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Under the Oak Tree

The official English translation is finally here! A flawless love story of the flawed. Stuttering lady Maximilian is forced into a marriage with Sir Riftan, but he leaves on a campaign after their wedding night. 3 years later, he triumphantly returns, ready to cherish her. As life with her husband finally begins, she only has one question — does she deserve this love and happiness?

Kim Suji · Fantasy Romance
88 Chs

A Demon Lord's Rebirth

Killed by his family sole enemy, a young demon boy gets reborn by humans in a world filled with Magic, Skills and superpowers. Driven by the lust for revenge and the desire to become powerful, he enrols into Slawdeath Academy; An Academy known for its fame across the world and known for its powerful skills in students. Filled with wrath and bloodshed, he tends to destroy anything that came his way, he had no feelings or emotions as they were all destroyed the day he was killed. His ultimate goal is to become the next Demon Lord! Will he succeed? or will he lose? the answer lies in his hands. Join him on his path of blood-filled adventurers. ------------------- AN: The MC isn't weak mind you! (his powers has been with him right from birth) He wants to become MORE powerful. UPDATE: I don't have a fixed day yet (Please take note) and I can't promise you *an everyday upload* ------------- If you have any questions; https://discord.gg/pzyA2WwTUS DM on discord.

Ruby_banks02 · Fantasy
35 Chs

Volviéndose hermosa luego de la ruptura

La gorda y fea Nora Smith fue el hazmerreír del pueblo cuando su prometido terminó su compromiso. —¡Solo ver tu enorme cara y tus muslos gigantes me repugna! No vuelvas a molestarme —le dijo. —Qué idiota —se burló Nora, dándose la vuelta con los labios curvados en una sonrisa. Más tarde, cuando consigue adelgazar, se convierte en una belleza asombrosa. Su ex prometido se acerca a ella con flores y le ruega: —Me equivoqué, Nora. Estoy dispuesto a hacer cualquier cosa con tal de que vuelvas conmigo. Nora apoya la barbilla en las manos y sonríe mientras responde: —Los hombres de verdad no se quedan en el pasado. —No eres más que una estúpida cargado con tu pasado, Nora. Nadie te querrá excepto yo —amenaza él, enfadado. Pero después de eso... un joven y popular cantante tuitea: [¡Nora Smith es mi diosa!] Un cirujano de renombre internacional pregunta: —¿Estás libre esta noche, Nora? Incluso el rico e influyente galán al que todo el mundo teme interviene y dice: —Puedo cuidar yo mismo de mi mujer y mis hijos, muchas gracias.

Sr. John · Romántico
229 Chs

Love Bloom: A Touch Of Roses

Silver Winner WPC #225 In the Acerradia kingdom, women were stronger and more powerful than men. This was due to a specific gene in their bodies that men couldn't possess. It gave each woman different ability and strength. Hence they ruled the kingdom. Men's duties were mainly to stay at home and look after the family. Come of age and find marry into a good family. They were to be seen but not heard, felt but noticed. This was the way until Princess Ariadne met a man who dared to look her in the eye and talk back at her. The man was not just foolish to challenge her but even went ahead to call her names. She was not going to stand for it. She made him her husband was determined to break him. Princess Ariadne; bent on making Draxan bow to her. Draxan; wants to prove that men are equal to women and anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool. Will the princess succeed in forging Draxan to be like other men or will Draxan win and show that men too are capable. Will their hatred for each other's opinion let their relationship remain merely as strangers or will they grow to love one another? *Cover is not mine and the credit goes to the owner. If he/she wishes to then I will remove it. *

