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There are two sons of the Zheng family. And an adopted daughter slash fiancée but that's not important right now.

Zheng Xin is the older of the two Zheng brothers and Zheng Jinhai, the younger.

The older brother Zheng Xin was introduced vaguely in the childhood memories and was name dropped a few times during the story but mainly he made a proper appearance after the main characters got together but before Song Chuntao revealed her true identity.

In this sort of situation Zheng Xin is like the boss before the final boss in the family arc, with the final boss being the Mother-In-Law. He's stern, he's cold-blooded and he's protective over both siblings, even his adopted one. Not to mention Zheng Jinhai respects him a lot.

Originally he disapproves of the relationship due to the social status gap but then later it's revealed that the reason Zheng Xin rejected the pair so vehemently is because he had previously caught sight of Song Chuntao changing into her disguise. He had been afraid that she was getting close to Zheng Jinhai with evil intentions however it had been so long since Zheng Jinhai had been so happy that he, Zheng Xin, didn't want to tell him it was all a lie. He rather he break them up then tell Zheng Jinhai the truth which would hurt him more.

It was a typical tale of an overprotective yet awkward and controlling brother doing his best alone. Like literally every character that isn't straight up villain scum, he wants to take care of all the problems to himself. Still this sort of character is pretty popular.

Zheng Xin probably could have quite a few fans among the readers but he didn't have much exposure and was quite bland when he's present. His whole character felt a little forced and he didn't interact much with other characters so he was sort of forgettable. Even when Zheng Ting's true face was revealed his reaction was also brushed over despite being part of the Zheng family.

Jia Hyson did not expect such a character to actually be such a secret pervert. In retrospect though he probably shouldn't be so surprised. When a character isn't given much guidelines from the Author God to be formed by the World's Will, they will inevitably be more free to grow any which way.

Realistically speaking many people have kinks, and those that are burdened with many responsibilities and forced into a certain image tend to want to lean toward less vanilla flavors. Jia Hyson who is thin-skinned in public and promoted himself as a polite, kind, if slightly eccentric gentleman in his original world deeply understood this concept.

Jia Hyson: 'Repressing oneself isn't good. As long as you do not **** or murder, there is no need to be ashamed of one's perversions.'

Bebe: '... 눈_눈 Didn't you kill people?'

Jia Hyson: 'And I'm deeply ashamed ah. I'm a bad, bad boy who needs to be disciplined for my actions daddy~♡'

Bebe: '...' (ノ ̄□ ̄)ノ ~┻━┻ This child is too shameless. Bebe does not want to acknowledge this child as his own.

"Can you give me a moment to go to the bathroom please?" Jia Hyson asks as he walks side by side with Zheng Xin to the bar.

Zheng Xin hesitates but nods politely, "Of course. I'll be right here."

Jia Hyson flashes him a grateful smile before trotting off. Once he enters the bathroom he quickly pulls out his phone and dials Song Chuntao. Luckily it was evening time now, she was most likely working in her office.

As expected, she picks up quickly, "Farrell?"

"I may have done a bad thing." Jia Hyson immediately says.

Song Chuntao, who has known him for a while now was a little confused. Prince Farrell's definition of a 'bad thing' could mean he accidentally caught someone's notice he shouldn't have or that he went back to the circus and released the elephants. "What?"

"I may have... flirted with someone."

She frowns, a little discomforted by the confession before remembering that their relationship was far from conventional and they had already agreed to help her seduce another man. It would be a bit unfair if she got mad about him being his usually provocative self around others.

Silently she resolves to no longer hold any romantic expectations toward the prince. She likes him and he likes her, but Song Chuntao believes it's more on par to friendship than real love. After all even though she felt discomforted she did not feel the overwhelming rejection she had felt when she saw Zheng Jinhai with another girl back in middle school when they were dating.

It was this difference in feeling that made her wake up from hoping for something to actually develop with the prince after so long. She hoped to fall in mutual love with him but the feeling of wanting to is not the same as actually doing so.

She'll tell the prince her ideas later. First though is resolving whatever problem Prince Farrell had. The fact that he had come to her despite having so many capable people genuinely worried her because it meant he probably snuck out again or that the situation was really not good.

