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The Space Spoon

Humans, robots, aliens, and energy life forms, all tend to like Tejeda for his easy-going personality, not knowing what lies beneath his ever-changing face. He is a Nubilae, a shapeshifting race known for their insanity. But Tejeda appears carefree and often amused even in the most perilous situations. His one-of-a-kind weapon of choice is a spoon, an old utensil that no one remembers anymore ever since eating has become obsolete. You will laugh at him. You will be scared by him. You will enjoy every step of his journey if you are a bit as crazy as he is. Join me on Discord: https://discord.gg/QNZtVmVWc5 My website: https://helenbold.com

HelenBold · Sci-fi
54 Chs

Candy Of A Mafia Leader

James Harristian, aka James Belgenza, is the mafia leader of Daga Nero, a splinter group of the oldest famous mafia families in Naples. Apart from his powerful ruler of the town who controlled the underground weapon industry in Europe, James was also an owner of a successful high-tech motor company in the world. One day, James was deceived in a scam dinner had by his mistress. It was strived to kill him, but somehow, he escaped. Being trapped in gunshots with his enemy, a flower girl saves James' life from his shameful miserable dying. Delilah is a flower girl who runs a small flower shop in an alley in Naples, Italy. She thought innocently by helping James to get to the hospital without wondering who James Belgenza was. When James has another chance to breathe, he does not feel grateful to his savior unless to kidnaps her. Unfortunately, Delilah turns out to be a guaranty of her father's debt, which fleeced off unable to pay. Therefore, James intentionally kept Delilah in his mansion and added more debts to confine her forever. What will happen when the debt is only a plot to kill James and Delilah is a pawn? Meanwhile, James falls for Delilah, who tried hard to pay her unpaid debt. Read it to find how Delilah wants to leave James, but he traps her into love. *** "W-What do you want?" Delilah asked as she was caged in the wall by James. "I want to see the girl who saved me. Do you know who I am?" James sharply gazed up at Delilah's blue eyes. Delilah innocently shook her head to him. "From now on, call me, Mr. J." WARNING FOR 21+ SMUT SCENE (THIS STORY IS PART OF THE SEVEN WOLVES SERIES) Please bear with my English since it is not my first language, I hope you enjoy reading it. Have fun! follow me on IG: @nandastrand, FB: @NandaStrand

Andromeda_Venus · Contemporary Romance
59 Chs

Surviving the Apocalypse While Being Tempted by an Elf and a Dark Elf

On an apparent normal Sunday, Luke suddenly woke up after hearing a voice warning him of something weird. After assuming that it was just a bizarre dream, he felt an earthquake that nearly destroyed his dormitory. As if things weren't odd enough, a zombie suddenly appears in his room and targets him. Somehow, Luke survived several encounters against the zombies thanks to his skill Weapon Augmentation, but then he suddenly finds a mini-sized elf and a mini-sized dark elf telling him that they want to help. After a stranger offer, Luke learns that something very big is happening with the planet, and now he will have to find the strength to fight against zombies and all kinds of weird creatures that want his neck... he will do all that while avoiding being tempted by those two very suspicious elves. The story, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this production are fictitious. No identification with actual persons (living or deceased), places, buildings, and products is intended or should be inferred.

