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The Goblin's Leveling System!

[Silver Tier Winner WPC #156 Male Lead- Goblins] "Being a goblin isn't so bad. After all, I have a system for leveling!", Axel Everheart Axel Everheart is a top student at a famous high school with good looks and he is someone who has it all. Due to his ignorance, he slips on a banana peel on the street. He hit his head and well... he died! After his unfortunate death, he reincarnated as the fantasy world's ugliest and weakest mob, a goblin to be precise. Unwilling to accept his fate, he aims to become the strongest goblin and find a way to become a human again. With the help of his system, will he achieve his goal? _______________________________________ Volume 1- What Will You Do If You Are Reincarnated With A Leveling System? Level Up, Obtain Skills And Stats! Volume 2- Preparation Is Complete! The Adventure Starts Now! _______________________________________ Cover By: imagineTishaD Instagram: @imaginetishad _______________________________________ Written by: ShadowKatake Instagram: @katakekage _______________________________________ Discord Server: https://discord.gg/N7mP7v9S5w You can talk to me about anything about my novel whether you want to give me suggestions or want to know more about the novel. I can also chat with you there for fun as long as I'm online.

ShadowKatake · Fantasy
64 Chs

Returning To The Cultivation World Through A Game

Qin Tian, ​​a genius in the cultivation world who failed to become a Heavenly Emperor, ended up dying at the hands of his enemy who succeeded in becoming a Heavenly Emperor. But after his death, he was reborn in a mortal world called earth. It is a world that is advanced in technology. One day, suddenly appeared a game called (Sixteen Heavens). "Why is the name of this game the same as the name of my original world?" Qin Tian wondered in confusion when he first heard about the game. ...

Saubi1234 · Video Games
55 Chs

Project Relife: 2x Isekai System

Dear Xin, Nyaa~~~ I hope you are fine. I think it's your first day on earth. I wish you success in your revenge. And hope this time the world won't get destroyed like the last time. Since there is a charge on the number of characters I am using right now, I am keeping it short and simple. The last time the magical world got destroyed, we tried to reverse time and send your soul there. But due to some unforeseen circumstances, we were unable to do so. Since trillions of souls were on the line, we decided to merge your earth and the magic world into one. We have successfully planted the magic world's characters on your earth, and for magic, we will add it within a month. Hope you enjoy your stay there. Nyaa~~ Itsuki out~~~

TokyoAnime_Seven · Fantasy
81 Chs

While Others Cultivate, I LVL UP In My Sleep Using The Dungeon System

It all began with a poor orphan who would work every day for long hours to pay for his Aunt's medical bills. When his life begins to fall apart and he is homeless sleeping in an alleyway he hears a robotic voice. {Do you wish to integrate with the Dungeon System} "Yes" he answers, without much to lose. And from then his life had never been the same. He was taken into a dungeon each night to hunt and he began to realise just how little he really knew about the world that was much wider than he thought. Discord Server: https://discord.gg/TtnGfdKanr

Adam_A · Fantasy
205 Chs

My Cultivation System

********* "You will become an immortal cultivator, right?" "Yes, mother. I promise," ********* An old cursed building with many trials, A system that helps with cultivation, A bloodline that was envied by many, With the help of these three things, a young man named Henrick wanted to fulfil a promise he made to his mother. However, there were many cultivators that were after his bloodline who would do anything for his bloodline. Follow Henrick to see whether he can fulfil his promise with the world full of enemies or will he become a stepping stone for others?.

vinayraj · Fantasy
232 Chs

A Highest Rank in Another World!

Our protagonist lived in a world of fantasy, a world of dreams and that every otaku wanted to be, but of course, if he is in such a dangerous world, it is clear that he would die more easily. So even though he was an adventurer of the highest level, he ended up dying. But it was not an honest death, how can we say, he ended up being betrayed? So this goddess who was watching everything ended up giving him another chance, he will go to another fantasy world, but now with a system of levels. ********************* My discord: https://discord.gg/sNuNcxX