With her inner turmoil settled Song Chuntao felt herself calm if remain a little exasperated, "Who did you flirt with?"

There's a pause before Farrell's voice hesitatingly asks, "You, you're not angry?" He then quickly adds, "He came onto me first ah."

Her mouth twitches, this scummy guy, "We'll talk about that later, who did you flirt with?"

"..Zheng Xin."

Song Chuntao's heart, which had just settled was now pounding thrice as erratically then before. "I'm sorry did you just say-?"

"Zheng Xin asked me out for drinks. He's waiting for me right now."

Song Chuntao was shocked, "He's gay?" She vaguely remembers Zheng Jinhai's elder brother when she was a child. He was always very cold and aloof, avoiding the others when he could, she recalls being quite intimidated by him despite him being only a few years older.

She had always imagined him as a statue come to life, it was so strange to think of him as a man with desires much less one for men. Especially men like Farrell, who, no offense, was sort of... frivolous? Flighty? Flamboyant?

The frivolous, flighty and flamboyant Jia Hyson: '...Girl, I thought we were friends.'

Bebe: 'Hehe, she knows you pretty well.'

"Apparently," Farrell hisses, "Anyway, he's a person even I have to be a little polite to while I'm staying in this city. I just wanted to tell you I'm just going to have a drink with him, I.. that's okay right?"

Song Chuntao smiles, even though Farrell wasn't exactly boyfriend material he was very thoughtful and straightforward toward the people he cared about. And after everything how could she not have good feelings toward him. "Of course that's fine.. actually, we need to talk..."

"Ah." Farrell's voice was complicated. "...Are you dumping me in the men's bathroom?"

Song Chuntao: '...' She wanted to have this conversation in a nice setting but this prince wanted to play a fastball and have it in the bathroom ah.

"I really think we would be best as friends." She could only apologetically say. It wasn't good to back out now that it's out of the open. For a moment she consider lying and maintaining the relationship for a bit longer but Song Chuntao was a straightforward girl.

She didn't want to falsely keep up pretenses just because of the benefits and she also believes Prince Farrell is just as straightforward, and wouldn't be the type who would take away what he's done for her just because they weren't together anymore. Even though she didn't want to do it right this moment, and the situation was far from ideal and rather uncomfortable, she won't back down now that she stepped up.

The pause on the other line was even longer than the first. Finally, Prince Farrell sighs. "I changed my mind." He mutters, "I'm going to step on Zheng Xin's dick."

Song Chuntao: '???' This script doesn't seem right. Why is her ex-boyfriend's brother's penis part of their break up conversation?

As if sending her silent confusion Farrell quickly explains very succinctly, "It's a rebound thing."

Song Chuntao: '...It sounds more like a pervert thing than a rebound thing but okay.' 눈_눈

Then she imagines Zheng Jinhai getting stepped on by her and immediately gets a little excited. "Tell me about it tomorrow," She quickly says trying to hide her eagerness. Silently she can't help but still feel like it's a pity they broke up so soon despite her misgivings. Farrell was a great teacher. His classes... en they were the most exciting classes that this good student had ever participated in. (/▽\*)。o○♡

In the bathroom Jia Hyson chuckles and agrees. Truth be told, he was genuinely surprised that Song Chuntao had asked to break up but it seems for a while now she's only regarded him as a sex friend with an emphasis on friend. Hanging up he touches his nose thoughtfully.

This was probably his fault ah, he had played doting boyfriend fairly well in the beginning but for a while now he had grown bored and forced himself to constantly go out on dates with the protagonist despite wanting to be lazy and wanton once more. Once his mindset goes from 'fun and new' to something that he 'had' to do, his work ethic will start to drop due to a lack of motivation. It's why he's got so many unfinished works in the first place.

Women tend to be more sensitive to these things, Song Chuntao probably could subconsciously tell his heart was not truly into romancing her. Aiyah, it was a pity but his acting abilities still could not compare to other QT protagonists.

