1 "My wish is smiled"

Bhavani , a teenager, good at writing stories in her mother tongue. She used this skill as weapon to express her emotions, feelings. One of her writing is 'when my wish will smile?!', she express how badly she misses her father love, care and how his activities shed tears her everyday .Even though she loved him like a mad.

A time rolled into years, she is now under the umbrella of her father love and care. Even though her past passed as storm hit village. She forget her agony in the shadow of her parent care.

Finally, one day she enjoying the sunset by remembering her lifes journey. She smiles, that ones pure love can change anyone in this universe . She feels like she is now twinkling star not a thorn of bushes. She holds her weapon , and share this evening in her story "My Wish Is Smiled".

- Shireesha. M. V.