ExSoldierLv99 · Video Games
176 Chs

I Love My Professor

21+ Dalam kehidupan di dunia ini, banyak sekali hal yang tak terduga. Kisah seorang pria straight yang akhirnya tak disangka-sangka bisa menjadi seorang gay. Profesor Daniel Rowandy sangat dibenci dan ditakuti oleh semua muridnya. Dia sangat tegas, pendiam dan sangat kejam sekali. Dia tidak pernah sama sekali mau memberi keringanan jika ada kesalahan dan sama sekali tidak memiliki kesabaran kepada murid-muridnya. Samuel William adalah seorang anak berusia dua puluh tahun yang berjuang untuk menghidupi adik perempuannya setelah kematian orang tua mereka. Di ambang kehilangan beasiswa, Samuel menjadi sangat putus asa dan takut untuk pergi menemui Profesor Daniel Rowandy. Semua orang bilang Rowandy sama sekali tidak punya hati. Semua orang bilang dia adalah bajingan yang kejam. Samuel mendapati apa yang dikatakan semua orang ternyata memang benar. Samuel membuat kesepakatan dengan Daniel, tetapi secara tidak terduga, kesepakatan itu berubah menjadi sesuatu yang lebih dari itu. Sesuatu yang membuat jantung dan seluruh tubuh menjadi nyaman dan membuat Samuel ketagihan. Sesuatu yang tidak diinginkan oleh Daniel dan Samuel. Bagaimana kisah Profesor dan muridnya ini, jangan ketinggalan setiap Bab nya ya....

Richard_Raff28 · LGBT+
73 Chs

Not a Choice

Born with a beautiful face, intelligence above average, and existing liked by many people is not always a guarantee to make life filled with happiness and always get love from everyone. That's what a 17-year-old girl, Nadia Arsa Wijaya's feels. The beautiful girl has a very kind and polite personality to anyone, but all of that makes her hated by the people around her including her stepsister and even her biological father as well. However, since the arrival of a teenage boy named Rafandra Mahardika, everything has changed. Rafa made Nadia realize that only one can determine the future without the intervention of others. Nadia, who originally always received all the harsh treatment from her stepbrother, began to dare to fight against her. Will Nadia turn things around because of Rafandra? Or does Rafa's presence make Nadia's life worse? Read more here... :) Story'by : Wintermyne Art by : Pinterest

Wintermyne · Teen
26 Chs

Online Game: My Health Point Has No Limits

"It was the year 2030 AD. The origin universe game “Divine Revelation” made its grand debut. In this game, the in-game currency could be exchanged for real money, which attracted countless players. Even countries were getting ready to enter the game. But no one knew that Li Yi who had fallen in the War of the Gods returned to this very day when the game was launched with ten years worth of memories from the game. And this time, Li Yi received the SSS Rank Talent - Blood Devour. [SSS Rank Talent, Blood Devour: After slaying any creature, the player would gain 1% fixed Health Point, and life regeneration speed. The effect of this talent can be stacked indefinitely] [Notification: You slew an LV1 Sika Deer, received 1 HP, 0.01 HP regeneration/second] [Notification: You slew an LV5 Elite Goblin, received 7 HP, 0.07 HP regeneration/second] [Notification: You slew an LV10 Legendary Boss - Aoi Flame Green Dragon, received…...] From them, an invincible being who had a health bar even longer than bosses were added to the game. “Report: Li Yi is cheating, the HP of the entire dungeon’s monsters added together is still less than his!” “Report: We attacked Li Yi with the joined force of a 1000 players army, but he only lost a slither of health!” “Report: Please tell me, how are we supposed to attack the city with Li YI standing in front of its gates?” Many years later, when the game started to fuse with reality, and the War of the Gods began, Li Yi stood at the front alone and faced the gods of the worlds. Only then did the players wake up, “Dear Sir, we’re begging you, please have even more HP!”"

Foreign Region King · Video Games
93 Chs

The Arcadia System

In the world of Arcadia, everything moves in a linear fashion. Everything was ordained to be by the hands of time. But what if it was all changed by the most inconspicuous thing one could possibly imagine? What if a teeny-weeny cat was inserted into the grand chess of the world, making waves that something of its size shouldn't? Reve was just your ordinary cat. However, a trip to uncharted territory sent his life into a hellhole. Now he must leave his comfort zone. Now, he must survive. Now, he must aspire! Join Reve on his adventure to be the greatest cat there ever was! ........ This is my latest work. Quick tip: The story really kicks off after chapter 30. Everything else is a setup. This is my server invite ->> https://discord.gg/zkwwHkSwAd. Join if you want to be a part of my novel's community