IgorRSAWs · Fantasy
57 Chs

Fighting For Eternity

Life is full of dangers in this world, only the strong have the right to raise their voice. A world filled with countless creatures, fighting for a single thing. How can a boy who walked out of the lowest region fight in such a hegemon with a sealed dantian? He who vows to kill the heavens learns about his true enemy, prepares the strongest War legion, and conquers the Universe. He holds the system, condenses the god force within the dragon elephant's body after passing through endless reincarnations. He is ready to fight, he is now ready to embrace beauties, he is ready to blow war horn for his legion. Let's read the legend of Xia Long Fei who is determined to achieve Eternal Life, not knowing what does it means? His talent surpasses Heaven but he is not satisfied, he wants to grow until when he will never have anyone above. Tags: The system, High-Fantasy, Action [Detailed Battles], Martial Art, Adventure, Cultivation [Unique Cultivation Arts], Handsome MC, Weak to Strong, Bloodline, Martial Spirits, Divine Vein, Naive to Smart MC, Ruthless and Polygamous MC, Overpowered-MC, OP-enemies, Beast Companions & Monster Pets, Multiple races (Vampires and so on. etc.), Mature (Above 18), Immortals, Gods, Demons, Supreme Artifacts, Real-life based Gods. : Though content might contain real-life things, but everything inside is fantasy, so they might have the same or different history in the story. If you want to know more about the Cultivation Arts, Bloodline, Martial Spirits, and Daos, then follow me on discord :https://discord.gg/g9VUbAQ3 Ranking: 200th = 5 chapters mass releases within one week 100th = 10 chapters mass releases within ten days 50th = 15 chapters mass releases within two weeks Above, for now, this is blood enough but If I really reach there one day with your support then, ..................

Sabin_Subedi_Fei · Eastern Fantasy
264 Chs

The Urban Dao Child.

Yang Dao is an orphan. He does not speak much. He is so introverted that if not for his grades no one would have even known about him. One day it all changed. A red helicopter landed in front of him and a black-haired beauty walked up to him. She spoke in a joyful and emotional voice, "Young Master, this servant finally found you." ... Follow Yang Dao, a boy blessed by the heavens. A guy who was given four familiar spirits by the heavens.

101 Chs

A Cultivation Tale: The Godly Punisher

When Alex was twelve, he was told that his destiny was to protect the sea of worlds that made up the realmverse and the large numbers of races living in them, as they felt he was chosen by the realmverse because he had a peerless and unique Body Constitution. Born with vast and astonishing godly abilities, he is now in a race against time to reach the apex stage of cultivation called: 'Guardian of Sea of Life' or 'Master of Realms', a stage where he would possess the absolute power to defend the realmverse from an enormous, overwhelming armies of tremendously proliferative Alien beings; strange humanoid lifeforms that also practice cultivation and whose sole intent is to maraud realmverses and enslave all inhabitants in them. But this cultivation stage is impossible to attain as he must comprehend and cultivate the ultimate energy called 'Genesis Realmforce Energy', an energy that would result from the fusion of hundreds of Originforce energies. Although the 'Master of Realms' cultivation stage is an impossible stage to reach, Alex would try to attain it by seeking for the lost 'LIBRARY SYSTEM' which would infuse his memory with the complete comprehension of the mysteries of Originforce energies, and the hidden 'GENE SYSTEM' that would inject his powerful divinely blood with the primordial genes of extinct, monolithic ancient races whenever he accomplishes insanely difficult tasks set by the godly, primeval creators of the systems. Also, he would seek for the 'ANCESTRAL BEAST SYSTEM' that would produce mutated or evolved copies of extinct primordial beasts that once existed countless eons of years ago. Then he would try to augment his damaging power to unparalleled degrees by seeking for Marvel-Weapons; Treasure-weapons of tremendous, apocalyptic-level devastating power which belonged to dead, ancient divine experts that birthed the four forms of cultivation. But would he be able to discover the Library System and the Gene System to gain new powerful abilities? The Ancestral Beast System to summon cloned versions of inexistent, planet-sized, havoc-wreaking abyssal creatures to aid him in the far-future deadly battles? And ultimately, Marvel-Weapons to vastly increase his overall destructive power? Would he able to achieve all these before the next, full invasion of his Realmverse? Or would he grow to become very powerful that he would then invade other Realmverses and become their hegemon? *** So, journey with our stunning hero, Alex as he begins to conquer known and unknown realms and dimensions, and unifies kingdoms and territories with the help of the 'Worlds Domination Ultimate Support System' which he would awaken later. *** Tags: --> # SYSTEM [Multiple Systems] --> # ACTION [Epic Battles] --> # ADVENTURE --> # CULTIVATION [Energy, Soul, Body & Bloodline (physique) Cultivation] --> # ROMANCE --> # HAREM --> # WEAK-TO-STRONG MC --> # KIND-AND-GENEROUS MC --> # NAIVE-TO-SMART MC --> # RUTHLESS MC --> # OVERPOWERED-MC --> # OVERPOWERED-ENEMIES --> # BEAST COMPANIONS & MONSTER PETS --> # MATURE (Above 18) --> # MYRIAD NON-HUMAN RACES ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* PS: This novel is set in a fantasy/quasi-technological universe. So anything that happens in this fantasy-genre story cannot be defined by logic or by the laws of our planet, Earth. *** NB: This is my first project as a writer. And I sincerely hope that my work keeps you entertained :) ------------ DISCLAIMER: I don't own the image (source: pinterest.com). If you are the owner and want it taken down, contact me on Discord @: koladeizdavid#9863. Thanks for Adding to Library.

