"Love is the death of Duty"
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"Love is the death of Duty"


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What is "Love is the death of Duty"

Read "Love is the death of Duty" novel written by the author Japhet_Of_Zaun on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering action, adventure, harem, dark. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


"Love is the death of Duty" my old man told me that before he died. I know it true, the path to power is harsh, kindness and women make one soft. I am Kazein everything I owned, my home, my father, my mother, everyone I held dear, was taken away in the war of Kings. "If you want it, you either make it or steal it." After I met a demon whose power was so strong I couldn't handle not more than 1% of its power, I made a deal for power. In exchange for the power he gives, I shall pay with the souls of men I kill. I did so while hiding the fact that I contracted a demon. Until that day, Holy Light Cathedral, found out that my powers come from the powers of Azrael, the fallen seraph of death. They hunted me down, I was forced into hiding, humiliated and hunted down like a prey running from it's predator. But, no, those days will end. After I get far more stronger, stronger than the demon, stronger than Holy Light Cathedral, stronger than anybody else. I will keep quiet until that day. Author here, this is the story of Kazein who contracts a demon, on the first act he'll still be naive and still has humanity, but later in the series he'll soon become a true massacre machine.


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You have a great Synopsis and an eye catching first chapter it's intriguing and well written. The pace and style is great the world you describe can also easily be imagined by your readers which is great 👌👌


Great synopsis and chapters up to this point are pretty encouraging. Can't wait to see what the author brings to the table next, I'm sure this is going to be one of the greats


Great synopsis! The update rate is great, making the reader occupied for a while. The characters are made well to my liking and I understand their morals.


Hi! This is an editor of the international writing contest SWA II. I believe your book has great potential, so I invited you to join in a week ago. Please reply to me so I can discuss this with you in detail.


Reveal spoiler


Hi! Author here. If you read even just the first chapter, may I ask you to drop a review? I would like to know how are your thoughts. Pls give this young boy your regards, Your's Truly


Sypnosis is great, the grammar is nice too, the world you created is interesting and is very detailed too, the author really did a good job writing his novel, all in all 5 for me.


wow, to say nothing about the title even the synopsis is giving those cold chills. Ah, I am supporting the Male Lead in his journey already. I hope, he will get the one, who can turn him soft at the right place and right time. Neither too early , nor too late. Plus, I hope this MC will earn back everything, while punishing all the perpetrators. And then become the unbeatable in his field. I will recommend it to every, reader.


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