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When the food arrives Jia Hyson and Song Chuntao were discussing the possibility of what happened last night. While Jia Hyson knew exactly what happened, logically he shouldn't have such information and was just putting on the facade of both concerned and interested.

"I feel like Detective Conan!" Jia Hyson laughs.

Song Chuntao, already sucked in by Jia Hyson's casual charismatic attitude had already lowered her guard toward him and lightly hit his shoulder, "Aiyah, this is my life here we're talking about, what Detective Conan?!" She grouches.

"Well, other than your bad history with the Zheng family, and maybe a few business rivals having motive, we don't have much evidence or clues ah." Jia Hyson sighs, "Isn't it quite like a mystery story?"

"Usually those stories involve death." Song Chuntao points out.

Jia Hyson shrugs, "Hey, you don't know, maybe you're beauty distracted a rich lady's boyfriend causing him to die from a traffic accident and she blames you?"

Song Chuntao was speechless, a state she constantly seems to find herself in with this man.

Prince Farrell, unlike most other second generation rich men, was both friendly, charismatic, if a bit imaginative, and did not look down on her for either being a woman, being a relatively poor newcomer in the business world, or for being from a fallen big family. However she was not stupid, and was aware that Prince Farrell's biggest flaw was his short attention span, especially for people. After all, his playboy status and line of lovers and broken hearts was something globally acknowledged at this point.

She remembers reading online that he once accidentally slept with the Brazilian President's daughter after they both snuck out of a big social dinner early, disguised themselves then both coincidentally bumped into each other at a nearby bar. Only the morning after did they realize each other's identities. Meanwhile, the president thought his daughter was kidnapped, the prince's bodyguards also were panicking, and when Prince Farrell and the president's daughter left the room they found themselves in, they were surrounded by all kinds of weaponry.

When compared to her own life, which she had always thought would be dramatic enough to write a novel about, Song Chuntao had to admit she would rather read a book on the prince's colorful escapades instead.

Either way, while she was extremely flattered by Prince Farrell's confession, she felt that it would be best to treat it as a short term thing. In this situation, the best and most reliable investment Song Chuntao can make with the prince is one of friendship rather than romance. One that can have benefits on the side but the friendship was the main thing.

And if she finds later on that the prince was genuine and her heart has been completely moved by his charms? Well, she'll renegotiate the terms and conditions when it happens ah.

Right now, despite everything, Prince Farrell was interested in her and intrigued by the mystery of how she ended up being plotted like this, so she felt that he was quite trustworthy to discuss these matters with... However other than promising to get the video footage, they really couldn't figure out anything else and just ended up chatting and making up random possibilities to what happened until room service came.

The food that arrived had to come in four carts, filling up both the top and bottom shelf. The waiters that came in stared at them like they were monsters to eat this much once they realised all this food was only for two people. Jia Hyson was used to it by now by Song Chuntao felt a little embarrassed. Especially when they had to start piling food onto the desk when the table in the room was filled up. They even had to leave the last cart behind.

"You can eat this much?!" Song Chuntao exclaims, glancing enviously at Jia Hyson toned and muscular body fitted with long, nicely shaped legs and an eight pack. Even if her figure was very good, especially for an asian woman, she still couldn't help but feel jealous! This was truly the difference between heaven and earth!

Even Jia Hyson was a little shocked at the portions. He had a good relationship with the hotel chain, Seasonal Paradise which he almost always frequented while travelling to the point he had even shot one or two endorsements with them, so the higher ups knew his preferences as a VIP. Each time they would always make sure to give him large sizes of food, but this really quite a lot.

What he didn't know is that Sefu, who had been dismissed was quite busy himself that night. He ordered the other bodyguards around the hotel to find out how some woman managed to sneak into the prince's room without them knowing as well as investigate the people behind them. This is partly due to legitimate security reasons and partly venting. Either way, the hotel manager had also been called up in this matter which alerted the big bosses who treated Prince Farrell, this gold master, like their own baby son. Hence, in order to appease the prince, the breakfast was served extra large with a double serving of apology.