Though he was a little reluctant, there was a good chance that he may have to buy a few acting-based special skills to make up for his deficiencies in the future. He doesn't have an innate talent for the craft, not for a long term capacity anyway, and while he believes learning it by himself will give him a solid foundation it probably won't be enough to fool those with good eyes and supernatural-type characters, especially if he's ever given a pure white lotus type role.

Luckily acting special skills were very popular so... he'll wait for a discount hehe.

Walking out of the bathroom he greets Zheng Xin with a bright smile. Zheng Xin stiffly smiles back. "Sorry about the delay. Shall we?" Jia Hyson's smile widens as the big man gets considerably flustered.

Zheng Xin nods.


The next morning Jia Hyson wakes up to see his bodyguard standing in front of the foot of his bed. He chokes down a rather unmanly scream of surprise and covers his chest with his blanket like a coquettish lady, "Sefu! I have a guest over!" He hisses, glancing down pointedly at Zheng Xin's sleeping figure, his pale skin that wasn't covered by the blanket was covered in marks.

"What about Song Chuntao?" Sefu ignores how stalker-y and invasive he was being in order to spit out the questions that had been burning on the top of his tongue, "Why didn't you tell me you went out of the room? Why is Zheng Xin here? Did he fuck you?"

...From the way he said it, it was clear that the last question was the most important one to Sefu this complicated vinegar jar.

Jia Hyson really liked this strange mix of jealousy and respect for personal choice but he really couldn't understand it ah. He wasn't such a M okay? Emotional self-abuse is not his kink unlike Sefu who seems to be unable to live one day without experiencing it.

Jia Hyson: 'You know who Sefu weirdly reminds me of?'

Bebe: 'Who?'

Jia Hyson: 'Sn*pe from Harry P*tter.'

Bebe: '...' From Jafar, to an evil spirit, to a Bond villain, to Sn*pe... Sefu is really crossing all the genres of villainy ah. If Bebe didn't know better it would have sent a recommendation for Sefu to be a host for a Villain System.

"Song Chuntao and I decided to just be friends," Jia Hyson explains lazily, "I went out for fun, and you know how sometimes I forget to tell you things. I met Zheng Xin in the elevator and we had some drinks. No he did not fuck me and no, I didn't fuck him."

Well. Not with his dick anyway hehe.

Bebe: 'You're going to have to clean those high heels okay? Or better yet, burn them. Burn them all.'

Jia Hyson: 'I don't know… I'm starting to see the benefits of shoe shopping~"

Waving a slightly appeased but still sour looking Sefu away, Jia Hyson orders food from room service and gently wakes Zheng Xin up. From last night he can infer that Zheng Xin was still very chaste and innocent, it was probably the power of Cinderella's glass slippers that made him impulsively ask Jia Hyson out. He seemed the type of repressed closeted man who was ashamed of his kinks and therefore needed to be treated gently.

Protagonists, supporting leads, villains or strangers, once in his bed they must get the best service!

Bebe: '…If you became a Carnal Desire system host, Bebe would admit you would be number one ah.'

When Zheng Xin woke up he immediately recalled what he had done last night and, just as Jia Hyson had expected, became completely mortified.

It should be said that in the original story Zheng Xin had no partner by his side, and while that could be laziness on the Author God's part, one also could also say that this doomed Zheng Xin to a single dog life. It was quite callous and cruel if one thought about it like that, for the minor supporting characters to have their lives dictated so arbitrarily despite barely making an impact on the story itself.

What was decided easily by the Author God had to be interpreted by heaven and produced into the world. After all, it's not completely realistic to have characters that are completely devoid of sexual desire unless there are reasons for it. Even though Jia Hyson doesn't fully know Zheng Xin's exact situation he still felt confident that he understood the general aspects from the story information about his character and deemed Zheng Xin closeted and repressed due to fear of public opinion and his reputation and such. It's not exactly uncommon unfortunately. Jia Hyson has seen his fair share of these sort of men and though he felt some pity and empathy for their distress he wasn't exactly a bleeding heart ready to help these people out of their cocoons either.

