Long ago in the streets of Chennai ,India a girl was found by a woman who had no child.The girl was both blind and deaf.

The woman felt pity on her and took her to her house.She was very poor.Her husband died 2 years back.She was all alone in that small cottage.She worked in a small hospital as a nurse.Her income was very less but she could not do anything about it.She was not accepted in any place for any other job so she managed her lives with it.She did not need so much money for the cottage because it was not owned by any one.

She just saw it one day and packed her bags to stay there after her husband's death.The child was taken care of properly.She kept her name Rose.


She was 6 years old.She was not able to speak because she couldn't hear.Her mother was not able to arrange any special teachers with less fee.She felt very sad.She couldn't talk to her daughter about that too.She would only touch her shoulder when she would give her food and hair to sleep.Rosie often showed sad expressions about her illness.Her mother would wipe her tears and hug her so that she feels better.


One day a woman was passing by.She was looking for something when she fell down near Rosie's house.Rosie's mother took her inside and layed her on bed.She woke up after an hour.

Rose's mother : Miss you were on the ground.

The woman : Oh yes...I dont remember too much...thank you for your kindness to a stranger.

She waited for a little.

The woman : who is she?.Is she your daughter?.

Rose's mother : actually she is not my real daughter.I found her on the streets.

At that time Rose was on the bed.

The woman : oh....your really kind.. (To Rose).Come here dear..

Rose's mother : actually she is blind and deaf.We are searching for a teacher

The woman : oh...so sad...you are searching for a teacher?...I could teach her...in the method of how the teacher teached Hellen keller..you know her right?.

Her mother : thank you...I know her.. actually...how much fees would you take?.We are poor...please decrease a little.

The woman : you don't worry...there will be no fees...I will come here everyday morning and go back at 8 pm.By the way my name is Mary.

Rose's mother : thank you..I dont know how to thank you...Mary mam..

Mary nodded and smiled.She left.

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