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[ BL ] System 003


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Alot of people believed that after they died, they can turned into a new soul or reincarnated again,which is actually true. But, before they can accomplish that, they need to finished tasks, or mission that was given to them. System. System really do exist, mostly people write transmigration story with systems annoying the heck out of the host or giving them a helping hand. Inou, or known as System 003.Taking his last host before he retired and relax for the redt of his life.Yet, when he expected that taking a last one will be easy and pretty well to be handle, he jinxed that. He met Eros Saviore, a human being and his last host who apparently fell into a coma for a thousand of years after finishing his 4th world. Inou, finding any way or any solution to help his host wake up and finally do it's last mission before reincarnating. Now, he found himself being a 'host' for the first time in his life, just for that host of his.


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