precious_pruddy · Fantasy Romance
34 Chs


21+ Ferio dibesarkan untuk mengikuti jejak ayahnya sebagai Mafia besar. Sampai ayah Ferio meninggalkan dirinya. Dia dibiarkan berjuang sendiri, Ferio terpaksa berjuang untuk mendapatkan sebuah tempat di dunia mafia. Sebagai petarung jalanan yang sangat kejam, Ferio dengan cepat mendapatkan tempatnya sebagai Enforcer baru, seorang pria yang harus ditakuti. Lolita berangan membangun kehidupan yang layak untuk dirinya sendiri, jauh dari ibunya yang seorang pecandu narkoba. Lolita dengan segera menarik perhatian seorang pria berbahaya, yaitu Ferio Fernando. Dia sebisa mungkin menghindari masalah dan menjalani kehidupan normal, tapi hampir tidak mungkin dilakukan oleh pria seperti Ferio. Lolita tahu, dia harus menghindari Ferio, tetapi pria seperti Ferio tidak mudah untuk dilepaskan. Mereka selalu mendapatkan apa yang mereka inginkan. Namun ketertarikannya pada Lolita langsung menguji kesetiaannya yang tak tergoyahkan. Apakah Lolita layak mempertaruhkan semua yang dia perjuangkan, dan akhirnya harus mempertaruhkan nyawanya?

Richard_Raff28 · Romansa Kontemporer
132 Chs

CEO's Runaway Mate and Her Cubs

It's hard to win when your competition is small, cute, and calls your (future) wife their mommy. Lara spent six years doing odd jobs to sustain her five-year-old kids. She fled from her birth town after noticing some of her children's weird habits. They growl when they fight, and their teeth can cut the skin like it's nothing. They prefer meat when it's cooked raw. They howl at the moon when they don't want to sleep. However, they're her children. She's been on the run ever since to protect them. She knows nothing about the stranger she met that day and whom she spent the night with. Even the details are blurry in her mind, except for that weird, compelling attraction that brought them together. When she scores an interview at the most prestigious company in Norwich City, she thinks her life will turn for the better. Until she meets him again. Nathaniel Woods, Alpha Nate, is the CEO of LY Corp. A fated night of six years ago, he found his true mate. Unfortunately, that woman fled after their passionate night, leaving no traces for him to follow. A twist of fate makes them meet again, and he's settled on not letting her escape. But this time, she's not alone. There are two pups with her, growling and fighting, firmly set on not letting him get to their mommy. WARNINGS: Possessive male lead and even more possessive little buns. Slight misunderstandings, not too annoying (hopefully). The male lead is doting, but life is difficult with two jealous pups preventing him from wooing his (future) wife. The story follows other characters along with the leads. Smut content (signaled at the beginning with a warning). Werewolves are a little different from usual, so please bear with my version of the trope ;) If you can't stand too much cuteness, do not open this book. If you're allergic to dog fur, stay further away. Characters here are wolves, but some of them grow ears and tail when they're excited (or claws when they feel threatened). This book is dedicated to all the parents single-handedly raising their cubs *** Cover made by Vatarison.Art

xiaohai_23 · Contemporary Romance
144 Chs

Guide to raise my cutie husbands

Yu Dong , a cultivator from the zombie apocalypse transmigrated over to another world after she died fighting a mob of zombies - the moment she opened her eyes , someone told her that her wife was giving birth - Yu Dong was stunned , she hurriedly reached to touch her chest , to check whether or not she was still a woman - the two perky mounds told her she was - instantly she looked at her bottom , she wanted to check whether or not she was a ‘ real woman ,’ but before she could - she was hauled to where her wife was giving birth - and what she saw made her want to pass out again - Because her wife was a man ! And she didn’t have just one wife but three ! Yu Dong looked at the man who was groaning on the bed and nearly blacked out- whatever at least she didn’t have to chop zombies for living , right ?

fairytail72 · Historical Romance
99 Chs

Tavern in Another Dimension:Getting the Elf Queen Drunk at the Start

#elves #lighthearted #slice of life Su Cha transmigrated to a fantasy world, inherited a tavern, and activated a system! First mission completed — renovate the taverns — Lafite red wine formula rewarded, hundred times speed up in the wind cellular! Second mission completed — served a hundred customers and received good reviews — Budweiser beer formula rewarded! The third mission, fourth mission…… As the tavern expanded rapidly, not only did our MC bring in fine wine, he also brought in all kinds of cultural influences from the modern era. This alternate world was starting to turn a little strange. Inside the tavern, the elegant elf queen fell in love with rock music, she picked up an electric guitar and started screaming and howling. The orcs, the knight, and the sorcerer sat down at the table and started a round of Texas poker, soon getting all worked up against each other. A famous wizard raised up his Budweiser beer and muttered, “Don’t ask how much I can drink, all I want is another gin!” …

