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The next morning Song Chuntao woke up feeling absolutely amazing and refreshed. Her waist felt like jelly and her head ached a little but overall she was in a pretty good mood. As she slowly sits up and stretches her arms, she freezes.

This.. where was she?

Where was her clothes?!

There's the soft but still audible sound of breathing next to her and panic begins to set in. Taking a few deep calming breaths she turns to take a peek and sees a handsome well defined, dark back and a long pool of dark hair. Suddenly she remembers everything that night. The social party with Zheng Ting, the complimentary drink, being almost attacked and dragged away by some men who threw her onto a bed and left her there. Then this man appeared before her. She remembers him pouring cold water on her, warming her up, drying her hair and then finally, finally..

She blushes furiously, but subconsciously Song Chuntao couldn't help but wriggle her hips at the memory. It did feel really.. really good ah.

Song Chuntao feels her face warms up and she can't help but giggle like a little girl. All her life since she left Zheng Jinhai, she had been focusing furiously on getting revenge on the bastard and his family for ruining her own. Every plan and action had been meticulously planned and slaved over. Who knew… she could do something so wild?!

"What's so funny?" A hoarse sexy voice asks.

She stifles a shriek of surprise and looks over to see the gorgeous stranger had turned over and was smiling lazily at her with amusement. He reminded her of a sleek, but powerful leopard, golden eyes and all. "N-nothing." She stammers, feeling a little awkward and shy. "Thank you for.." She blushes again feeling out of sorts.

Jia Hyson, seeing such a cute appearance from the mature female lead chuckles, sitting up he presses a soft kiss onto her forehead. "No, need for thanks miss. Are you okay though? Nothing feels off or anything?" He asks in concern.

Song Chuntao feels moved by the worry and her smile deepens, "No, I feel fine, better than fine really."

Jia Hyson leers playfully, "I was that good ah?"

Song Chuntao blushes again. "Shameless!" She scolds coquettishly making Jia Hyson laugh again.

"We only had one night together and you already know me so well." He sticks his tongue out both playfully and flirtatiously, making Song Chuntao unable to help but once again recall last night's pleasures. Seeing that she may just explode in embarrassment Jia Hyson generously gives her a way out, "Anyway," He scratches his neck awkwardly, "You uh, didn't come here with clothing so take your time in the shower and I'll order some clothes for you. What's your size?"

Song Chuntao blinks, startled by how considerate the stranger is. Even she hadn't thought about her clothing situation yet. She felt her good impression of the man improve once more. "Um, just a simple shirt and skirt will be fine. There's really no need to-"

"I like beauty and I have money," Jia Hyson brushes off her excuses, "Don't worry too much about it. It would probably be bad for you if you were caught wearing shabby loose clothing when walking out of here after all."

"That's true.." She nods reluctantly. Still, she felt bad that this man did so much for her and yet.. "I don't even know your name."

Jia Hyson grins, looking devilishly handsome enough to make anyone's heart skip a beat, "My name is Farrell Abioye," Then after a second he furrows his brows before amending, "Ah, right, chinese have first names last, so my name would be Abioye Farrell. Pleasure to meet you miss-?"

Song Chuntao stares at him. She wasn't super familiar with Samotrelis but she at least recognised the name of the most famous young prince of Luxury Island. "You're Prince Farrell?!"

"I know, it's such a shock," Jia Hyson nods solemnly, "I'm way sexier then in the photos."

Bebe: '..Wow, host. Way to be a fucking narcissist.'

Jia Hyson: 'Hehe, it's called establishing character you fucking (*&^&#^I@*#&$ $&;:"-$ ?!/$;@( piece of %*!\+=¥~ go *%>\€~ yourself you $??/&;@"!%^\£•¥~>?!.'

Bebe: '...' Bebe knew that you were secretly angry because Song Chuntao woke you up so early but why take it out on Bebe? QAQ

Then again, most people would be upset to have only two to three hours of sleep. If it's only one day it's not a huge deal but Jia Hyson still wasn't happy about it.

After listening to a nervous Song Chuntao introduce herself, and sending off a dazed and shocked protagonist to the shower, Jia Hyson quickly calls room service and requests to buy the most fashionable and trendy female outfit they can find. Luckily this was a super fancy hotel that was connected to an equally fancy shopping mall so they assured him that it really shouldn't take long for them to bring something up. Thanking them, Jia Hyson immediately reaches for the room service menu and begins to look over the food available.