Purple_Khaos · Fantasy
139 Chs

The Evolution Chronicles

Mian is the castaway of a dying, if not already dead pack of demi-humans. Dumped in the middle of the forest, he is found by the Patriarch of a flourishing band of demi-humans. Unfortunately for him, he just happened to be different from them in almost every way. Mian's senses are weaker than the average demi-human's. Mian's strength is below average, Mian's resistance to illness is below average, Mian's toxins can barely hurt a fly. Worst of it all, Mian just has to look different from the others. The Freak of the pack. One day, a mysterious rock crashes into the outer territories of the pack's lands, prompting a group to be sent out to investigate. Mian is accidentally placed in the group and has to go out. Upon getting there, Mian's life changes, never to be the same ever again, as he gains access to something no one else has - Evolution. --- Silver WPC winner! 30 Power Stones for a bonus chapter! Support me at ko-fi.com/nilo_a Join my discord server for updates and advance notices on events! https://discord.gg/Q2svN2a6GR

Nilo_A · Fantasy
135 Chs

Your Father is My Husband (English)

The story of Binar Chavili, a young energetic girl who is famous as the daredevil in their whole University. She has two other best friends, named  Bianca Chastine and Belva Bidelia. They are famous as Triple B. their lives full of adventure and chasing every treacherous man. No one knows about the reason behind all of this, because she experiences it first hand in her life. However, it makes her father get really angered with her daughter's doing. Fated takes turn into Binar life when Adnan Raymond show up in her life. He takes her hand into marriages life. Apparently, Life surprised her with the appearance of Marcello Raymond, her husband adopted son. Is Binar can survive and stay with Adnan Raymond in their marriage? Or she decides to go back to her first love, Marcello Raymond?

macan_nurul · Contemporary Romance
274 Chs


This is a story about Lee Jieun a medical college student who have a weak heart since birth, magically recovered after her father coincidently met a mysterious man 10 years ago. One day, she suddenly become an experiment by the college special science department secret research (at least that what she think of at first) after she accidently drinking some 'special' medicine. After that, everytime she sleeping at night she will get a dream. The dream that she had each night seems real enough. New people, new surrounding with some 'magic power' really confuses her but, how come people in there know her like she’s been there for the whole time? Her confuse life of course began more chaos when she met Eun Woo. A perfect handsome young man with warm and cold personalities. He is one of the famous 6 children of The King's in that 'Dream Land'. More shocking! The man also is her fiancée that she never thought she has! How these never cross fate becomes a fate to each other? And how they overcome their love-hate relationship and in the end help each other? [COVER BOOK IS MINE]

Aira_Rin · Fantasy Romance
178 Chs

Penjaga Sang Dewi

WARNING FOR 21+ Siapa yang mau dituduh sebagai pria gay padahal kenyataannya ia memiliki seorang pacar wanita? Itulah yang dialami oleh Alrescha June Winthrop Harristian, seorang pemilik label rekaman dan perusahaan entertainment ternama, Skylar Labels. Oleh karena itu, ia membayar seorang wanita untuk kencan semalam demi membuktikan pada teman-temannya jika dia adalah pria normal. Sampai di tengah kencan, Rei sadar jika gadis yang bersamanya sebenarnya bukan gadis panggilan. Rasa bersalah membuatnya mencoba mencari untuk meminta maaf pada gadis tersebut, namun gadis itu menghilang. Rei terpaksa meminta bantuan asisten pribadi barunya, Axel Clarkson untuk ikut mencari gadis itu. Masalahnya, Rei perlahan malah mulai merasakan suka pada asistennya tersebut. Apakah Rei sebenarnya memang seorang gay? Atau ia hanya terjebak pada perasaan masa lalu dengan cinta pertamanya saat remaja? "Aku rasa ... aku jatuh cinta padamu, Axel!" ujar Rei makin mendekat dan Axel makin mundur ke belakang sampai ia terjebak diantara Rei dan lemari buku. "Pak ..." "Kita bisa menjalin hubungan yang rahasia!" Axel melebarkan matanya dengan bibir terbuka terkejut. (cerita ini merupakan salah satu sekuel dari The Seven Wolves) follow my IG: @nandastrand, FB: @NandaStrand