45 Degrees North-East · Fantasy
147 Chs

Evolving into a Great Dragon From a Koi Fish

Spiritual energy ecovery brought about fundamental changes throughout the entire world, and posed an imminent threat to it. Chen Yang died in an accident and reincarnated to become a tiny koi fish inside the fish tank in his own home. Just as Chen Yang complained about the unfairness of destiny, he awakened the Evolution System. Thus, with his sister’s feeding, Chen Yang started his insane evolution. As the whole world sank deep into apocalypse, Chen Yang descended from the skies to crush everything. He had evolved from a tiny koi fish to a gargantuan dragon. “This world shall be ruled by me!” When the fish playing in the waters was frightened by the net, it jumped over the Dragon’s Gate to become a real dragon. This is a story of how a loli raised a giant dragon, and dominated everything.

Eternal Dream · Fantasy
248 Chs

The Countess and Her Knight

A Dark Crest Novel ------------------------------- After getting engaged to a man she's never met. Caroline moves to the Van Estate, where she realizes that her husband to be, is not who he seems. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- "Caroline!" The voice of her pursuer calls out to her, as she turns down the darkly lit corridor, hoping to elude them. But the footsteps only get closer, and closer. She runs down the end of the corridor, to a crossroad. "Right or left?" The footsteps get closer. "Was the exit right or left?!" She thinks to herself, as the voice once again calls out to her. "Caroline! Come out, come out, wherever you are!" "Right!" She turns down the right corridor and runs as fast as she's able. As she gets closer, a bright light shines through. Causing her to almost leap with joy, she had chosen the right way! Or at least that's what she had thought. As she gets closer she realizes that this is in fact a dead end. The light was coming from a window; taking up the majority of the wall. She turns to go back, but she's met with a familiar pair of vibrant, purple eyes, staring back at her from the end of the hallway. She freezes in fear, as the figure grins, and calmly walks towards her. "Found you." ---------------------------------------------------------------------- For Updates follow me on Instagram @xx_kiyah_writes_xx

Kiyah · Historical Romance
33 Chs

The Arcadia System

In the world of Arcadia, everything moves in a linear fashion. Everything was ordained to be by the hands of time. But what if it was all changed by the most inconspicuous thing one could possibly imagine? What if a teeny-weeny cat was inserted into the grand chess of the world, making waves that something of its size shouldn't? Reve was just your ordinary cat. However, a trip to uncharted territory sent his life into a hellhole. Now he must leave his comfort zone. Now, he must survive. Now, he must aspire! Join Reve on his adventure to be the greatest cat there ever was! ........ This is my latest work. Quick tip: The story really kicks off after chapter 30. Everything else is a setup. This is my server invite ->> https://discord.gg/zkwwHkSwAd. Join if you want to be a part of my novel's community

Purple_Khaos · Fantasy
139 Chs

Reborn to become a heavenly serpent.

Being reborn into another world with a brand new life which is a small snake. Hiro ventured his path onto the unknown, as he slowly unveiled the truth of his existence. Let it be the world that stood below him... as he strode further onto the realm of beyond. (Dying is one thing but now being reborn into another world... he needed to act accordingly to survive) English is my third language and such if dear readers notice any grammatical errors. Please do point it out. I'm willing to fix it and I will keep enriching my writing style. I do not own the thumbnail. if you are the creator of this art please do let me know then I will take it down. I couldn't find the original creator of this... Personal update schedule. : IT'S UP TO ME

