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Jia Hyson spends his days in C City idling about freely. Since the story which is now coming together is based in China, most of the important people in the world, like monarch butterflies, seem to migrate there by instinct. The only exception was the Americans who are always mentioned in the latter half of these sort of stories when domestic faceslapping is not enough anymore.

In High Class Heartache, there isn't much mention of America other than a small arc where Song Chuntao goes to America to open up a branch of her company there and catches a few people's eyes. To emphasize how influential these cannonfodder bosses are the author of course will describe all sorts of things. It's not too dramatic, after all, this story is based on the corporate world, not the entertainment world which America's Hollywood triumphs.

However the point is, Jia Hyson still had to visit America quite a bit plus a few other countries. But when he was in C City he would always call Song Chuntao to meet up. She really was diligent and had made a list of places to go in order to pay him back and they would arrange in advance to clear a day's schedule to go out and have fun.

And at night, well, ahem. Song Chuntao was nervous about having proper sex, especially given Farrell's well, size. Jia Hyson on the other hand was nervous about Song Chuntao, this woman loved by heaven, feeling wronged so he introduced her to all sorts of 'fun' things they could do that didn't involve traditional sex. Foreplay, oral, pegging...

Song Chuntao and Jia Hyson were both a big fan of that last one.

So overall they were both very happy with their current status quo.

Song Chuntao, who only dated Zheng Jinhai when they were young and could only hang out by stalls and steal kisses behind the school, for the first time got to experience a proper adult dating life. Jia Hyson got to throw vinegar at his darling's face while doing his job and having fun. It was a win-win.

Today, they were going to go to a big circus that had arrived into town.

This is originally where Song Chuntao meets Zheng Jinhai. She had reluctantly been forced into a blind date with an important business partner's son and Zheng Jinhai had been accompanying his fiancé Zheng Ting with a stony face. Song Chuntao catches sight of them first, excuses herself from her date and stalks them, getting angrier and angrier at how Zheng Jinhai seemed so at ease with himself while she could never let the grievances go and feeling betrayed by Zheng Ting who she had previously thought was at least on her side and sympathetic to her.

When Zheng Ting pesters Zheng Jinhai to win something for her before she leaves to go to the bathroom where she is in fact meeting another lover, Song Chuntao takes the opportunity to confront him and declare war. Unfortunately Zheng Jinhai has amnesia.

The feeling of having to swallow decades worth of anger because the bastard that ruined your family didn't even remember doing so... for Song Chuntao, it was quite indescribable.

Afterwards she drank and got the frankly stupid fucking idea to honeypot Zheng Jinhai and make him experience heartbreak. And if him getting distracted means the company is a little vulnerable then who cares? Not her!

And that's how the plot takes off.

However now with Farrell she can use the 'I have a boyfriend' excuse, she can easily turn down these blind dates. The pair haven't labeled the relationship yet, but Prince Farrell is eye catching and Song Chuntao is beautiful. It was inevitable at some point that word got out Prince Farrell had attached himself to one woman for so long.

Prince Farrell despite his well known slag reputation was very popular. Out of his previous lovers, roughly 50% separated as strangers with good impressions after a one night stand, 35% became friendly acquaintances or friends, 4% became good friends after casual dating, 4% were unwilling to break up and were still pursuing him, 2% absolutely became bitter and hated him and 5% went crazy stalker.

There was some mix and overlap of course. Some of the 'good friends' and acquaintances were still trying to move his heart and others are secretly stalkers or feel bitter about the break up. But the point is, overall despite being a playboy, he had enough charm to still be popular. Even jokingly was named as the Number One Slag Man you most want to date on the Internet.

His social media presence was good and he even had an assistant for PR to help him post photos and such as well as keep on top of things for him. Not to mention, his exotic muscular and handsome appearance really stuck out in any crowd much less one in China where the average height is lower than some other countries and their skin is pale like jade. Like a black swan among chickens, Jia Hyson was very noticeable so many photos are taken of him when he went out with Song Chuntao.

After all, even if he disguised himself, there still wasn't many tall dark skinned men like himself with such a good figure, long thick wavy hair that fell to his lower back and golden eyes.