However, at this time Jia Hyson was unaware of it and was just pleasantly surprised. "Probably not, wait, I'll call Sefu to help."

"Sefu?" Song Chuntao asks curiously.

"Ah, he's the head bodyguard I told you about. Sefu is also my personal attendant, has been since I was a kid."

"Oh," She nods understandingly, after all they had talked for a while and it was hard not for the prince to bring up his head bodyguard or mention his personal attendant. She had sort of assumed they were two different people but was also aware from the fondness of Farrell's voice that they were very important to him. The fact they were in fact both a single person just emphasised to her that the pair must be very close.

Even if she was a little discomfited by a stranger coming to essentially join them for breakfast when she and Farrell were friendly acquaintances at best, Song Chuntao did have a good impression toward Prince Farrell and trusted him. Besides, from the short and humorous anecdotes that the prince had amused her with, she can gather that this Sefu was a righteous, stern character which settled the majority of her unease. "Sure, I'm interested to meet this man you talk about so much."

"I did not," Jia Hyson denies embarrassedly as he pulls out his phone to text Sefu who was under the name 'Darling'.

For hostage situations Jia Hyson had changed every important contacts' names to nicknames in order to confuse the kidnapper and delay things, as well as allow him the opportunity to call the special emergency hotline under 'Pappy' with minimal suspicion. After all, who was Prince Farrell? A notable playboy with lovers all over the world. Having so many sex friends and such in his phone wouldn't be abnormal.

Whether there was meaning to addressing Sefu's number as 'Darling'... well, who could say?

Though when Sefu first saw the nickname, he had been in a very good mood. No matter what Jia Hyson did in the subsequent week, the man never scolded him and occasionally smiled inexplicably every time Jia Hyson played with his phone.

Jia Hyson at the time: '...' Kind of creeped out.

People say the first one to fall is always the loser. Jia Hyson isn't sure who fell for the other first but he can confidently say that he was definitely not the loser out of the two of them ah. (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧

As expected of Sefu, it barely taken a moment for the message to send when the door was knocked on. It was almost as if Sefu was waiting in front of the door all along, phone in hand, just for this moment. Jia Hyson can't help but chuckle aloud at his own imagination. Sefu really was too cute sometimes.

"He's very gruff and stern but he's very kind. Sefu has some scarring which is quite scary to people unused to it but his face is quite handsome ah," Jia Hyson tells Song Chuntao assuringly knowing full well that Sefu won't like Song Chuntao much given his relationship with her. "Even if he's a bit cold to you don't be put off."

A bit embarrassed to be reassured so much, even if it was heartwarming, Song Chuntao shakes her head, "No, no, I'm sure he's a lovely man. Now hurry up, I'm starving ah."

However her appetite diminished greatly after seeing Sefu for the first time.

Song Chuntao: '...' Σ(・口・) Aiyah, was I suddenly kidnapped by the new Bond villain?

What 'gruff and stern but kind'? There is not a trace of softness nor kindness in that appearance! What 'some scary scars but handsome'? He's just plain scary! What 'even if he's a bit cold to you'? Do you not see the killing intent coming off the man?!

Song Chuntao had never seen another Samotrelian in person other than Farrell. Farrell's bodyguards consisted of two other Samotrelians other than Sefu as well as hired guards from the best places money can offer that could better blend in and hide nearby. The Samotrelian guards stay closer to the prince of course but who asked the prince to be so handsome and sexy? They were almost never captured on camera, and if they were, they were just a blurry part of the background.

There was some who did snap some photos of Sefu who was as striking as he was evilly handsome in appearance but... Jia Hyson can be quite possessive as well ah. He doesn't want the internet to comment, salivate and troll Sefu's appearance. After all, the netizens can be quite cruel, and Sefu's pretty sensitive all things considered. Quickly the reporters and he came to an understanding after the third camera was broken.

Jia Hyson: 'Hmph! The only one who can bully my baby is me!' <( ̄^ ̄)>

Sefu: *touched but feels like there's something wrong with this*

Bebe: '...' Sefu may be the least successful persona so far. (¬_¬) And that includes Tian Shun and Li Guiren who killed themselves before reaching second base.