Andromeda_Venus · Romansa Kontemporer
421 Chs

Survival Zer0

WPC #234 Bronze Award Winner... Inspired by Psycho-Pass and Sword Art Online... Shade has lost the meaning that his life once held. Due to this, he bends to the temptation of the "Old Man" who promises to help him find the answers to all his questions. Unfortunately, Shade finds himself betrayed as he is forced inside of a death game called Survival Zer0 alongside thousands of other players. Now they must complete a total of 20 stages inside the game that forces players to kill one another for survival. With no other choice, Shade must now battle for survival, staining his hands with the blood of his enemies as he seeks to find a way out of the game. Little does he know that the game holds many dangerous secrets that will change his life forever. ***** Updates are at least one chapter per day. Bonus chapters can be given in accordance with the number of power stones or golden tickets received. Key (May be subject to change): 20 PS or 5 GT- 1 Bonus Chapter 50 PS or 10 GT- 2 Bonus Chapters 100 PS or 25 GT- 3 Bonus Chapters

Prince_nonchalant · Video Games
61 Chs

Transmigrated as a Ghost

Dying in a tragic accident Marcus Ferrous gets transferred to a fantasy world of monsters and magic, except when he arrives contrary to what he expected he is now level one and a ghost. Left with nothing on a strange new world, Marcus will struggle with everything he has on his journey to get stronger and uncover the secrets of his new world. Base of 7 chapter a week. 100 Power Stones = +1 extra chapters per week 200 Power Stones = +2 extra chapters per week 350 Power Stones = +3 extra chapters per week 500 Power Stones = +4 extra chapters per week 25 Golden Tickets = +1 extra chapters per week 75 Golden Tickets = +2 extra chapters per week 125 Golden Tickets = +3 extra chapters per week 200 golden Tickets = +4 extra chapters per week Artwork By Radiopaque.

MegaC · Fantasy
320 Chs

Eternal Cultivation of Alchemy

Alex, who had been homeschooled his entire childhood, goes to university where he has his first encounter with Cultivation through a game called Eternal Cultivation. Through an array of coincidences, he comes to learn that making pills is one of the best ways to earn money inside the game. So, he joins an Alchemy sect and learns how to make pills. How far will he go with his incredible talent, luck, and determination? Read and Find out. ********** Read my other books: [ Ultimate Monster Evolution] [ Reincarnated as an Energy with a System ] ********** Disclaimer: The art on the cover does not belong to me and all the credit goes to the original creator. Join my discord: https://discord.gg/HuMaR7EVm7

Snoring_Panda · Video Games
504 Chs

Avatar Online

Skilled, disciplined and merciless. Liu Ye was a perfect killing machine for the underworld when he finally decided to step down and live a normal life. All of that for his lovely little sister who was his only family left. Unfortunately, fate wasn’t on his side. A forgotten debt forces Liu Ye to return to his past life but this time, in a new role. His Ex-lover, the heiress of the local triad, recruits him for something unusual— a VR Game called Avatar Online. Elements? Abilities? Avatar? Follow Liu Ye’s adventure as the world he knew changes upside down! Discord -> https://discord.gg/mFmYwyT Cover - @rossdraws

