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The Strongest Assassin Reincarnates in Another World

Aiden Nightshade was raised as an assassin since he was young and he had become known to the world and many feared him. This talent in assassination gave him the title of the Reaper, but his cause of death wasn’t something anyone could have expected... But the universe brought him back to another world. In this world, he discovered that people have different powers that he had never seen before, those who had them were called the Awakened. To gain power, the awakened had to go to a place called the Otherworld, and clear trials that were given to them. Using his experience as an assassin and using new skills which he couldn’t dream of before, he decided to become the strongest awakened in this new world. ---- Two Chapters Daily

JALLEN · Fantasy
46 Chs

Secrets Unveiled: The Love Story of Lucien and Vivienne

The story begins with Lucien, a successful entrepreneur, who wakes up from a ten-year-long hibernation to discover that he has a wife now. Vivienne, his newlywed wife, is bewildered by the sudden turn of events as she had been informed of marrying a middle-aged man, but Lucien doesn't look like one. Lucien's heart starts beating again after a long time, and he decides to enter Vivienne's life and become an inseparable part of it. He chooses to support her from behind, as Vivienne is ambitious and wants to achieve something with her own hands. However, both of them have secrets that they are hiding from each other, waiting for the right time to reveal. The novel takes you on a journey of discovering the mysteries of Lucien's ten-year-long hibernation and his hidden secrets. You will also find out why Vivienne suddenly became his wife and what secrets she is hiding. Will their love survive the shocking revelations that lie ahead? The story is filled with unexpected twists and turns, and the characters are relatable, leaving you emotionally invested in their journey. ........ Sub-genres: Contemporary Romance, Mystery Romance, Second Chance Romance, Marriage of Convenience Romance, Billionaire Romance, Secret Identity Romance, Slow Burn Romance, Emotional Romance, Adult Fiction, Intrigue and, Suspense. Tags: Love Story, Secrets, Roller Coaster Ride, Ambition, Hibernation, Unexpected Twists, Hidden Secrets, Relatable Characters, Shocking Revelations, Emotional Investment, Mature scenes, Kinky Scenes. ....... To support further, follow author by visiting following links: FB page: Abysalyounglord's Work's https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100090763447190&mibextid=ZbWKwL Instagram: https://instagram.com/abysalyounglord?igshid=ZDdkNTZiNTM= Join Discord: Username: Abysalyounglord#0640 ....... *Cover is not mine, so the credit goes to the original artist. ....... WARNING...WARNING...WARNING....MATURE CONTENT.

Abysalyounglord · Contemporary Romance
71 Chs

The Coach's Daughter

After a fight with her dad, Tatum walks into a bar to grab a drink and ends up meeting the drop-dead-gorgeous Phoenix Reid. He’s charming and so attractive, it’s beyond anything Tatum could’ve imagined. When the night ends with a steamy one-night stand, Tatum doesn’t think she’ll ever see him again. Tatum soon discovers Phoenix is the star pitcher for the L.A. Cats, the team her dad coaches. Unable to stay away from each other, Phoenix proposes an offer Tatum cannot refuse – a no strings attached relationship. The only problem is, her dad had already told the players that his daughter was off-limits. Can they keep their secret hidden? Or will they unexpectedly fall for each other? *** “Coach gave a warning to the team saying that you’re off limits.” “I don’t care about his warning. I want you, Nico.” Nico’s bright eyes darken a shade. “F*ck it,” Nico grunts, attaching his lips to mine. The Coach’s Daughter is created by Chloe Higgins, an eGlobal Creative Published signed author.

Chloe Higgins · Contemporary Romance
43 Chs


[Edited] She was called weak; she was treated like she never existed, but she would never let anyone treat her like trash ever again! Scarlett, the only daughter of King Zyen, ruler of the paradise, as they call it, because it floats in the sky like the heavens, is disowned and sent to Earth for her weakness. What happens when she's mated the creature she has always detested the most and he leaves her for a common human? Would she let the darkness, which has been calling out to her, take over as the dark queen? What happens when her mate starts looking for her after finding out how powerful she became? Would her father have any choice but to swallow his pride and beg his so-called weak daughter for help?

Excelhights · Fantasy Romance
72 Chs

Getting a Technology System in Modern Day

For others it takes dying and reincarnating for them to get a system but what happens when you get one without dying? Aron Michael is an average student set to graduate within a week, but he was expelled for a random reason. Due to that, he had heavy student debt and no diploma to help him earn the money to pay it back. But one day he got a system that called itself the [Advanced Tech System]. follow the story to watch him develop from your average Joe to him being the owner of the largest company in the world. PS: The image, is not mine found on Pinterest contact for credit or removal.

