She would teach her everyday.Rose was happier than before.It went on like this until Rose was 10 years old.

Mary : Mam now she has to go to a normal school.You could send her to a government school...I will be with her and guide her at classes , tests and exams.You don't need to worry about the other things.I will talk to the staff.

Her mother : B - But how will she do those things!.No no...no need...you teach her here.

Mary : dont worry...nothing is going to happen.You just don't worry mam.She needs to experience real schools.

She was taken to school the next day in a wheelchair.Some students teased her.

A student : see her..she is not normal..dont talk to her..

Another student : see that girl.. she is lazy..she can't walk herself..Haha Haha

Rose was not able to hear anything.Her teacher Mary was with her every day every class.


A person was ready to lend eyes to Rose.Rose was not blind anymore.She could see everything in nature but still not hear.She hugged her mother.Her mother would write in a board to tell her the things she needs to know.She would follow it.


Still children would tease her and now she was able to see them doing that.She felt very sad but did not express it.She was calm all the time.She knew anger is the worst.She used to top in every exam.

She liked all the subjects.

For her recreation she would go to many different places to see things that she has not in the past years.Her mother would allow her.In 10th board she got the score of 98 percent and 95 percent in 12th board.She became a teacher after many years of learning in college.Her dream was fulfilled.She teached the differently disabled children.

She wrote a book which became very famous later.It said,"I was teased by children.I was blind and I am deaf but I have a heart.No one could stop me from doing any thing I want, anything I like".