Piokilek · Video Games
112 Chs

The Wedding Contract

She is the Ice Queen and he is her archenemy. Two industry rivals with a lifetime vengeance gets married !?! Crazzzyyy! ------------------------------- Synopsis "If you ever let anyone touch you... I'll pluck your eyes and eat it for dessert", she murmered in his ears. "Mmmm….", his mind was completely out of the world. She gently stroked his lips with hers, but made sure not to kiss him. He was itching to drag her lips into his. She drove him crazy, but he couldn't do anything about it. "As for the incident with her....", she ignored his parted lips and continued the slow torture. "I'm going to tease you until you break...", the goosebumps now reached his head. "That's…. Your…. Punishment", she uttered each word so carefully, in between every small peck. He clenched his hands, feeling helpless. He wanted to beg right away, but pride ate him away. She slowly let her fingers slip through his hair. While he was enjoying it, she suddenly fisted a handful and nibbled playfully. "Oh, god! You're killing me...…", his voice was a low groan which made her nerves jump up in joy. "What should I do?", she softly whispered, continuing the sweet anguish. "Kiss me!", it was almost inaudible, "Please…..", he said. -------------------------- [All credits of the cover belong to its rightful owner - no intentions of copyright defragmentation. If asked to remove, will do so.]

Ice_Witch · Contemporary Romance
50 Chs

Inverse System

"You can copy the opposite of any power, as long as you make contact with the user." As Rein heard those words, he felt like he finally understood this power he awakened to. This power that had never been heard of before... Abandoned by their mother and orphaned by their renowned father's mysterious death at a young age, Rein and Leona Alister lived alone in a small village happy with nothing but each other's company. At least, that was how it was meant to be... Rein wasn't born with any powers, which wasn't the end of the world since one can manifest to a power later in life. However, in Rein's case, he did not manifest to a normal power. He gained a "System"... One that allowed him to take the powers of others and inverse them to make his own. Fire became Water, Weakness became Strength, Death became Life... Aided by this unfamiliar power, how will he use it to fufill his ambitions and avenge the ones he loved? *Author's Notes* I see a lot of people complaining about the MC being stupid in the beginning. While yes, he isn't the smartest when the novel starts, do keep in mind that he's 10 years old! I wrote it with that in mind, and didn't want to make him too smart in the beginning to exhibit his character development! He doesn't know his own emotions, and is clearly going to develop into someone more methodical in the future. Do keep that in mind!

Wizzez · Fantasy
188 Chs

Mated To The Enemy: Loving The Wolf

As a princess, my life shall be dreamy and full of happiness. Yet, this is not what it’s all about. My name is Tiana, daughter of king ‘Luther Dunkan’ – the dark vampire king, and … Well, I know nothing about my own mother, and I care less about the one who gave up on me when I needed her the most. I’m nearly reaching my 200 years, the legitimate age for me to take hold of my right as a vampire queen. Yet, as a female vampire – I need a male vampire to rule by my side. Though I believe I’m a queen that needs no king by her side, still I have to pick someone. Things shall have to go smoothly, pick a noble, true blood vampire, marry him and rule together, pretend to have your happy ending. See, easy and smooth things were not part of my fate, and I happen to learn that only when I met him - my destined mate.