Once again he applauds his decision on specifically asking to be rich in this life. The only things he can't buy in this world are just things he hasn't thought of yet hehe. Not to mention his status is great, when asked the information desk assured him that despite being morning time, he could order literally anything on the menu, even things not on the menu and they'll happily oblige.

Being rich again is so fucking nice. (∩˃o˂∩)♡

So when Song Chuntao came out in the fluffiest bathrobe she had ever worn in her life, she saw the prince laying on the bed writing on the complimentary notepad with a seriousness that made it look like he was rewriting America's Declaration of Independence.

Curiously she crawls onto the bed. "What are you doing?"

"Writing down what I want to order from room service." Jia Hyson answers, "take a look at what you want for the menu. We can share of course but I'm pretty hungry, fair warning."

"A stack of chocolate and strawberry pancakes, maple syrup on the side. Two serves of beer battered fish and chips, extra fish. Fried oysters, calamari and a fruit platter, extra lychee, no dragonfruit?" She reads out incredulously. There was a lot of things to point out but... "Fish and chips for breakfast, really?"

"Lady, if you can't have fish and chips for breakfast… then what's the point of even being rich?" Jia Hyson smiles widely, his face bright and playful.

Song Chuntao: '…' Are those things related?

Still his cheeky mischievousness was very cute, and she was craving something greasy and non-breakfasty as well. Finding herself also smiling, albeit a bit helplessly she takes the menu. "Well.. then I'll have a pepperoni pizza. Extra cheese."

Jia Hyson licks his lips, "Maybe I'll also order that too."

Song Chuntao: '...' Is there a black hole in your stomach?

Jia Hyson sees her disbelief and can't do anything but shrug, even if he was originally chinese, he's grown up in Samotrelis with a Samotrelian body in this life. That meant he was used to big portions and a certain amount of carbohydrates and other macronutrients provided by the luxury produce they grow. He really needed to eat a lot whenever he leaves his homes country. He could probably eat half of an eight course Chinese New Year banquet by himself to be honest. Chefs both loved and loathed him.

"En, but I want it extra large with pineapple. And mushrooms. Mn and pepperoni. Ah, maybe just make it a supreme. With garlic bread." (º﹃º )

Song Chuntao laughs at the gluttonous expression he must have had on. Unwilling to fall too behind she also orders a coffee milkshake and a chocolate lava cake. She's already binging with a stranger, might as well go out ah.

Jia Hyson looks at her small list and gives her a faintly contemptuous expression, "Is that all? You're very beautiful Miss Song, there's no need to hold yourself back."

Song Chuntao: '...' Both flattered and annoyed, what to do. (・―・)

"It's truly all I think I can eat," Song Chuntao helplessly says.

Jia Hyson gives her a knowingly look, pretending to be stupid and acts graciously by putting a 'x4' next to the lava cake. Then after some thought adds waffles with coffee ice cream and a scoop of strawberry and vanilla ice scream at the side, licking his lips as he does so.

Song Chuntao: '…' Please stop.

When the concierge comes up with the outfits at hand, Jia Hyson thanks him, giving a five hundred yuan tip making the lucky service worker gape in awe. After all, tipping wasn't expected in China and even then it was maybe ten or twenty yuan. Prince Farrell frequented this hotel chain a lot so he had heard that the royal was generous in tips but being on the receiving end of it was still hard to believe.

So when Jia Hyson hands him a piece of paper, asking for the kitchen to make what's on the list, the concierge nodded eagerly like a chick pecking on rice, his eyes looking lovingly at the prince like he was less of a prince and more of a god of wealth. Then when he skips down to the elevator and glances at the list in hand, he gapes in awe for a different reason.

As expected of his wealth god! Even eating is god-tier!

Jia Hyson passes the clothing to Song Chuntao. "I asked the concierge to buy something for you. It was a bit rushed but hopefully it fits."

Song Chuntao looks at the various bags with high end brand names printed on them. Ch*nel, G*cci, Kate Sp*de… Even China's top jewellery brand Lao Feng Xiang was there! And some of those bags had certificates and limited edition stamps!

She could easily imagine that the whole outfit could probably cost more than her small company.