So by this point, the fact that this young female entrepreneur was ambiguous with the youngest prince of Samotrelis was a big thing. The public caught on a few weeks after their first meeting at the hotel room and now it's the second month they've been hanging out together and playing around when they can. Even though they themselves claim to be 'just friends' people weren't blind and could sense at least the prince held romantic intentions. This sort of real life Cinderella story obviously was a huge thing for everyone so they were all quite excited, especially for China as the woman who bewitched the prince's fickle heart is one of their own.

In a way, their relationship, whether romantic or not, had a much bigger impact than Song Chuntao and Zheng Jinhai's ever did in the story. Song Chuntao has also been getting attention from a lot of investors and potential business partners that she would normally not be able to look at much less talk to in her current standing. Who asked her to be close with the prince of Samotrelis?

Even though her company doesn't really need the natural resources Samotrelis can offer right now given it's a tech-based company but other groups are very interested ah! The reason why the prince can still be so idle with such an important is because Samotrelis is incredibly picky with who they work for okay? First you need to have the opportunity to connect to Prince Farrell, if the prince likes you and your offer he'll suggest you to his brothers and sisters who will discuss and have the final say.

Prince Farrell is said to have the best EQ out of the family, easily seen by how he can easily seduce others, so the family uses him to determine the character of the people they wish to work with and scoping out trustworthy connections. What's more important is it doesn't matter the prestige, as long as the prince likes you, your practically set. The most famous story is how the prince went into a small grocery store that was close to shutting down and ended up chatting with the little grandson of the owner. Long story short, they became the first and one of only five stores to sell fresh Samotrelian produce in A City. To say the small family running the shop was given a golden pie from the sky is an understatement.

King Kro and his wife was also quite pleased with the relationship. While they have mixed feelings about a potential marriage with a foreigner, they're honestly just happy his youngest son is capable of a long term healthy relationship at all.

So compared to the original story, Song Chuntao's status is much stronger with her backer Prince Farrell. This may be one of the few overbearing CEO stories where the female protagonist started off so strong ah.

"This circus is interesting." Jia Hyson comments as he surveys the busy and lively area.

"Have you not gone to the circus before?" Song Chuntao asks as she leads him toward a nearby food stall. They had come early but even then the place was filled with families and couples.

Jia Hyson shakes his head, "No but I dated an acrobat once?" He shudders, "I thought it would be sexy but then she did this thing with her arm and I screamed for her to stop... Sefu and some guards ran in and accidentally shot her."

Song Chuntao: '...' That wasn't what I asked but okay wow.

"Well then. After we get some churros, where do you want to head to first?" She generously lets him choose.

"Hmm..." Jia Hyson studies the pamphlet she passes to him seriously. Suddenly his eyes brighten and looks at her with a childish excitement, "Hey there's elephants and lions ah! It's been so long since I've gotten to see them."

Song Chuntao can't help but smile back as Farrell beams and tells her all about the big wildlife in his home country. Even though he's so giddy, it also made her a little sad for him. After all, traveling to Samotrelis takes time since there are no airports there and the country is still quite conservative despite it's open borders. Farrell had told her beforehand that he usually goes back home only one or two times a year, staying there for at least a month give or take a few weeks.

While she herself has gone abroad and enjoyed it, she also couldn't imagine practically living in a suitcase traveling to and fro all the time. To her, vengeance and success were what motivated her but her family is what stabilizes her. No matter what it would be difficult for this man who clearly also has a strong connection to family to live alone. Song Chuntao gives Jia Hyson a soft doting look before she shivers as a chill goes down her spine.

Well. Maybe not alone ah.

Glancing behind her she sees Farrell's scary bodyguard giving her a ferocious look. Song Chuntao knows the man, Mr Karamoy, seems to inexplicably hate her. In fact, she has some ideas to why but she fears that if she voices out the conjectures brewing in her heart she fears the man would kill her.

It didn't help that the one time when Farrell excused himself to go to the bathroom when they went to walk around a botanical garden, Mr Karamoy offered to show her a magic trick and sliced a giant tree in half with a sword like some cultivation novel. The tree was planned to be cut down anyway but that wasn't the point!

