"GINKEN" - The First Awakening (Remastery) Book

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"GINKEN" - The First Awakening (Remastery)


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- The first "GINKEN" collection has been remastered. [First Collection] A 'GINKEN' is a plot that is solely focused on deeds, as opposed to other genres such as drama, comedy, and thriller. This story follows a youth named 'Shinkaku Timoshī,' who one day becomes a 'Substitute-Duelist' and, most certainly, the next 'Inner Fiend' wielder. In the daylight and the nightlight, Timoshī encounters many people to whom he soon becomes bound, and through the eternity of the novel, he meets two significant friends, a 'Half-Demon' and a 'Semi-Goddess' who is known to become the next 'Holy Light.' But the journey and his course are not as simple as expected; in fact, they are much more difficult than anticipated.


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