Sensing her distress Jia Hyson gives her a worried look, "Are you okay?"

"This is really too much Prince Farrell." She bites her lower nervously, "You've done so much for me and now these clothes… there's no way I could pay them back."

Jia Hyson silently rolls his eyes. This was the typical heroine reaction too overspending. It's a perfectly normal reaction to being given super pricey items but the male lead acts like he's never seen someone that wasn't a gold digger in his entire life and becomes charmed by the behaviour of not being immediately swayed by money.

He had to admit though, Song Chuntao did somehow make it look very charming. This must be the protagonist halo at play. "Miss Song," He shakes his head with a wry smile, "I don't expect for you to pay it back, and believe me money is really not a problem for me. Besides, if you don't wear it who would? Me?"

Song Chuntao glances at him, his toned body filled with compact muscles and curves, and mutters, "…Maybe."

Jia Hyson: '…How mean. (∩❛ڡ❛∩) I like it.'

"Then, take the outfit as a payment Miss Song," Jia Hyson tries, "I'm planning to stick around C City for a while and I could do with a tour guide. How about it?"

Song Chuntao reluctantly nods. She knows it's clearly an excuse and she's grateful for it but the part of her that had suffered from financial difficulties in the past still felt a little uncomfortable. However when she puts on the outfit, she can't help but gasp in admiration.

Who didn't like good-looking things? The clothes fit her well, and didn't clash despite being from different brands. A pastel green colored designer shirt, a white blazer with golden stitching and design, mid-knee light grey skirt... these were attractive but not flashy, enough to turn heads but still fits in the boardroom. Not to mention the jewelry! Ch*nel pearls and gold chained necklace, rings from Tiff*ny, earring from C*rtier, and even a diamond studded R*lex watch..

When she comes out Jia Hyson can't help but whistle at the sight. "Miss Song you look lovely."

"Thank you," Song Chuntao grins, feeling a little giddy at luxury adorned on her body. Even when she was younger and still one of the big families of the city she still probably could not afford to spend such an amount on an outfit so easily. However she gives the prince a solemn look, "I'll pay you back with the best tour of C City," She promises seriously like she was about to cut her wrist and do a blood oath. Even if she hadn't been back for a while she still had some knowledge of the old-standing shops and stalls, as well as some friends who can recommend her places as well.

Jia Hyson nods with a bemused curl of his mouth, "I can't wait. Don't bother stressing on being too fancy, as long as it's fun, yummy or interesting I'll be pretty happy."

"Any suggestions?" She asks, pulling out her phone and looking at him enthusiastically.

His smile grows wider as he thinks about it. After all, now that he's found the protagonist he might as well stick around for a while. His official job is essentially partying, promoting and playing around so his job hours were generally flexible and in the evening. Besides, C City is the place where most of the plot happens, with Song Chuntao around all the bigwigs will eventually drop by anyway so there really wasn't any need for stress.

Happily he begins to think of some tourist-y things he wants to do that won't make it too difficult for Song Chuntao. "Un, I want to go see pandas, I want to eat a hundred dumplings, and see chinese kung fu!"

Song Chuntao: '...' Are you a child?

Even though it was definitely childish and simple, Song Chuntao couldn't help but think the man was surprisingly adorable for such a sexy alpha male appearance. "Well what you want is what you'll get then your highness," She chuckles.

"Please, call me Farrell." Jia Hyson takes her hand and, like a gentleman, kisses her hand. "I don't want to be too forward but I'm a little interested in you Miss Song. May I ask to be friends with the possibility of something more?"

Song Chuntao blushes but this time she wasn't too flustered, already quite fond of this straightforward prince as well. "My friends can call me Chuntao."

"Ah," Jia Hyson modded sagely, "Then because I have ambiguous intentions toward you, I shall call you Chu Chu."

Song Chuntao: '...' I really don't understand how his mind works.

"No way!" She immediately denies. She was a grown woman! A rising star in the business world! A stern ice queen boss that can intimidate the most unruly subordinate with her icy glare! She will not be given such a cutesy name like Chu Chu!

"I think it's quite good," Jia Hyson laughs, "Chu Chu, I'll be in your care okay?"

Looking at the handsome smile, Song Chuntao suddenly feels like she may have picked up something that may have completely changed the course of her life. But. Not necessarily for the worst.

"...Okay. And I'll be in yours."

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