1 Chapter One

Funny how life is… one day you are building one… the next day it all comes down crashing…

"You said we will be together… forever… or if not, until our hair turns gray, our faces wrinkled and exhale the last breath of air of our so-called life… 

Well that is what you said to me… While holding my hand… looking intently in my eyes… giving me that sweet big smile I will never forget…

 In that moment, I knew how great my life was… I knew who I am - I am yours as you are mine… We have our own world… It was perfect…  perfect in our eyes...."


I cannot forget that one special afternoon. It was the time I realized how crazy you really are. I was reading the book that we need to summarize for our report. Our high school has only a limited supply of books and that is why we need to share the novel. You let me read it first, because you said that I needed it more. You decided that you will just read the book two days before the submission. But then, you actually demanded that I have the obligation to tell you the story since you were letting me read it first. I just shrugged. I know you have a point, but I know too well that you are just lazy too to read it. But I also knew that you can do it, when it matters and when you need to, I know you can deliver.

Just like how you did well on our math subject. You copied my answers because you forgot that we have an assignment. I thought you copied it without even understanding. That is why, when our teacher called you, I was so nervous. I expected that he will find out what you did. That you will never be able to answer and explain it. But to my surprise, you wrote the solution in the blackboard and explain it well. I can sense at that time that our teacher was trying to make you falter because he was asking every detail of the solution, but you answered them all… You aced it… 

I was turning a page when you suddenly blurted something "Hey Dee, you need to promise me something…" Marge said, getting my attention.

"Promise you what?" I asked quizzically. "If it is about this book, I told you already…."

"No, that is not it." Marge cutting me in mid-sentence.

"What is it then?" I asked.

"Promise me, you will be an accountant, better if a CPA. Then you will work in a bank and buy our own house." 

"Wha...what are you talking about? Why do I have to be an accountant? And most of all, why will I promise you that?"

"Because I said so. Because I will not be with someone who cannot even afford a house and cannot even have a stable job!" Marge said sternly, looking directly in my eyes without even blinking.

"Fine." I said, letting out a sigh. "I PROMISE." 

Her eyes began to light up and her serious face turn into a wide grin. "Good then." Marge said, nodding.

"Don't worry" she continued. "I'll be at home. I will cook breakfast, lunch and dinner. I will help out on chores."

"Don't you want to work or have a real job?" I interrupted.

She paused. "Of course, I do…." She said calmly. "I don't exactly know what job I want, but I like to grow out flowers or vegetables… Maybe even sell them afterwards.  I can also be a teacher. I love kids, or maybe a librarian. I think I will look cute when I wear glasses…" 

I cannot help but laugh. Marge looked at me… staring… raising her eyebrow…  as if waiting for me to justify why I was laughing. 

"You cannot even read this novel for our book report." I reminded her of her dislike in books. 

"I told you, I'm just letting you read it first. You should be thankful for what I'm doing" she retorted.

"Yeah, yeah…" I said, finally giving up.

She suddenly stood up, straightening her skirt out.

"Where are you going?" I asked worriedly, thinking that I offended her.

"We need to go home now." 

"Why? I thought I will be reading this book here till sunset" trying to remind her what we have discussed before.

"We are going now. My mom… may need help or something…"

I understood and I straightened up immediately, getting my bag and all. She remained silent while we were walking.

"Don't worry. I will do what I promised you." I said, trying to assure her.

"I know you will." she smiled at me. 

I was relieved to see her smile. We walked home quietly, saying our goodbyes when we stop at her house.

"You finished the book, okay?" she reminded me.

I nodded and went off.

"We will have a garden too! beside our house!" I yelled at her before she can enter their house.

She smiled again… the smile that will always be my favorite… and waved backed. I don't know if I saw tears. I'm not sure. I run and headed home…

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