So when Zheng Xin panicked and ran with his tail between his legs, Jia Hyson let him go. Maybe if he was a persona holding a shard of the Bipolar Prince he might have considered exerting some effort but since he isn't, he won't. Still, it was a little bit of a pity, Zheng Xin was surprisingly quite a wild pervert. The use of high heels in their play was not even Jia Hyson's suggestion.

Ah, well, such is life.

However... it really was fate to run into Zheng Xin ah. Even though he has no plans to use the man, Jia Hyson wouldn't say no to an extra card up his sleeve. Jia Hyson couldn't help but chuckle a little.

He wonders if Zheng Jinhai shares similar tastes to his brother.


Despite breaking up, Song Chuntao and Jia Hyson went against the odds and still maintained a good friendship. Luckily Jia Hyson had a naturally shameless character that easily came out when he was familiar with people and they also shared the secret of Song Chuntao's honeypot plan, meaning it wouldn't be easy to break their relationship so cleanly. Jia Hyson still texted Song Chuntao and referred her as 'Chu Chu' and Song Chuntao still found time to hang with him, albeit much less now.

Sefu was unsurprisingly not happy.

"Sefu you shouldn't frown so much," Jia Hyson points out as he lays on the older man's stomach, scrolling through his phone to read a potentially interesting story about a gardener shou that has transmigrated to an interstellar world that will try raise interstellar plants and such. The gong of course is some top military general prince. Because of course he is. Honestly Jia Hyson loves this sort of shit but he really would like to see the gong change jobs just once. Like being a space pirate captain. Or an alien military general prince. You know, spice things up a bit. "Me and Chu Chu aren't even dating anymore why are you still being so sulky?"

Sefu who was idly brushing out the tangles of his prince's hair with his fingers while watching television frowns sulkily. His royal kitten was so insightful and yet so oblivious at the same time. Which couple who recently breaks up still treats their ex as kindly as they did before like the prince and that wench does? Even if they aren't having sex they still meet up and even have sleepovers! In some ways they're even more intimate than before!

Sefu firmly believes Song Chuntao is a sly scheming bitch who broke up just because she sensed Farrell's interest diminishing. This sort of hard to get attitude would stir up his kitten's hunting instincts and now Farrell treats her even better than before! He even texts her everyday asking for updates and how she's feeling. His parents and siblings don't even get such good treatment!

In all fairness, Sefu's view was similar to most outsiders' outlook of the relationship. After all, it doesn't matter who broke it off, if they knew the pair had broken up and that big golden thigh was still being held by Song Chuntao, this small businesswoman, everyone's eyes would change and determine Song Chuntao's character was not so simple. Of course their break up wasn't big and their interaction was even warmer than before, which outsider with eyes would assume they were no longer romantically together?

"I dislike that woman," Sefu curtly answers, "she is beneath you my prince."

Jia Hyson smiles brilliantly up at him, dazzling his heterochromatic eyes momentarily. "In your eyes you think everyone is beneath me, tell me Sefu, what sort of person does this prince deserve?"

Sefu thinks for a moment, his calloused hands absentmindedly plaiting Jia Hyson's hair in a manner far more intimate than Jia Hyson had ever been with Song Chuntao. Of course they've been together for so long, so Sefu and Jia Hyson were rather used to this degree of closeness to the point they were a little unaware of exactly how ambiguous they look in this moment.

Finally he answers, voice raspy and deep but filled with emotion, "They must be strong enough to protect my prince, handsome enough to appease my prince's fickle eyes, they must be kind enough to spoil my prince, indulge him the best they can and never fail to make him smile every day. But most of all..." his hand trembles slightly as his eyes flicker with complex emotions, "they must be loyal, to never betray and never hurt my prince." Unlike himself.

He is the most undeserving of his prince and yet... yet he still couldn't help but want to covet and possess what he doesn't deserve.

Jia Hyson tries to ignore the sour feeling inside him as he sees how tormented Sefu looks as he gently caresses him. That stupid bastard, if only he had the courage to confess to him. To tell him the truth. If he did then, then Jia Hyson would, he would...