Agent_047 · Sci-fi
124 Chs

Pregnant with Twins: Poison Doctor Consort is Too Hard to Please

Shocking! The seventh daughter of the Su family was supposed to marry the ninth prince after she found herself pregnant, but she ran away on the night of her wedding! Su Qian, a gifted doctor, transmigrated as the joke of the town? Let's watch how she'd take on the world with her daughter and reclaim everything that belonged to her! Did people say she was an ugly loser? How funny! She was skilled in both medicine and poison, and she could revive the dead. She could even manipulate five types of poisonous insects. Since then, people started claiming she was the source of all things evil. Anyone who went against her would eventually beg for forgiveness on their knees. She also had a son and a daughter to protect her. They pampered her in every way possible. "My mother is emotional. Please don't make her upset." After saying that, Su Qian's son beat a prince up for insulting her. "My mother isn't very brave. She's easily bullied." After saying that, Su Qian's daughter beat Su Qian's stepsister up and reclaimed the family inheritance on her behalf. One day, their father showed up and stopped them from entering the room. He stakes his claim, "I'll pamper my own wife. Step aside."

Zither Carp · Historical Romance
105 Chs

After Being Framed by Her Family, She was Pampered by a CEO from a Rich Family

Jing Yao slept with the CEO from a rich family who was rumored to stay away from women. She even got pregnant. Jing Yao grew up not receiving any love from her parents. Although she and her sister were twins, she looked nothing like her older sister. Her parents favored her older sister. Jing Yao was forced to start working at a young age, while her sister could stay at home and do nothing. Jing Yao had to pay her own tuition fees. A single purse her sister owned cost several tens of thousand. Not only that, but her older sister even got together with her fiance, whom she had been engaged to since they were children. Formally speaking, Jing Yao was the second sister in the family. However, in reality, she was so poor that she couldn't even pay her own rent. Her family had never shown her any care or affection. For the sake of her older sister's marriage, Jing Yao's biological mother set her up by making her drink with an investor. She was even drugged. Fortunately, she was alert enough to run away. However, she ran in the wrong direction. As a result, she ended up sleeping with Liang Xun. After returning home, Jing Yao's mother yelled at her. Her jerk of a fiance humiliated her. Jing Yao called off the wedding on the spot. Ever since then, she left the Jing family. Later, Liang Xun found out Jing Yao was pregnant. He approached her and asked her to marry him. However, Jing Yao rejected him. Liang Xun directly offered 100 million as her wedding gift, and she eventually agreed. Rumors began to spread on the internet. Jing Yao, a female celebrity who recently gained popularity, was rumored to have gotten involved in her older sister's relationship. Some even said she was Liang Xun's sugar baby. Despite being criticized, Jing Yao published a positive post in response. "I don't have an older sister, and I am Liang Xun's sugar mommy." Liang Xun immediately commented on her post. "My wife is right."

Chocolate Lover · Contemporary Romance
105 Chs

The Tale Of Our Love

How many people are content with what they are doing in their life? perhaps a few. Su Li happens to be one of them who is happy with her life as an event planner. She is not a millionaire or anything like that, nor does she wants to be. She just wants to live like this. However, nothing in life goes according to plan. Through a chain of some unexpected encounters her life gets tangled with one of the richest man in the country. It is said that first impression is your last impression, and unfortunately their first impression of each other wasn't a good one. Qin Feng needs to help Su Li build an business empire to get his inheritance and to gain full control over his companies, this clause was written in his grandfather's will. He thought he will be over with it very quickly until Su Li refused to comply.

Altansarnai · Contemporary Romance
57 Chs

Alter Dimension: Lucky Dungeon Master

Alex, a young man with ambition but unfortunate life. He grew up as an orphan and from a very young age, learned to stand on his own feet. Barely making a living by searching through the dumpsite for things that could be sold. One day, when he came back home from the dumpsite, Alex decided to rest on the new sofa that he got from the dumpsite just the other day. But unexpectedly something magical happened to him. A stone inlaid on the sofa suddenly brought him to an alternate dimension! And there, Alex rise started, controlling the luck of the world. Everything runs through his favor. Whenever a problem comes up, it gets solve unknowingly. When he lacks money, gold suddenly fell down from the sky. Opening a treasure chest will always give great rewards. Lottery is nonsense, he will win no matter what. When a strong monster is about to kill him, it will trip on a rock and have its head explode, dying by itself. That's how against the sky he is! From then on, Alex became known as 'Fortune', the one who controls luck!

