1 1. Maxed out [M]






What is life? Why do we live? What do we live for? What makes living worthwhile? What keeps you waking you every day and motivates you to go through with the will of living on? Is it the person sleeping next to you? Is it your pet that jumps up and down with joy at the sight of you? Or it is the fact that your paycheck is coming in next month and you can take that much-needed spa day?

Or is it simply the fact that you are alive and breathing?

Right and wrong. You live because you are alive and you make living worthwhile on the way, and just…buss it out? Is that what they say? I am Max Foster and I think I am perfectly certified to teach you how to live your life. As the matter of fact, it's not that I 'think', I know. I know I am certified, completely so.

Let me run you down my backstory quickly.

I am a normal guy, your normal Average Joe living that standard normal life. But wait, there's more. I found myself not being that normal guy, somehow on the way as I was growing up. I realized that I couldn't like girls. Maybe I never did even try to like them but I wasn't that normal straight Joe anymore. Maybe I found out during my preschool date where my playmate, Gary looked mighty chewy as we were stacking up Legos in jutting forms and I ended up biting him.

A little too hard.

But then I forget about that incident and I had to go through another phase of discovering my sexuality in college. It was a bit late but it happened nonetheless and I am thankful that I realized it as an adult. Genuinely. Because I got laid immediately soon after finding my own crowd, and with my professor to note. And sex does wonders to a person. Like it's almost the magical elixir of life, unmatched. But that's not the point. I'll come back to that soon but it's not my sexuality that gives me the right to preach about life and its ways.

The Average Joe would go about his day without any uneventful mishap or life-changing accidents but the average Max Foster would meet about, say statistically five to six near-death enlightening incidents in a year and that is enough to send me down a philosophical spiral of almost losing my life and waking up to a whole new outlook as to how I should live my life to the fullest. And I learn new ways to appreciate the heart that beats in me and satiate it.

To live life, you have to be happy with what you have. And I love my life. I love my religious mother who takes me to priests and even exorcists monthly to drive away from the 'gay' demon who inhabits my soul, the culprit of the accidents in my life. I love my shabby cat, a Plumpy Scottish Fold, named Gary. I love fried chicken. I love my life and I live for the love in my life. It's simple as that.

Toord Toord Toord.

My phone ringing barely registered in my brain but my hand reached over on its own and pressed the green button.


'Morning, babe.'

I immediately glanced at the caller ID, Liam.

'Good morning. What's up?'

A loud noise cut in and I waited,

'Look, I know it's your day off. But I may have fucked up and now I need a huge favor from you.'

'What? Why?' I rubbed my eyes, I was suddenly wide awake now, 'What favor?'

Papers were shuffling in the background so I kicked off the blanket and got up. I grabbed a t-shirt and headed for the kitchen, turning on the water heater on my way. I glanced at the clock at the kitchen counter, 11:13 am. I heard Liam sigh on the other end,

'I may or may not have left my project file drive in your study.' He sighed again, 'I'm sorry, that's the only place I could think of.'

'No, it's no problem. Don't worry, I'll check and call you back, okay?'

The file drive was in my study and I headed out first thing to my workplace. I worked as an ad sales manager at an average Advertising Agency. And it was a fairly normal morning, Liam being his forgetful self.

I thought of my day ahead, maybe I'll get some Parmesan risotto and garlic bread for lunch. Then catch up on The Fiery Arrow. I had saved up almost eight episodes and it was a season finale marathon; the wait will be worth it. Then I could sneak in a nap before I go on my evening run. And if Liam comes by, then maybe he could…pay me back for this favor. I smiled to myself and decided to grab a packed lunch for him.

'God, you savior.' Liam muttered as he reached for the car door.

'You're welcome, Grandpa.'

Liam paused and shot me a glare. He looked good, slightly stressed but it made him hotter. With the classic rolled-up sleeves and a loosened tie, the Gods have blessed me today with a stressed Liam with ruffled hair. He looked like Zeus. Old but sexy. I don't exactly know what Zeus looked like.

'I got you lunch.'

'Shut up.'

'Ok. But take your lunch?'

He laughed and shook his head,

'No?' I asked

Liam took a quick survey outside the car window and turned back, grabbing my head and pulling me into a quick, deep kiss. I immediately melted into his warm palm cupping my face and sighed disappointedly when he pulled away almost immediately. I knew we could be caught but it wasn't a fair move to pull away from that fast.

I looked up into his eyes and hoarsely whispered,

'Take me out tonight.'

He looked back and his eyes smiled, 'Take you out or…take you?' He whispered back, moving in for a kiss. His hand rubbed my thigh slowly, occasionally getting a little upward. My body tingled and shivered,

'Hmm.' I brushed my lips against his, 'You could surprise me.'

He swiftly pecked my lips, 'I'll tell Natasha I won't be home tonight.'

This time I pulled away and sat up straight on my seat, his hand still on my thigh. Liam had this habit of bringing up his wife at the worst timing and it seemed like a harsh reminder of his married life at times like this. Not that I minded his married status but it seemed to drop like a wet rock whenever he brought that name up. But we weren't exclusive so it didn't matter much.

