120 120. What is love?

"I am afraid not, my Lord." Eduardo quips, giving Elian a tight mischievous smile. I know that it is only to rile up Elian even more. And it works perfectly. I see Elian's eyebrows scrunch up even more with rage and he doesn't even bother to look at me, his eyes set sharply on Eduardo who on the other hand, is observed with staunch interest. I sigh, the tension from the entire trip now has ridden up by several notches and I should have seen this coming.

After all, I brought this forward. It's my masterpiece.

"Please cut down on the tricks, I see that you haven't grown short of your chicanery at the very least." Elian drawls in a deadpan manner, making sure to give a deadly look to Eduardo who only smiles wider. This man is more dangerous than I had deemed. He knows the effect he has on Elian and he is pushing against the edges to test the waters.

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