Anyway, the point is, most people would be intimidated by a Samotrelian that wasn't Prince Farrell which is why Samotrelis sent out Farrell to do most of the publicity work. Now many, including Song Chuntao, actually had the impression that Prince Farrell, this hot, sexy exotic male god, was the standard of their race, not the exception. And seeing Sefu, this dark-skinned scarred giant who was a head and a half taller than the already tall Farrell, and held an appearance that could intimidate normal Samotrelians...

Song Chuntao: 'Fuck! This Laozi just peed a bit!'

Silently she curses Farrell for not preparing her properly. Sefu wasn't hideous per say but he was indeed very scary! Even just his casual look of disdain toward her could probably kill a timid bunny.

"Sefu!" Jia Hyson beams, grinning like a child. Habitually, he slips his hand into his and leads him toward Song Chuntao.

Song Chuntao is a very detail oriented woman and did not miss this action at all. Her expression was a little strange but she quickly smiles politely. After all Samotrelis culture was something she wasn't knowledgeable about, she shouldn't presume.

"This is Chu Chu!"

She flushes and glares at Farrell for the nickname however she quickly stops, shivering like a quail under the prince's personal attendant's own unhappy look. Suddenly she felt quite stifled but she pushes the feeling down and continues to keep her professional smile on. "My name is Song Chuntao, it is nice to meet you Sefu."

"My full name is Sefu Karamoy." Came the curt reply full of ice and thorns. It was clear the man had no intention of acting familiar with her.

"Mr Karamoy then," Song Chuntao keeps smiling but inside she was really dying ah! If Prince Farrell was warm and kind like the time between spring and summer, his bodyguard was the complete opposite.

Sensing Sefu's dislike Jia Hyson wants to laugh. Maybe this will be the push the cowardly vinegar pot needs to finally confess?

"Now, now, don't be like that Sefu. I hope you'll warm up to Chu Chu, after all, I plan on courting her with intention to marry." Of course whether he can actually do so with the male protagonist and his jealous rebel cuck in the way.. hehe.

That gets Sefu's attention. After all, Jia Hyson is the most honest to Sefu. He recognizes his status and willingly reports whether he intends to date anyone or not which will warrant an in-depth investigation on the bodyguard team's part. Sefu as both the head bodyguard, personal attendant and friend of Farrell, was of course the person he would report to. However... Farrell was cruel and fickle, at most he would report something scummy like, 'Ah, I like so and so, I'll probably keep him around for a month or two maximum,' or, 'I intend to date this person, but only until I leave the country. Maybe even earlier,' or, 'Eh, a week at best, he's pretty but annoying ah.'

Farrell had never not give him a general estimate of when he would break up with a person.

And intention to marriage?

Sefu's face was expressionless but there was the sour taste of vinegar in his mouth.

He stares coldly at Song Chuntao, eyes assessing her figure and face before sneering. So this is the woman who captured his fickle little kitten? Flat ass, vulgar breasts, the eyebrows were too thick, her skin just as dull and drab as her face… He doesn't know how this vixen managed to entice Prince Farrell into bed.

Song Chuntao: '…Why do I suddenly feel so fucking angry?'

Bebe: '...' Host has a knack for turning his wannabe lovers into cannonfodder characters ah.

Breakfast was a lovely affair for Jia Hyson. As expected of his favorite five star hotel, the food really was lovely! And since they had negotiated business with Samotrelis, a privilege they could only gain due to Prince Farrell's recommendation, they also had some supply of quality Samotrelis ingredients which they used in these dishes making it even tastier. Jia Hyson greedily ate, feeling quite happy and pleased with himself.

The meal was less of a delight for the other two in the room.

Song Chuntao: 'Why do I feel like my life is in danger?' Σ(°△°|||)︴

Sefu: '( º言º) If I arrange for this woman to get killed in an accident would Farrell get suspicious?'

Jia Hyson: 'Ice cream and chips is so good.' (∩❛ڡ❛∩)♡

Bebe: '눈_눈 Bebe wants to go home.'

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