particular sensitive spot, making Jia Hyson instinctively gasp and clench.

Flushing and groaning Jia Hyson doesn't forget to glare at Sefu's roguish face and spit out a trembling but humiliated, "S-shameless!"

"This lowly servant is honored," He mocks, both loving and hating the helpless and humiliated appearance of his prince, "After all your highness seems to be greatly enjoying my shamelessness."

"N-no.." came the weak reply but the evidence was there to see. Sefu glances down at Farrell's twitching mess of a cock, drooling pre-cum and begging to be bullied.

And how could Sefu not do his best to serve?

Sefu reaches up to pinch and tease one of Jia Hyson's nipples, rolling and squeezing it under his thumb and forefinger, while his other hand harshly grips the other's shaft, rubbing the satiny wet skin roughly. The roughness of his callouses against the sensitive organ made his kitten below him arch his back, squirming and crying out under the intense stimulation. "S-Sefu, you-! Fuck! Nghn~!"

"Call me..." Sefu's breathing quickens, almost dizzy at how excited he felt, it almost felt unreal having his prince in bed like this. "Call me d- master!"

Jia Hyson's wet eyes stare defiantly up at Sefu, lips trembling as they purse together. However they couldn't stay quiet for long as Sefu began to handle his nipples and cock more vigorously, and his lips helplessly let a string of quiet shaky gasps and moans escape. His dick was really too sensitive, he wanted to squeeze his legs shut to fend off on the onslaught of almost electrifying feedback of pleasure attacking him. Jia Hyson didn't know how many times he had come beforehand but he knew it from the feeling of near overwhelming overstimulation that he really couldn't take direct contact right now. "N-no, mfmnn, Sef-ah! Stop! Too much! Ah, don't! I'll-"

"My prince," Sefu rasps, voice deep and even rougher than usual. He had stilled his hips temporarily, wanting to prolong this experience further. Wanting to indulge even more. Push even harder. His prince was so erotic, so gorgeous in tears, his sexy masculine body twitching and trembling under his touch. "What should you call me?"

Farrell sobs as his body twists and turns, trying to escape from the ruthless pleasure assaulting his body yet it's clear to Sefu that he instinctively craves more, his hips moving by themselves to spear himself deeper on Sefu's erection, cock rubbing into his rough hand despite the pain of overstimulation he must be in. It turns out despite how aggressive Farrell was and how sadistically he trained many men, his prince was actually quite a masochist.

How.. perfect.

"Farrell..." He says warningly as he presses firmly on the wet tip of Farrell's cute cock. For other people, Farrell's length was quite impressive and attractive but in Samotrelis.. Heh.

Jia Hyson: '...' Suddenly felt Sefu was very annoying to look at right now.

"M-master!" Came the reluctant cry, like a mewling kitten as Farrell arches upward and his dick twitches under his calloused fingers, the erect length shaking cutely in his grip as it spurts out a weak amount of ejaculate. Farrell himself looked like a drooling mess, flushed and dazed, covered in his own cum.

It was so wrong. It was awful... And yet that only made his dick even harder.

Even though he had played a lot with Farrell's body before, obviously since Jia Hyson wasn't awake there was less of a response. However it should be said that even though there was less response, the unconscious prince still reacted quite well. It was almost as if his body was trained to greedily take in any pleasure where it could. Against this sort of unexpectedly sensitive body that he had always lusted after which responded so eagerly to his touch, Sefu had lost all control and, like demons and gods were at work, ended up going all the way while his prince was still sleeping, like a beast. Now that he was awake... the urge to completely ruin him had run rampant.

Jia Hyson, who had trained his current erotic body to be extra slutty: 'Oh so it's my fault?'

Bebe, who oversaw all the dirty things it's host did to his body in the pursuit of getting a more enjoyable experience out of sex: '...You don't think so?' Using vibrators on yourself while you were sleeping, occasionally using plugs when going to fancy dinners, teasing yourself for hours with only a feather... Bebe could only watch numbly and silently think- Host is truly both the best S and the best M at the same time. Who needs an abusive gong? Clearly it's host could out-gong them all!

Super S and M Jia Hyson: 'Hehe.' (∩❛ڡ❛∩) Okay, it's his fault.

The problems of victim blaming cannot be applied if the victim is Jia Hyson who not only actively courts death but even prepares thoroughly for death by constructing his own coffin, digging his own grave and saving up for the best funeral procedures.

In retrospect, the only one really being abused was Sefu himself. After all he was given multiple green hats, emotionally played with and sexually harassed by his first love that was also his boss who was completely aware of nearly everything. Now that he is at a point of no return, it is safe to say that Sefu will probably always feel guilt and regret for what he's done no matter what.

Bebe thinks about it for a bit before it lights a candle for the most unfortunate gong in the world while said unfortunate gong was finally tasting the bittersweet feeling of deflowering his 'unwilling' love for the first time.

...If Sefu ever found out about his prince's true face he really might die of anger.

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