Khawla_Amini · Fantasy Romance
27 Chs


SHAMELESS : Setelah menjadi korban pemerkosaan dan sembuh dari trauma, Angela Vernon kini hidup damai diselimuti kebahagiaan. Karirnya bagus dan juga dicintai banyak orang. Angela memutuskan untuk bertunangan dengan Noel Smith. Hidupnya sempurna sebelum akhirnya bertemu dengan Lucas Scorgia, presdir 'S Group, donatur terbesar panti asuhan tempatnya bekerja, juga pria yang telah memperkosanya dulu. Angela menghindari Lucas. Namun, menutup mata akan jati diri bukanlah solusi untuk merasa aman. Pria itu berhasil memaksa Angela untuk menghancurkan tombol pengamannya. Keadaan semakin memburuk ketika Noel kembali membisikan cinta untuk Angela yang haus rasa kemanusiaan. "Sekarang, daripada gila, aku memilih untuk menggila saja.” – Angela Vernon. Terinspirasi dari lagu : Such a Whore by JVLA --------- SHAMELESS : BLACK SEA If you can't swim, I heard drowning is the best way to go. Setelah menjalani hari-hari menjadi tahanan rumah, Angela kini harus menghadapi fakta bahwa dia adalah wanita simpanan Lucas. Rasa keinginan untuk hidup bebas masih terus mengalir deras dalam pembuluh darahnya. Ia memutuskan untuk membuat perjanjian. Ketika salah satu kelab malam milik keluarga Scorgia diledakan, dia bersama dengan pasukan Michele memutuskan menemui keluarga Fanelli untuk menuduh saingan bisnisnya. Bersama mereka melakukan upaya dan berakhir dengan pembunuhan. “I’m the mad man for your touch, Angela, I lost control.” – Lucas Scorgia Sekembalinya di rumah, dia disambut dengan kedatangan Lucas. Pria itu mengingatkan agar tidak ikut campur bisnis keluarganya. Kemunculannya membawa ambisi besar untuk melakukan ekspansi. Angela bersama dengan Daniele, memutuskan untuk berkunjung ke sebuah kelab malam yang dikelola oleh keluarga Xu Min, yang mengendalikan bisnis besar di wilayah timur, di mana kehadiran mereka tidak diterima. She plays the rules made by the beast. Kembali ke Foxcoll, mereka dikejutkan oleh berita penculikan Karina. Penjahat Xu Min memukul Lucas dengan keras, dan diselamatkan oleh Stefan Blanchette. Sementara itu, Angela memutuskan untuk bertemu dengan seseorang yang diduga memegang peranan penting masa lalu keluarga Vernon. Kemudian kejadian baku tembak di sepanjang jalan besar Hawthron terjadi. Keadaan diperparah dengan kemunculan Gianna Stone. Meet me in the bottom of the ocean and show me how you like it done. Terinspirasi dari lagu : Not Enough by Elvis Drew ft Avivian ------ Note : Apabila ada kesamaan nama, tempat, adegan, dan gaya penulisan dengan penulis lain, itu hanya kebetulan semata. Terima kasih! Rate 21+ This novel contains sexual acts and harsh words. Please don't read if you're not comfortable with it!

Karlvier · Romansa Kontemporer
206 Chs

Crystal Pair

Sejak kecil, Liza tahu kalau dia berbeda. Liza diberkahi sepasang mata yang memiliki kemampuan aneh, yaitu melihat kristal cahaya gaib yang dimiliki oleh setiap manusia di dunia. Selama ini Liza mengira kristal cahaya itu tidak berarti apa-apa, sampai suatu ketika ia terseret dalam sebuah kejadian tak terduga. Sejak itulah Liza mendapatkan suatu fakta mencengangkan tentang kebenaran jati dirinya yang ternyata adalah seorang keturunan penyihir putih legendaris yang pernah hidup di zaman abad pertengahan bernama Adera. Konon penyihir putih legendaris itu adalah penyihir yang mampu mengendalikan tujuh cakra dalam tubuhnya untuk mengeluarkan sihir dengan fungsi tertentu. Salah satunya adalah cakra jantung, cakra yang berfungsi untuk cinta dan penyembuhan. Dan berkat kemampuan sihir yang dimilikinya, Liza mampu menyembuhkan manusia dari serangan magis dan juga menolong mereka untuk menemukan jodoh sejati hanya dengan melihat pola-pola kristal gaib yang dia lihat. Itu seperti menemukan dan menyatukan jodoh kepingan puzzle. Sampai suatu hari, Liza memiliki keinginan untuk mencari siapa pasangan jiwa menggunakan kemampuan sihirnya itu. Namun anehnya, Liza masih belum menemukannya hingga sekarang. Keberuntungan jodoh seolah tidak berpihak padanya. Alih-alih mencari pasangan, Liza malah dipertemukan terus dengan Chistone, pria misterius yang memiliki pola kristal jodoh yang tidak terbaca. Siapakah sebenarnya Christone? Bagaimana bisa kristal jodoh pria itu tidak bisa terbaca oleh Liza? Lalu apakah nanti Liza bakal menemukan jodohnya? Follow untuk info dan update cerita di : @fenlykim

Fenly_Arismaya · Romansa Fantasi
179 Chs