YouthGod · Fantasy
122 Chs

MMORPG: Rise of the Primordial Godsmith

Regret filled Valyr as he witnessed Earth before him crumble into nothingness. Although he and the others had done everything they could, their efforts were all for naught as they stood powerless to stop the inevitable, causing billions upon billions of innocent lives to perish in the cold and unwelcoming darkness of space. Indignant at the outcome, Valyr asked the heavens above to give him a second chance, a chance wherein he would make sure the inevitable didn’t happen. Though he knew that the likelihood of it happening was slim to none, surprisingly… The heavens answered. Opening his eyes, he swiftly found out his wish had been granted, in more ways than one at that. Not only was he brought back to the time where everything had yet to unfold, he was also reborn as an NPC in the game where everything started and everything ended. The True Immersion VRMMORPG, Greater Beyond. Utilizing his newfound advantages, in conjunction with his knowledge of the game and its various versions from his previous life, Valyr was going to make sure that what happened before wouldn’t happen again. And all of that began… With him picking up the Blacksmith class. ---------------------------------- Goals: Reach Top 80 in PS ranking - 1 extra chapter every 500 GT - 1 extra chapter Release rate: 14 ch/wk. (max of 7 bonus chapters per week) --------------------------------- Join the Greater Beyond server: https://discord.gg/FU7fdYwaau

TrueDawn · Video Games
442 Chs

The Son Of Ragnar

One must see through the deceit of one's very own truth. Do you believe in the Old Gods? This story follows the life of a young African boy, who was ripped from the life he had known and thrown into an unforgiving one where a single mistake could cost him everything. Being branded a "thrall", he was to be sold but an unforeseen event swept him ashore in the heart of the Norsemen, the Vikings. What fate has the Gods chosen for this child? is it one of salvation or one of destruction? ****THIS IS NOT A FANFIC****

Kelvin_A · History
333 Chs

Sweet Marriage; Divorced my scum husband and married his Uncle...

**Important notice...** ------This novel is written with two couple Characters Lead, Please check on the tags, I said weak to strong, the female lead isn't strong from the word go, she progresses as time goes by, so don't tell me my character is dump, I have already mentioned it several times, you either read her progressing or don't------------ Zhou Meili gets married to a man because that was her father's last request and wish, but the man decided to divorce her after six months into the marriage. She feels disheartened and thus decided to have a few drinks where she ends up being entangled with a mysterious man, Master Mu, not only does he shoo her away but he decides to own her and thus her second marriage happens unexpectedly... What would happen when she suddenly realizes that she is pregnant with him? #####Hello Readers... Any material here if it's a song lyric or fashion or perfume will be my own creation... and original.###### ****Not mentioned tag, Bromance..."**** *The cover isn't mine and the credit goes to the owner if you are the owner and wants me to pull it down, let me know...*

Kim_Li_0078 · Contemporary Romance
227 Chs

Online Game: You Call Him A Newbie?

# VR With the invasion of foreign races, the online game, Divine Realm, fused with reality and caused the real world to become digitalized. Everyone could awaken their own talent and raise their levels and strengths inside Divine Realm to defend themselves against foreign races. During the invasion, Lin Feng, a divine level expert of the Dragon Country, was betrayed and murdered by Qianye Yuan, the divine level guardian of the Island Country. After his death, Lin Feng woke up and realized that he had reincarnated back to the time just before he entered college, a day before the talent test for the Divine Realm game. He had awakened the SSS-grade talent, All Methods Known, that no one had ever seen before. He could master the abilities of every class and could use experience points to level up his abilities. To make it even better, there was no growth limit for his abilities. [Jade Emperor’s Immortal Body: Double all basic attributes with each level up.] [Space Traveller: Able to move freely through spaces (500 + 50% magic attack) x Skill Level / Effect Range.] [Frozen Ice Shard: Launch an ice spear. The ice spear will explode after hitting an enemy, causing 200% magical damage to the enemy. The ice shards will spread out and damage all enemies within a 30 meters radius, causing 80% magical damage to the enemies. Enemies hit by the skill will be affected by a 50% speed reduction for 1 minute.] [Blazing Tempest: …]

I'm Nine Barrel · Video Games
349 Chs

After Her Engagement Annulled, the Weak Rich Daughter Becomes a Big Shot!