koladeizdavid · Fantasy
357 Chs

The Legacy System

What would happen if someday, someone gave humans the opportunity to have the power of the legends? Total Chaos! That's the answer to that, people started killing, r*ping, extorting and torturing, to become the strongest. In such a world, a nerd like Eric became one of the strongest. With the resolve of a better life for his family, his loved ones, he managed to flip his destiny around, and become the strongest, and built his Empire. He went so far, that he was close to ascending to the Immortal World, that world of dreams. His story looks like one of a fairytale, but a fairytale it's not. Just as he was about to ascend, he was betrayed and killed, by his closest friends, and his half-brother. At the death's door, he learned about his brother's atrocities, but his time had finished. If only he had another chance! If only he could have another shot at life! He would definitely live differently! But could he!? . . . At that moment his soul was transferred into a black space!

crazy_immortal · Fantasy
190 Chs

My Alpha Roommate

Riley Miller, the girl of a strong colorful imagination, never thought that her wishes for something different and an exciting dramatic life would come true. Then again, she'd never thought a cocky Alpha, previously stalker, would become her roommate, make her want to jump on him, make her fall for him and give her all she'd ever wish for. Supernatural stuff, drama, excitement, strip show and tacos. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Omg are you a werewolf? Or a vampire? OR ARE YOU AN UNICORN? FRICKIN TELL ME NOW YOU BEAUTIFUL PIECE OF SHIT" "Don't call me that!" The story has just begun ;) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Maia · Fantasy Romance
17 Chs

Stealing Spree

Note: There's no magic in this novel. This was previously in the Realistic Fiction genre but it's not included in the choices. So I picked the closest one to it. Onoda Ruki is just your ordinary high school student. He strived for being the Classmate A who's unimportant to the story. Despite being the Classmate A. Onoda has a secret desire which he always had ever since young and that was to steal each and every girl from their guy. Join him as he entered his high school days as he conquer and steal every girl he sets his eyes on. And along the way, the growth in his character and those around him. TAGS: Netori, Romance, R-18, Harem, School Life https://discord.gg/BWBWUrU *I do not own the cover photo. I will take it out if requested. *DISCLAIMER This is a work of fiction. All names, characters, places, and events are products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious way. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. Moreover, the ages of the characters appearing in this fiction are 18 and above.

Dyrem · Magical Realism
324 Chs

Firstborn: Return of the heir

Most of Saulus' young life was a clever ruse, designed to fulfill a promise he made to his late King: to protect Princess Venna, the King’s only child and his childhood friend. His predestined life began at age 8 as an orphan, recruited into the military. Ten years later he was a general at age 18. Before hitting his 24th birthday, Saulus became the youngest chief commander of the lone Retesian Legion, endorsed by the Patriarch himself. But when Saulus uses the Patriarch’s own army to seize his land and wage war against him, the return of the Kingdom of Burn is nigh! Long live the Queen! Glory to the Burn! May the grace of Firstborns protect us all! Tags: Kingdom Building / Intelligent MC / Action / War / Magic / Romance / Revenge

Motivated Sloth / Netmarble F&C (Publisher) · Fantasy
40 Chs

Reincarnated in The World of Dragon Prince Yuan

The history of a guy that was reincarnated in the world of Yuan Zun by a higer being with 5 wishes. [Attention: for those who want to read this fanfic, be aware that this fanfic will not be overly stupid with the leveling of the main character's power or even the exaggeration of the anime's powers. The MC will not stay or break through the God Realm out of the blue without any plausible explanation on the same day he reincarnates in other world!]

