"Goodnight World"

Author: tamagogo
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What is "Goodnight World"

Read ‘"Goodnight World"’ Online for Free, written by the author tamagogo, This book is a Fantasy Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: Sleeping to wake up into another world.Super abilities are rare but having multiple of them them, there are only a few a...


Sleeping to wake up into another world. Super abilities are rare but having multiple of them them, there are only a few and Lee Jim is one of them.

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“My Luna, you asked for me?" I bowed my head in respect. Sarah smiled through the mirror. She was dressed in a royal blue gown that matched her white skin. She stood up from the tool. Turned around. I remained standing on the door side. Not raising my head. “ Look at me, Arizona." She requested softly. I looked at her and smiled thinly. She came forward, cupping my hands in her. “I have something to ask, Arizona." A shadow fell over her face. I saw her tensing up. " Anything you demand, Luna.” She forced a smile. Her eyes meet mine. I saw unexplainable pain in them. They welled up immediately. The hot teardrops fell on my hands. "Don't see it as an order, Arizona. It's my humble plea," she said, pausing to let out a shaky breath before continuing. "I know you once were with him. Once, you were his everything. But now I will request you, please don't ever take him away from me. I love him a lot. I can't live without him." I pulled her into a hug, and she trembled against me. I tried to soothe away her pain as she sobbed on my chest. I remained silent and assured her, "I won't take him away. I promise." The Red Moon Festival was one of the best festivals for all wolf packs. Honestly, it never meant anything special to me until, on the same night, I heard the announcement of Sarah's pregnancy. I felt happy for him. At least the impact my deed left on him will slowly fade. I took a beer bottle, stopped before the exit, looked back at him one last time, whispered a final apology, and then vanished into the thick darkness.

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