"Push her! You can't let her get back up!" "That's right! You have to straighten out that heinous b*tch!" A goddess of war whose fearsome reputation enveloped East Asia was betrayed and killed. Then, she was reborn as Caroline Lambert, a vulnerable lady with a tarnished reputation in New York City! Despite being the daughter of an important family, her family heavily favored her stepsister, so the bullying and physical abuse were frequent. Her fiancé, who used to woo her fervently, stood before the public with her stepsister in his arms as he declared their engagement annulled, making her a joke amongst the rich and important. Her stepsister was also cunning enough to steal her position and take away all the affection that should have been hers, and smeared her name to the point that she was condemned by everyone! And yet, when the goddess of war reincarnated as Caroline, everything became different! Withstanding the malicious slander, she carved out a new, bloody path. Insults from her family? Attempting to steal her late mother's estate? Caroline issued papers announcing that they had cut all ties, and that her mother's estate would be donated to charity! See here, she would rather donate every coin to charity than keep them for you! They were saying that she was a piece of trash who had nothing going for her? Sorry, but she was a prodigious doctor, a mercenary, a racer, and a top hacker... Though Caroline wanted revenge for the body’s original owner, she inadvertently picked up a sickly, beautiful man. Seeing that he did not have long to live, Caroline agreed to his proposal... Only to find that like her, he was a man with multiple identities that could leave New York shaking once revealed! Caroline: Aren't you supposed to die an early death? Liar! Edwin: It's not a lie. My wife clearly pities me!

Mountain Spring · Romance
214 Chs

Taking Part in a Survival Game with My Brother

Lu Yang, the big-shot of a post-apocalypse world, has transmigrated back to her original world. She soon found out that she was cannon fodder in a novel about showbiz. Her own brother, Lu Mingyu, is one of the many people in love with the female lead. After Lu Mingyu took part in a survival variety show, he became insomniac and paranoid about food every day, becoming widely infamous because of it, with their family falling apart soon after. To avoid that fate, Lu Yang decided to participate in the survival game show with her brother.***Before recording began...Lu Mingyu: My younger sister has been sickly since she was a child, making her weak and dependent. Please take care of her, everyone. But on the first day of the game show, Lu Yang picked up a dart, and with a rushing sound, it shot through a camera, shattering the lenses. Netizens: Please play that again, director! The next day, Lu Yang showed her reflexes by catching hold of a snake's head and tail with perfect, ruthless precision without batting an eye. Netizens were left gaping: you call that sickly, weak, and dependent?! More days passed since, and they realized that Lu Yang was good at everything from scouting a new area, undersea fishing, and processing animals she caught... if survival skills were an exam, she would score full marks!***Paparazzi caught photos of Lu Yang making out in a car with an unidentified man, who turned out to be the heartthrob of local showbiz, Jiang Yanzhou. The entire internet was screaming: Come home already, Lu Mingyu! Your brother from another mother is becoming your brother-in-law! Lu Mingyu, who was sent to a training camp by a certain scheming man: ?!!

Jie Yulu · Romance
161 Chs

The Useless Stepmom Brings Her Kids to Reality TV Shows to Photograph Them

Lin Wan transmigrated into a book and became the stepmother of the male lead. Her husband was an undisputed big shot in commerce and was cold, decisive, and ruthless. Her stepsons were each more eccentric and difficult than the other... until they took part in a variety show as a family. Five families were competing, each of which was perfectly harmonious... Except for Lin Wan's family. Naturally, they were the control group once the variety show aired. Every other family would have scenes of the parents cooking and the children helping adorably, a picturesque sight of family harmony. On the other hand, Lin Wan and her three stepsons ignored each other as they had crackers and ham for their dinners amidst an eerie silence. At night, while the other families went out happily stargazing and moon-watching, Lin Wan and her stepsons told each other horror stories, leaving the viewers petrified! Netizens were flaming as they watched, but they soon noticed that the control group was changing... Even though the eldest son insisted that he disliked his stepmother, he sneaked off to buy her a scarf! The second son declared his favorite person was his father but voted for his stepmother instead! The third son was also caught putting his stepmother's favorite candy below her pillow! The netizens were shocked, but it's true: the tsundere stepsons were extraordinarily close with their stepmother!