She used to have nightmares about the Zhengs. Now they are less and instead she has nightmares of Mr Karamoy. Her hatred for the Zhengs have reduced by a small amount thanks to the fun she has with Prince Farrell but her vigilance and wariness has honestly never been higher ah. When she weighed the pros and cons of associating with Farrell such as possible assassination, hostage situations, reputation etcetera- who knew his clearly gay super villain bodyguard would turn out to be the biggest danger?! (┛ಠДಠ)┛彡┻━┻

Of course as a protagonist she can't take this sort of shit lying down. She likes Prince Farrell and she likes how much fun she can have with him. Even if she herself is unsure if what she feels is love or true friendship she is very reluctant to destroy it for some bastard. So instead of being intimidated and breaking off the relationship, Song Chuntao rebellious and stubbornly clings on.

Ignoring the pressure emanating from Mr Karamoy, she leans toward Farrell, cling onto him coquettishly and with a big smile. In fact, not only her status in life but her mental fortitude had unknowingly improved by leaps and bounds to the point she is able to even hold a little enjoyment at seeing Mr Karamoy, this frightening that had caused her to lose beauty sleep, seethe with jealousy.

Song Chuntao: 'Ah, what to do, I seem to have become a bit of a bitch.' _(:3」∠)_

"Okay, then let's go there right away," She nods, squeezing his arm muscles admiringly. Even after so long she cannot help but drool. The men she meets at work are businessmen, and while that isn't to say they aren't handsome but they could not compare to Prince Farrell's body which was carved from hard nutritious food and warrior training. While Song Chuntao never viewed herself as a particularly lustful woman, it was hard not to praise such a handsome figure that made one unable to think of lecherous things. (º﹃º )

Prince Farrell was funny, considerate to her needs, sexy and probably richer than some smaller first class countries. Honestly, she's a little afraid after Farrell her standards for men would be too high.

"But churros first," Jia Hyson reminds her with a good natured poke to her forehead. She touches where he poked her and pouts. "Good sir," he turns to the stall owner with confidence, "I'll have five of every type of churro on the menu, three fruit skewers, a strawberry milkshake and an ice vanilla latte, no whip cream."

The people lining up behind them stared at Jia Hyson aghast. Conversely the stall owner and his workers were looking at him with both fear and awe.

Song Chuntao: '...' Okay maybe someone less gluttonous might be good too.

"Aiyah, aren't you worried you'll choke eating like that?" Song Chuntao chides as she watches Jia Hyson chomp down on two churros at once. Thankfully he didn't intend to eat all of the food and had given some to his guards. Still the rate he was eating made it look like he didn't eat two large bowls of wanton noodles for breakfast at a nearby hawker store.

"Chu Chu," Jia Hyson swallows the last of his churros before fishing out another one. This one is thicker than the previous two as it was stuffed with salted caramel. "If there's one thing you should know about this prince-" Song Chuntao gapes as, like a sword swallower he lowers the fat churro down into his throat. Slowly the churro disappears completely for a few seconds before Jia Hyson pulls it back up, a little wetter but relatively unharmed. He coughs before giving her a flirtatious look, "It's theres no such thing as a gag reflex to the great me." He then takes a large bite of the churro.

Song Chuntao rolls her eyes but she's grinning amused, "Be careful Farrell, your gay is showing."

"Aw, Chu Chu, you know you love it." He winks, "Now come on, to the lions and tigers and bears!"

"Oh my," Song Chuntao laughs and picks up the pace.

They played hard and ate a lot. Even though Jia Hyson was the one who ate the most and played the hardest- nearly making every game stall owner cry due to his amazing athletic skills bestowed on him from birth- it was still Song Chuntao who had to beg for mercy first.

"You okay? Do you want me to get you some tea? A cracker?" Jia Hyson asks concerned.

"Ugh, don't even talk about food. Tea... tea would be lovely." She groans as Jia Hyson brings her to a park bench away from the crowd looking a bit pale.