Heavens_Sovereign · Book&Literature
23 Chs

Golden Finger Gacha System

Hello Everyone !!! This is your author here with a quick note before I begin. I just want to thank everyone firstly for checking me out and reading my novel: This will be my very first !! So thank you again: ———————————————————————— A random soul floating aimlessly somewhere in the vastness of the reincarnation void finally gets a chance at new life !! An omnipotent God in a faraway galaxy decides to finally do something new for a change in eons of years and summons our new MC with 7 unrestricted wishes & 2 systems !!! ENJOY. ( no harem - but he will have 3 amazing and wholesome wives :) ! )

InkosiPiff · Fantasy
72 Chs

Reincarnation as a Peerless Martial God / Cultivator with Sharingan!

Cultivation is dangerous. So many hardships a person must go through to get to the peak of their abilities. But how much easier would it be to achieve superior strength if Lin Feng had Sharingan and canon knowledge?

blazerboe2020 · Anime & Comics
29 Chs

Reincarnated with Endless-System

[English is not my First Language] [This is my first writing, so go easy on me] [I'm only doing this for fun] [Minimal: 1 chapter/week or maybe None if I too busy with my assignment] [Maximal: 3 chapters/week or more] [Disclaimer: I do not own all the characters from the franchise that I took, except for the Original characters] [Don't expect the early chapter to be good in grammar] [This is probably a wish fufillment kind of fan-fic (even myself doesn't know what to expext from this fan-fic)] --------------------------------------------------------------- A 17-years old Otaku dies while he is walking to his home due to Truck-kun. after awaking into a room of Void He encounters a Goddess that gives him a system and reincarnated into the world he truly desires. (Just kidding its a random world) --------------------------------------------------------------- DISCORD SERVER: https://discord.gg/eCwmhXJ

Tatsuke44 · Anime & Comics
46 Chs

Invincible Upgrade System

Our MC Ye Fan gets ISEKAI'ed & gets a badass system. Well, 'THE' BADASS SYSTEM THERE EVER CAN BE!! Killed an enemy ? +EXP !! Got killed by an enemy ? +EXP, Revived in 3 seconds !! Indestructible! This world is vast and boundless, and I am the king! OG work by Ku Xiu Ren Sheng. Cover pic not mine. For credits or to remove it, contact me.

EasternDragon · Eastern Fantasy
355 Chs

Blessed by Luck

Adam is born differently than any other human and is raised inside of a lab where he would do what he was told to do until he was given a chance to be transported to a 'random' world by a Goddess of Balance. He isn't given anything to do in return so he spends his days preparing for an inevitable future and growing as a person along the way. A/N: Most of the time when I write chapters I try my best to make stuff make sense but it's very difficult to do so if something doesn't make sense that's my bad. I am writing this story out of fun with most everything being wish-fulfillment. So if you're looking for a story filled with only plot and character development then this isn't the story. I will still try and write some character and plot development but since this is the first time I attempt to write anything like a story so It will probably be bad. I'm mostly writing it since I randomly came up with an idea for it so doesn't be too hard on the criticism. Disclaimer: I do not own nor claim any of the existing characters as mine. Only a couple of characters in the MC's arc will be mine.

eeclime14 · Anime & Comics
26 Chs

Transcending Paragon: multiverse travel

WARNING before reading: the story has a massive harem like Pokemon! if you don't like it then this fix is not for you. this is wish fulfilment and don't expect character development. I write this for fun. A young man whose life met a cruel fate. his father died, his mother diagnosed with a unknown disease and face financial problem. when he ask why fate was cruel. it answered him "I need you to be my husband" "....." Wish fulfillment story, I write this for fun. world travel, anime world and manhua world first world: Black clover

cure_chester_sama · Anime & Comics
122 Chs