"Sefu, why can't I help but think you're talking about yourself?" Jia Hyson forces himself to smile, eyes slightly red with emotion, reaching out to lightly touch the scars on the man's face. "You're the one I trust the most, you spoil me even more than my family, you make me smile and," he playfully pats Sefu's scarred cheek with a wink, "You're very easy on the eye in my opinion."

His smile softens and Jia Hyson exposes the raw affection he had been hiding to Sefu, "I could never imagine living this life without you." He confesses softly.

Sefu stares down at him with hot eyes, his heart moved but still troubled. He also softly touches Jia Hyson's face, his skin much smoother than his own as he croaks, "And I too, my prince."

Jia Hyson gazes up at Sefu for a bit longer, expectantly waiting to see if he'll do anything more. After a few more seconds his smile slowly disappeared.

Even though this sort of intimate position of lying together gazing passionately into each other's eyes after saying sweet words was a gentlemanly and extremely romantic looking situation that would have made many young maidens, and even a few men, flush and stutter Jia Hyson still couldn't help but feel…

Jia Hyson: 'Ah, a little disappointed at the man's small courage, what to do?'

Between the personas, Li Guiren and Drake, despite being raised in different genres both share the traits of being romantic, awkward and a little shy, essentially the personification of sweet puppy love. The type to imagine various outlandish fantasies but requires some encouragement to follow through.

Tian Shun and Monroe who were the less exuberant halves compared to the former pair also seemed to share some key traits. They were more calculative, silently loyal and cautious. These two didn't make their moves unless they were fairly sure they wouldn't be rejected or knew they had no chances left in the future.

Since they turned out to all be pieces of the same person then doesn't that mean...

Jia Hyson: '...Did I, perhaps, fall in love with a timid quail?' (¬_¬;) As someone who thought they would end up with a domineering lustful older man CEO type with military background and a set of golden thighs this was quite a shock. Really had to re-evaluate himself later.

Bebe: '...' Even though it's a bit of an exaggeration given that Tian Shun tried to bind your soul to his shadow, it is a little true that the personas that pursued him tend to wait for a long, long time holding their feelings in before gathering the courage to do something.

Jia Hyson felt a very complicated. While he felt it was very cute to be a little insecure, bashful and pining, he also greatly enjoyed being relentlessly pursued and obsessed with too. If he didn't have such heavy tastes he wouldn't have encouraged so many stalkers much less would he have dated any in the past.

He sighs, next time maybe he will play a soft, sweet character. Even though his personality hasn't changed much in this world from his original personality, he's still playing an aggressive selfish prince with great power. While there will be some people who will want to inevitably dominate him, there are few with the actual capabilities to, given how high his status is. In this world he is unfortunately the type more likely to pursue and hunt than to be preyed on.

Ah~ in the end his original body that gave him the appearance that can allow him to play both timidly shy and fiercely passionate is still the best. ╮(╯∀╰)╭

Jia Hyson really likes variety. In his original world sometimes he would go out and pretend to be a timid university student just coming out of the closet or a rich second generation playboy looking to attract a few high class bees and butterflies to his hotel room in order to change things up a little.

Of course later on he had to restrict this hobby somewhat since his face become too well known. He remembers he once accidentally met an ex-boyfriend and a one night stand at the same time in a charity gala.

The ex-boyfriend had been under the impression Jia Hyson was a sweet overprotected and naive young man that had been sheltered by his family before being cast out after admitting he was gay, and the one night stand thought he was an escort with a sad past. Jia Hyson had to make up a story on the spot about how after he dumped the boyfriend he ended up in some dire straights and became an escort. Then his editor came to drag him away but was mistaken as an abusive client and almost beaten half to death. It was... super awkward. The editor totally quit the next day.

Bebe: '...Bebe hopes the editor sued you.'

A little miffed at Sefu for not confessing and or kissing him at such a perfect moment, Jia Hyson pouts, shoves the idiot out of his face and rolls away from him and off the bed in a huff. Dazed, Sefu takes a moment to realise Jia Hyson was dressing up in some frankly rather slutty clothing and picking out his recently favored glass slippers. "Where are you going?" He asks.

"Out," Jia Hyson shortly answers.