My nightlife wasn't wild or rowdy but it certainly was active. And tonight, Liam decided to take me out. It was a fairly blissful night out, a quiet dinner in a dim-lit restaurant and we wore our decent suits. And as we stood up to leave, Liam accidentally slipped and tapped his hand on my butt. I raised an eyebrow at him, and he mouthed, 'Take me.'


Liam dragged his tongue on my lower lip and looked up. 'What?' He grabbed my face with both of his hands and pulled me closer to him.

I sighed and smashed my lips against his, the soft glide of our harmony as he pressed against me. He moved even closer and my body smashed against the wall. Then I felt my bulging crotch connected with his, and it burnt so much that a rough sound escaped out from his throat.

Liam pulled back and looked at me, his deep eyes boring into mine,

'What'd you say, babe?'

I grabbed a fistful of his hair and tugged. Liam's face twisted in beautiful agony for a moment and I savored it.

'Close the goddamn door, you bastard!' I yelled and dipped my head onto his broad neck, biting on his slightly then burying my teeth in his flesh.

That will leave a mark.

'Okay, big guy.' He chuckled and his neck vibrated under my teeth. He moved his mouth close to my ear and whispered, 'Go wait in the bed. I wanna see your naked butt in the air when I come back.' He grabbed my ass and squeezed. My body smoldered visibly and I winded my hands around his waist, this time purposely pressing my crotch against his. Liam swore softly, his breath fanning on my face and I looked up at him, his eyes burning with lust.

'You know what.' I whispered, placing a kiss on his rough chin, 'Don't go.'

'Don't go?'

'Don't go. Suck me, right here.'

Liam rested his forehead against mine, sort of leaning in for a kiss, then not, pulling away. I leaned in and took his lower lip between mine, sucking slightly. His hands moved over my chest, above my dress shirt, and moved down, lower and lower. I looked down at his hands, clicking my belt open and his palm closed over the tent, pressing slightly. I hummed and my eyes closed.

Slowly the zip came undone and the open-air hit my lower regions inciting a sigh from me. I won't lie, it felt suffocating and now I had been set free. I opened my eyes and looked down, right at the same time as Liam opened wide and engulfed me.

'Oh Jesus' I gasped and watched his head move closer to my pelvis. My hands ran into his tousled hair and clutched what came in my hand, like a holding bar to guide his rhythm. I repeated my gasps as my body melted into the burning heat of Liam's mouth, and his tongue swirled around like an omniscient reptile.

Slowly, his head began to rock back and forth. Back and forth. My body quivered and my hips slowly rocked to the bobbing beat of his head, my hand in his hair slowly urging him to go faster. My breathing became ragged and I tried to hold my moans in but Liam must have caught on to it. He grabbed my behind and push me in his mouth deeper, his cheeks vacuumed out to create a powerful suction in the warmness of his mouth.

I gasped loudly, and grappled his head with both of my hands, holding it in place. I could feel it coming, rising from the lower part of my crotch and it rose and rose as I nestled deeper into the hot wetness.

'Shit.' I swore, slightly bucking my hips, 'It's coming.'

Liam hummed in response and I felt it in me, traveling through my veins. I hissed as the heat rose and traveled through me as I came, in Liam's mouth. I sighed and closed my eyes, my body trembling quite much as I did.

I waited as I released, and the trembling slowly diminished away. My body felt released, lighter as though it was floating up and gravity was just a mere concept. It felt like...passing through heaven.

Sex really is the elixir of life.

Slowly, I open my eyes and adjust to my vision. I paused and looked at what really is in front of me. Two globes of flesh covered by fabric bounced in front of my eyes, a little too close to be a hallucination. I frowned,


The two globes moved away and the face of those two globes came right into my face. I jumped up in reflex and realized I was on a bed. Definitely not my bed, but a bed. And the room....where was I??

'Oh, Sir Adiannn.' The Globe Owner sobbed and grabbed my hands. I looked at her with shock, she continued, 'Thank Heavens! You are awake!'

'Excuse me? Where...am I?'

I look down immediately at my crotch but it's hidden under a layer of blanket.

Where is my orgasm?

The lady frowned and stood up, the globes bounced. Oh, God. I don't know what to feel. What exactly is happening? And where was Liam??

'Sir Adian, do you know me?'


She reached out to grab my hands and involuntarily, my eyes went to the globes. It was big, too much so and I found it astonishing. My stare must have been quite apparent that she followed my eyes. She looked at her own globes and slapped my arm.

'Oh Sir, Please. Let's be a little discreet, shall we?'

The pain shot through to my brain and it registered what I actually had been doing.

'Oh.' I gasped, and I waved my hands in denial, 'oh nononono no, it is a huge misunderstanding, Miss. I'm so sorry, I don't mean it in any offensive or crude way. If anything, I am gay and it was wrong of me to do that.'

The Lady stared at me for a moment and burst out laughing, her shrilly laugh echoed throughout the big room.

'Oh Sir Adian, that was quite a funny line. Of course, you are gay, you are married to Count Elian Drane for God's Sake.' She chuckled and shook her head in good humor, 'Oh Sir, you!'

'Yes, yes.' I nodded, 'I am gay. And I am married to...'

I stopped. Wait.

'I'm sorry, what'd you just say?'

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