Evertruth727_ · Fantasy
59 Chs

The Evolution Chronicles

Mian is the castaway of a dying, if not already dead pack of demi-humans. Dumped in the middle of the forest, he is found by the Patriarch of a flourishing band of demi-humans. Unfortunately for him, he just happened to be different from them in almost every way. Mian's senses are weaker than the average demi-human's. Mian's strength is below average, Mian's resistance to illness is below average, Mian's toxins can barely hurt a fly. Worst of it all, Mian just has to look different from the others. The Freak of the pack. One day, a mysterious rock crashes into the outer territories of the pack's lands, prompting a group to be sent out to investigate. Mian is accidentally placed in the group and has to go out. Upon getting there, Mian's life changes, never to be the same ever again, as he gains access to something no one else has - Evolution. --- Silver WPC winner! 30 Power Stones for a bonus chapter! Support me at ko-fi.com/nilo_a Join my discord server for updates and advance notices on events! https://discord.gg/Q2svN2a6GR

Nilo_A · Fantasy
133 Chs

Unscientific Beast Taming

Shi Yu woke up one day in a world built on the foundation of Beast Taming, where powerful monsters roam and great societies formed around the Beast Tamers who tame them. After concluding that he'd been reincarnated because he was good looking, he put his skills as a mythology expert to use, aiming to become a professional Beast Tamer so he wouldn't be poor again in this life. Thankfully, he had been reborn with a trump card in this life, a Skill Index that broke certain rules of the Beast Taming world. Starting from zero by secretly copying and teaching skills to domestic and wild beasts alike, Shi Yu stepped on the path of Beast Tamers as he raised a bunch of logic-defying and unreasonably strong beast pets... Key Words: Beasts, Beast Pets, Pets, Summoning

Sounding Stream · Eastern Fantasy
120 Chs

Ciuman Hangat Bos Arogan

Warning 21+ Bijaklah Dalam Memilih Bacaan! Cerita ini hanyalah fiktif belaka Kehilangan wanita yang dicintainya telah membuat hati seorang Ryan Fernandez beku. Ia mulai berubah dan mempermainkan banyak wanita untuk kesenangan semata. Hingga tak jarang para wanita itu datang ke rumahnya dan meminta pertanggungjawaban dari Ryan Fernandez. Namun suatu hari, ada seorang wanita berhasil mencairkan dan menjerat hatinya. Menghadirkan sebuah perasaan yang cukup besar, membuat sosok Ryan Fernandez benar-benar ingin memiliki wanita yang dipanggilnya 'My Angel.' "Batalkan seluruh janjimu hari ini dan temani aku semalam saja, My Angel! Aku pasti akan memberikan berapa pun yang kamu inginkan." Ryan Fernandez. "Terima kasih atas tawarannya. Saya tidak ada waktu untuk menemani Anda. Permisi!" My Angel. Siapakah sosok wanita itu? Bagaimana wanita itu bisa menjerat hati seorang pria seperti Ryan Fernandez?

Lenna_Cristy · Romansa Kontemporer
238 Chs

Epic of Vampire Dragon: Reborn As A Vampire Dragon With a System

After dying miserably, Chaos suddenly finds himself reborn in the body of a chimera between a Vampire and a Dragon created by an insane Elder Lich who claims to be his father. Thrown into a an universe filled with darkness, monsters, dungeons, and gods, he finds himself born as the calamity of the entire galaxy, the primordial evil, an entity that shouldn't exist! Packed 100 Million Mana, a cold-headed mind, a calm demeanor, and the power of both Vampires and Dragons developing within his chimeric body, Chaos will awaken his Chaos Magic, and gain Skills from the monsters that he eats, bringing forth the end of all those that dare come to take his life! This is the tale of the Devourer of Worlds, the Living Calamity, the Primordial Evil, Chaos! But was he all of this? Or was Chaos misunderstood? Watch as Chaos discovers the truth about his origins, and finds a purpose in his new life, and the fate that awaits him! 7 Chapters a week + Extra Chapters based in Golden Tickets and Powerstones, both are accumulative, if both requirements are met. ----- 50 Golden Tickets = +1 extra chapters per week 100+ Golden Tickets = +2 extra chapters per week 200+ Golden Tickets = +3 extra chapters per week 300+ Golden Tickets = +4 extra chapters per week 400+ Golden Tickets = +5 extra chapters per week ----- Amazing cover by dini_galeri Join the discord! https://discord.gg/JmEne5zHdt