Jia Hyson: 'Ah, I feel bad.' Sometimes he forgets about how good his stamina and endurance is. Especially since most of the people he spends his time with other than Song Chuntao are either Samotrelis guards like Sefu or international guards that do not lack in physical strength to most people.

"Sefu, can you please get us some tea?" He asks glancing at Sefu, worry for the protagonist still evident on his face.

Sefu gives Jia Hyson a faint smile, "Why don't you come with me? That way you can personally pick out a tea that would suit her taste best."

Jia Hyson hesitates for a moment but then he remembers they haven't seen the male lead yet and maybe the innate attraction between the two protagonists would be better if he wasn't there for a bit. "Chu Chu will you be fine? I'll get two of my other guards to stay behind to watch over you okay? I won't be long."

Song Chuntao smiles weakly and nods, touched by Jia Hyson's attitude. "En, come back soon."

As Sefu follows behind Jia Hyson into the crowd he takes a second to turn around and flip Song Chuntao the finger so fast she might have thought it was an illusion if the disdainful sneer didn't imprint into her heart so thoroughly.

Song Chuntao: '...' What a petty jealous bastard (凸ಠ益ಠ)凸

It seems their feud will become only greater with each passing day. At the very least Song Chuntao is aware that Mr Karamoy will not hurt her, for Farrell's sake if nothing else, so she is not truly as afraid as she had been in the beginning.

Silently she plots on how to pettily slap that man in the face. Prince Farrell had a strong dependence and trust toward Mr Karamoy that she couldn't bear to attack but Song Chuntao still had some advantages as a lover.

Later that night Song Chuntao would put on a strap on and makes Jia Hyson wail in pleasure, encouraging the enthusiastic prince to be louder than usual, groaning out how she was the best fuck he ever had and no man would ever compare. The morning after Sefu stared viciously at her with dark bags under his eyes and Song Chuntao swears he put a laxative in her drink.

However before that, Song Chuntao's thoughts were distracted as she catches sight of two familiar figures in the distance.

Was that-?

When Jia Hyson came back with freshly brewed sweet ginger tea the bench was empty. Inside he was quite pleased since it meant that Song Chuntao most likely had found Zheng Jinhai but outwardly he had to frown. With a cold, domineering voice he clearly calls out, "Zezek, Wu Lanfen."

A tall, muscular Samotrelian warrior appears in front of him, kneeling respectfully. "This servant is here. Wu Lanfen is currently tailing Miss Song." He immediately reports.

"What is she doing?" Jia Hyson questions, voice revealing his confusion, "The bathroom?"

Zezek hesitates, eyes flickering to Sefu for a moment. Zezek and the other guards, even the international foreign ones, had been together with the prince for a very long time. Bonds have obviously formed after so long together. Sefu Karamoy was a person they deeply respected for his skills and leadership, and Prince Farrell was a kind and generous person who held no problem 'slumming around' with them and was therefore very much liked.

In short, to the guards and assistants working with the prince, they all supported Sefu Karamoy's secret love for their boss but as professionals they knew they shouldn't interfere especially when it was also clear that Sefu had no intention of revealing his feelings himself. While they respected him, they weren't necessarily too close to him to give advice to and they wouldn't dare try and control their princely boss' personal illicit affairs.

While they liked Miss Song they still liked their secondary boss better. So Zezek after some thought carefully worded his answer into something more scandalous than it was, "Miss Song was sitting on the bench for a while before she suddenly seemed to be entranced by a handsome male stranger. She immediately seemed to forget about your highness and deserted the area in hopes to follow the handsome man. The handsome man does not seem to be a relative and had a woman clinging onto him."

From the simple, 'she recognized someone and followed them' became 'fell in love with a stranger, abandoned the prince, an abrupt tale of loving the new, not the old.' When it came from the usually honest and forthright Zezek most people couldn't help their impression of Miss Song lowering somewhat even if they felt there must be a reason behind her strange actions.

Unfortunately Jia Hyson wasn't most people. He was a host that was willing to put on a green hat for the plot ah! It's all for the plot! He, he didn't find it exciting at all! Not at all!

It was time for the story to properly start!

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