1 Going to be a Bad day~First Shot

Shikha was pretty sure that she Will top this exam. But something was eating her up. Nervous ness and Fear. Same like other students. But what was more shocking is she is not able to maintain herself in that state. Her nervousness was out of limit,and she felt the fear taking her normal life. Fear and nervous ness, in the result time ,too in The Boards,are a huge thing in Students life. But it was getting out of control in her state.

Was it normal? She doesn't know.

Her fear that if she didn't passed in exam she will be no more officially her parents child. That they will leave her alone,just like they show in the movies and TV shows. (note- it doesn't really relate with those shows and movies).

Her only aim is to somehow get the passing marks. In her sense it somewhere sounds really bad that you hope only for passing marks. But what would she expect if she herself think that it's all going to shatter.

"Shikhu""come girl have your dinner" her mother called aloud for her.

"Coming M-ma-a"(Maa means Mom in Hindi).Shikha was stammering. She is tensed about herself.

But Shaya,her mother didn't take so much time to know about her condition. She's her mother,and it's her way of knowing people, without saying aloud.

But she didn't Said anything,she let her daughter know her in a perticular situation,like the result days.

They had their dinner silently. The usual chirpy ness was now switched with that bad vibes in Shikha's tiny Brain.

She laid in the marble floor, weeping silently. Thinking about her future without her parents.

Chill girl why so tensed,you are their child you don't need to weep so much for your result. Remember Numbers are nothing but Hard work is everything.

But what does she knows now. Let her Know this tomorrow.

"It's Going to be a Bad day tomorrow"She wiped her tears and somehow slept with a nervous and scared heart.


Hey People,hope you loved this crap 😆.

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So it's the first shot. And the second shot will be completed soon.