Sefu's expression turns very bad. He would be a fool if he didn't understand what Jia Hyson intended to do when he went 'out'. Since Song Chuntao has broken up with Farrell, he hadn't gone out to play anymore after Zheng Xin so Sefu has let his guard down and gotten a little accustomed to having more time with his kitten again. The feeling of gaining something precious than losing it again... the familiar taste of vinegar filled his mouth.

Jia Hyson glances at Sefu's ugly expression and sneers.

You still won't confess? Then blacken into coal for all he cares ah! Go drown in vinegar! (/`^´)/


Zheng Ting was upset.

She had drugged Song Chuntao in order to destroy her reputation but somehow the woman not only escaped her scheme but even managed to snag that top tier goldmaster Prince Farrell. It wasn't fair! She always got everything before, and now it was Zheng Ting's turn!

Zheng Ting was an orphan. Before being adopted by the Zhengs her life hadn't been easy. The welfare center was dirty and cramped and chicken meat was an end of the week special dish if they had all been good. So when she got adopted by this rich family she had been insanely happy. She felt like her life was truly coming around and fate had finally smiled down on her.

She had meat everyday, new clothes and her own room. Even though her new brothers were a little cold, Zheng Ting didn't mind.

Until she did.

Song Chuntao was not family. But she was treated more like family then Zheng Ting. Even though Song Chuntao was already rich, the Zheng's gave her beautiful expensive gifts and showered her with doting. Even eldest brother Zheng Xin would look at her warmly and speak a few good words to her. And Zheng Jinhai... that goes without saying he treated the girl extremely well.

Zheng Ting who experienced the high life realized that compared to Song Chuntao she was more like a pity project to the family. It didn't help that Song Chuntao was smart and learned and similar in age to her, causing many to compare the two despite their different backgrounds. Zheng Ting hated Song Chuntao. Hated that she had the love of her adopted family. Hated that she was born with every good thing Zheng Ting never got. Hated how she was better than her.

But most of all she feared Song Chuntao. Song Chuntao has everything and she still wants more. If she enters the Zheng family who love her so much, who would remember Zheng Ting their little charity case?

Would they stop loving her?

Would she have to leave this life of a rich lady and become a poor little nobody again?

From a young age Zheng Ting held this deep rooted fear and insecurity and jealousy until it warped her psyche into what it is today. She now truly believes that if Song Chuntao is happy then she must be unhappy. Only when Song Chuntao is completely crushed could Zheng Ting be finally free of this constant fear and live in peace.

Maybe because she was still young and naive herself she thought that it would be enough if Song Chuntao could just live in poverty far away from her. Zheng Ting felt that since Song Chuntao still had her loving parents, she was very kind to the person she hated dearly. As long as they're out of sight and out of mind, Zheng Ting would let them go.

But Song Chuntao, that stupid, stupid woman came back.

And now she had the love of Prince Farrell, a man infinitely better than Zheng Jinhai in both status and riches. Not to mention, Zheng Jinhai who she had barely managed to keep in her claws with that engagement she had slowly persuaded the family to do, was now starting to look at his new secretary. When Zheng Jinhai was with Song Chuntao he was so loyal, but with her... even with amnesia it was still difficult for that damn man to look her way.

She stares angrily at her phone, the screen revealing another article detailing this Cinderella romance of Song Chuntao and Prince Farrell.

How come she was struggling so hard but Song Chuntao was having it so easy once more?! It was enough for Zheng Ting's eyes to redden in fierce unbridled jealousy and rage. Why?! Why does all the good things happen to her?!

Suddenly a message notification pops up, attracting her attention.

Pressing on it Zheng Ting realizes it was a photo. Opening it up, her eyes widen in shock before glittering with glee.

It was Prince Farrell! Prince Farrell at a nearby club! Without Song Chuntao!

Zheng Ting smiles derisively. It seems that this Cinderella romance of the century was overly hyped. She should have known someone as boring as Song Chuntao couldn't keep such a wild, charismatic and powerful man's interest for so long. It turns out she was just clinging onto his thighs for status.

Her smile widens.

How good would it be to steal that away?

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