"In this Life, I will be King."
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"In this Life, I will be King."


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What is "In this Life, I will be King."

"In this Life, I will be King." is a popular web novel written by the author TrueNoLifeKing, covering Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 5.4K readers . The novel is being serialized to 2 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Many years ago, the world had turned into an RPG game. Unprepared, many weak like I fell. If one dies in the game they will die in real life. Luckily, I was able to rise like a Pheonix from the pits of an abyss. However, as humanity adapted the world became tougher too. Barely able to struggle to stay alive I fought... I fought... I fought. There was truly no end to the fighting. For resources humanity waged war on each other. I too had led countless wars as a general, but my day of the end came. I was soon cornered into death. I thought to myself that it must've been the end of me. I closed my eyes which seemed to fall into a deep slumber. However long, my eyes finally opened once again. I found myself in the past, where the apocalypse had not begun yet. This was a chance to start over. With my knowledge of the future, how can I fall once again? I vowed in this life, I will be king.

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Knowing my friend he's a pervert and too scared to put his online name out so he asks me to post he probably will do harem. If you're looking for foodgasm that was also written by my friend, but he dropped it after writing 5 long chapters. He said it was too, "perverted." R.I.P. Foodgasm


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