4 The unexpected Embrace!

Everything was going fine, we were getting closer. and everytime, he was ready to call me and hear me. we didn't had any topics but we used to make one! our school, childhood , his obsession. once I began about the matter he is readily there to tell me the whole theory. he skips his breath while talking to me and it was non stop conversation. often it was a long duration like whole night, evening and sometimes we don't get tired of each other.

It was beginning of quarantine I remember so we started playing board games.

it's "ludo" ( An Asian board game commonly played in India)

so it was him who used to win Everytime and then we used to add some of his female friends and I called them his "crushes" .

we together used to tease each other alot like we both were soo willing to know about each other's crush. We even created links and tried to know about it through pranks but, both of us give accurate answers.

it's been a long while since we were known to each other!

I can't describe every single day but yet I have a memory of the day when he was upset. he sent me the post "don't use anyone to forget your ex"

I was hot tempred person and just texted him some paragraphs first and secondly he sent me some of his cute snaps. *i still didn't melted*. I was in complete flame!!

just called him around night and begun.

The guy who had never listened anyone was affording to hear me. and in the whole duration he didn't dared to argue back, it was all like "hmmm"

I was in extreme anger and a bit irritated.

after a while later I realised that it was not something I should get extremely angry for.

and later he realized that it was not his fault but for me he kept silent.

after every fight it was sometimes me or him to control things. we never knew that we are intentionally talking to each other and the intention was to see each other laugh and smile .

he used to flirt, he was more mischievous then before, now he was frank.

we both were eachother'S topic to tell our bestfriends.

but still I didn't had the answer of 5th April

And one day..

It was around 10 Pm in the night and I was busy scrolling posts. suddenly got the notification from him.

It was 2nd May and only 6 days were left for my birthday. There was only one mutual friend between me and him.

Before 2nd May.

I told his friend that yeah, I am having feelings for him but I ain't going to be rejected again.

let's get back to the point you will understand it a while later.

after reviewing the notification. I came up with my bad mind and started flirting as much as I could. it was my whole mood that day. it was about a long while of extreme flirting.

A text recieved from his side. I was already sleepy but still I wanted to talk to him. I hardly opened my eyes and readed it. it was :

"sorry, I can't talk to you about it anymore, I can't talk like that. "

I said : huuhh? I was just teasing man, I was also not that sort of girl.

I put my phone down and closed my eyes. again my phone vibrated and it was long paragraph. I thought he might have written a lot of abusing words and somewhere a worst rejection.

But what I readed had widely opened my eyes. 10 minute shock! And a complete silence.

" I love you miss! I don't want Girlfriend at first, you are also my friend! will you be my forever one? "

yeah it was me to fall for him first but it was an "unexpected embrace"

Let me reboot the phone. I guess it have been sending wrong messages to me. Let me uninstall instagram. He is joking? is that a prank? : Seriously that was my first reaction.

And then I asked him: From when did you had feelings for me?

And he made me remember the day I was again fainted and broke my arms.

He said : "I was unable to be well, I was worried, if you have been fine or not! every single moment of mine was spent in your thoughts "

What's so surprising is that ;

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He Had always denied the proposals, had very trust issues. And he had never been soo frank with anyone either. The guy who was alone from years suddenly speaked up to girl "who is 3 years younger and 1200 miles away from him"

And what's funny is that :

The person who never believed in "forevers" is now the one who is wishing to let me stay in his life for a very long while. like suddenly he started believing in love, forever and Speacially "destiny".

Finally, We both were together!

Well the only mutual friend between us was aware that we both liked each other from the very beginning!!!

but he was always a good secret keeper.

we both told him that we like each other and he found it funny as well!!

Finally, after an unbelievable and unexpected moment it was 4 am in the morning.

at 3 :40 I was like : Can I sleep now?

just more 20 minutes...he kept insisting me to stay and finally around 4 :05 am i slept.

like the whole night was still not enough for us to spend time and we were still being like "I am missing it"

Another morning and I was busy confirming that if he might have changed or said in absence of mind.

Naah! that thing was still there, he knew he confessed me and yeah he was in love with me.

Actually, I wanted to have his glance once so I asked him to make a video call. so that I can properly see him...

what will happen when you facetime a guy 1200km away?

my stomach had butterflies and suddenly...

To be continued!