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[author died from corona virus] has anyone ever talked about what happens after the great story of dragon ball and super?, this novel is about a dragon ball fan named "shallot" he reincarnated into the dragon ball multiverse and onto an earth-like planet, on his way he was granted a golden finger system-like cheat, this cheat allowed him to upgrade his martial arts and easily master them, yet without a strong body this cheat was useless, in this new era or dragon ball, shallot will meet many new characters and supreme beings, in this story we will find out what happens after the original dragon ball, is Goku alive? maybe. will there be beings stronger than the Omni-king?, of course.. Gods of destructions, those puny gods are only the beginning to truly ruling all living things.. .... this is a fanfic about the future of the earth and how almost everyone practices martial arts, with the rise of celestial beings and those that could shatter stars with fingers, the world was always in great turmoil, most of the characters will be descendants of the original dragon ball characters, many new characters, and some of the older characters will definitely be there... (i will upload whenever i am free, which will most likely be every day)


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