PancakesWitch · Fantasy
365 Chs

The Real Young Miss's Secret Identities Revealed

After the real daughter of the Jiang family fell sick, she became stupid and insisted on marrying the cold-blooded, cruel, and crippled Fu Jiu. Mother Jiang said, "So be it. She's a good-for-nothing anyway. I only asked her to marry in place of my sister." Father Jiang: "After you marry him, remember to ask 9th master to help your sister find a better marriage." The fake heiress said, "Sob, I feel so sorry for Sister, but… if you get beaten to death by the 9th master, the Fu family will compensate us a lot of money, right? I'm looking forward to it." Jiang Li sneered. She bid farewell to her hypocritical family and brought her shabby dowry to the Fu family. After having been reborn once, she knew very well that Fu Jiu was the only person who treated her well. Everyone was waiting for Jiang Li to be beaten to death. Finally, one day, she was photographed by reporters and posted online. "It's all your fault! You used so much force last night! The Jiang family is going to laugh at me again!" Fu Jiuxiao said, "With me around, no one will dare to laugh at you. Moreover, I will make them pay back tenfold for the pain that the Jiang family has caused you!"

Happy Number One · Romance
407 Chs

Balance and Chaos: Changing my damned fate

Kidnapped by a goddess, and sent to a dangerous world. Xin Feng, as punishment for defying his fate, was sent to another world. In the body of a mortal servant, task to do gruesome physical labor. That was his destiny~ [Character status modification….] [Complete…] [Show Character’s status? Yes/No] ‘Uhm… Yes.’ [initializing...] *Ding! *Connection Ready* [Greetings, child of Chaos. I am You. You are me. I am Balance, and you are the speck of Chaos that still needs to grow...] [Good luck...] Watch how our main character Xin Feng cracks the mysteries of the dangerous yet strange world. Follow his journey, as he grows stronger to find his way back home, and to get revenge on the goddess that had dragged him away from his peaceful life. From the mysteries of immortality, magic, and evolution; to the existence of dangerous beasts and anomalies. -Why do they exist? -How did humans survive them? -And who controls it all? The strings shall be connected, eventually. Balance will return, and the great Chaos that happens in every corner, will become one with Balance again.

Sir_WendoS · Fantasy
206 Chs

I Became The Strongest In The Multiverse

"It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves." Oh, how the truth would beg to differ. Humanity was forced to acknowledge that they were the lowest among the countless civilizations existing in the universe. For years, they kept fighting an uphill battle against far more advanced intergalactic civilizations in virtually stimulated arenas... with real world consequences. And they kept fighting on, all while depending on the teenage pilots of the giant guardian mechs dubbed Regalia to win their war. Amidst all that, stood Arnold Tilgen, who had no interest in joining the war, let alone saving humanity. To him, both the enemies and the humans were worthless. Yet, the cycle of fate pulled him into the chaos, thrusting him into the madness of the virtual war. He was thrown into the fray with a powerful system that forced him to become involved despite his will. And thus, his quest began. To break away from his unforgiving destiny, to become the strongest in the multiverse. ... [Current Featured Character In Cover: Arnold Tilgen] [Around 70% of the lore is explained in between Chapter 90 to 99, with the actual system appearing in chapter 101. If anyone is confused or wants to be spoiled, you can read those first.] [Slow and confusing beginning, so please be patient.] Tags: #virtualreality #zombies #apocalypse #overpowered protagonist #romance #beautiful female lead #strategy #inventions #action #mystery #aliens #war #alternative universe #MC strong from the start #space #level-up #tragedy

TahsinHossain · Sci-fi
190 Chs

Noob Player

Tribe Online, a VRMMORPG created by joint companies Sky Corporation, making it the only VRMMORPG in the world. Sky had a big ambition, they wanted to create a second world by creating Tribe Online. A world where people could build a new country, kingdom, or people could be an adventurer to explore the vast world within Tribe Online. People were excited by the new release Tribe Online, not just the professional players but the game enthusiast too. They joined the game with ambition and passion. Yang Shen too joined the game for his passion, to fulfill his mother's last wish. A desperate attempt as he could never fulfill his mother's last wish in the real world.

HotIce · Video Games
134 Chs