Li Shu · Romance
315 Chs

Transmigrated as Fat young missy

Mo Ran, an extremely talented and gorgeous Army doctor, found herself transmigrated into the body of a 130 kilos unfavoured young daughter of Qin family, Qin Yan. Originally with powerful medical and martial arts skills, Mo Ran faced great difficulty dealing with heavy body of Qin Yan. She vowed to loose weight and restore her original appearance. No matter how difficult it was, she was determined. Her vicious mother and white lotus sister stood shocked seeing the changes in Qin Yan but the faceslapping had just begun. Her plans were perfect but a little bun suddenly intervened.. "I like Sister Yan. Dad, I want to live with Sister Yan." The CEO of Xi Corporation, the richest business magnate in the country said, "We both Father and son like you. Come home with us." FL : Strong and determined. ML : Crafty and shrewd.

_Shining_Soul_001 · Contemporary Romance
356 Chs

A Military Doctor Became a Stepmom in Ancient Times

Ning Yue was a military doctor and a special forces soldier. During a mission to rescue hostages, she died from a bomb explosion. Ning Yue thought she was dead, but when she opened her eyes, she had become a woman in ancient times with the same name but a different surname. This woman’s father was a general, but she lived in the Ning Family Village and was raised by her adoptive parents for more than ten years. A year ago, the people from the general’s residence found her and brought her back. However, they sent her back again a few months later. When the original owner of the body returned to the village, she was pregnant and gave birth to twin sons within a few months. Another year passed, and the year of the great drought was ushered in. The entire village had to flee. The original owner of the body left with the rest of the villagers with her two sons and slow-witted father. In other words, the current special forces soldier, Ning Yue, was an older single young woman who had not experienced the sweetness of love. She had skipped all those steps, and directly became a mother to two children. She also gained the original owner’s dim-witted father and a body that didn’t work and had hunger pangs after starving for two days. But was that all? Don’t be naive! “Don’t eat my daughter! Don’t eat my daughter!” The original owner’s father pleaded. “The older one’s meat is too hard, so it needs to be cooked longer. These two small ones have tender meat, so they only need to be roasted for a while. We’ll eat the big one tomorrow!” Ning Yue, who was now being viewed as food, looked up at the sky and said to herself, “Gee, thanks SO much!”

Dreamy Coffee · Romance
575 Chs

The Dragon King's Chosen Bride

What exactly does it mean to be his bride? *** Every year, in each of the seven villages that made up the great Kingdom of Ignas, a Choosing Ritual was conducted. During this Chosing Ritual, one of the ladies in the village would be chosen to be the dreaded Dragon King's Bride. No one knew exactly why the ritual was being performed every year or what happened to the brides that had been chosen in the past. Was he turning them into slaves? Feeding them to his dragon? Or was he... feeding on them? That couldn't be ruled out. After all, there were rumours that the king wasn't like them, that he wasn't human. Yet the question relentlessly troubled the people's heart. What was he using them for?! But they dared not question the King, afraid of what fate daring to go against him would be. Anyways, none of these was Belladonna's business. Although it was her village's turn to produce a bride this year, she was certain she wouldn't get chosen. Why? Well, because she had a plan and she was absolutely certain it wouldn't fail her... or would it? *** Note - This novel contains mature content. - Cover isn't mine. Full credit to the artist. Should they require that I take it down, I will. __ Want to give me more inspiration? Weekly Goals. 15 golden tickets - 1 bonus chapter. 200 power stones - 1 bonus chapter. ((Please help me meet them, thank you!)) Please check out my other books. 1. The Kings' Human (In a competition, please support). 2. Mated To The King Of Darkness 3. Dangerously Yours Till Eternity. Also, please check out "MOANSTERS // Reverse Harem" if you are interested in Reverse Harem stories. Thank you!

Phinix · Fantasy Romance
233 Chs

The Female Officer Became a Farmer After Getting Reborn

# OMNIPOTENT #MOTIVATION Li Yu, a special forces police officer, was reborn into the body of a teenager who had been abused to death by her fiance’s family in the Great Yong Dynasty. To get revenge on Zhang Guixiang, who had killed the original owner of this body, Li Yu returned to her hometown in the countryside with her younger brother, Li Qing. Li Yu reclaimed the wealth her father had left behind from her former fiance’s family, smashed and countered the Zhang family’s plot against her time and again. When she was hunting in the mountains, she saved Zhou Jia, who was from the next village. Zhou Jia had his eyes on Li Yu, as he prepared to offer his body in return. As the days passed in thriving success, a sudden locust plague came, followed by a war…

Weekly Sick Cat with Nine Lives · Romance
360 Chs