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My CEO Harem Cultivation System

CEO Yang Li worked hard to reach the top in modern day China. However fate had another life in store for him: [ If You Do Not Follow The System, Your Company Will Collapse ] He narrowed his gaze, realizing that all his hard work would be for nothing. "I accept." [ Congratulations! You've Gained The Harem Cultivation System! ] Yang Li sighed and rubbed his forehead. [ Seduce The Rich Young Heiress ] [ Conquer The White Lotus ] [ Defeat the Fox Goddess ] [ Make Top Actress See The Stars ] [ Tame The Bewitching Vampire ] [ Each Girl You Gain Gives You Charisma Points To Become A Cultivator ] "...And why do I need to become a cultivator?" [ To Entertain The Celestial Heavens Of Course! ]

RachelRuth · Magical Realism
41 Chs

The Wolf of Aragnar

Aragnar is a world of Sword and Magic. Here, the different Races live in their respective domains, protecting the legacies their ancestors build with blood and sweat. But still, the world of Aragnar had not yet been fully explored, and the powerful races contest much of its unexplored land and untapped resources. Ivan Jaeger, an ordinary boy from planet earth with extraordinary dreams, woke up one day in a young body on the verge of starvation and death. No one had known at that instant except the rats killed for the experience that with an exceptional aide, a bigger wolf had arrived in the world of Aragnar, who would make others feel like sheep. But that's not the reason for his acknowledgment to be known and feared as the Wolf of Aragnar. To know that, you need to follow Ivan Jaegar's journey throughout his famed adventures. You need to know in detail about his daily life and his Pursuits after Wealth, Power, Ambition, Military Glory, Eternal life and the greatest of all his goals 'Conquering the Beauties' *Wink* ------------------------------------------- Support the Author: https://ko-fi.com/rollingpandaa https://paypal.me/Rollingpandaa ------------------------------------------- 2 Chapter Per Day (0.00 am GMT+8) Time Approx) Bonus Chapters as per power stones donated by the end of the week. Vote with power stones. Give review. Suggestions and encouragement in the comment box. Also, read my other Novel 'The Pleasure Lord' Happy reading. ------------------------------------------- Tags: Weak to Strong, Comedy, Reincarnated, Shameless, Harem, Adventure, Beast Companions, Politics, GameElements, Magic&Swords, FantasyRaces ------------------------------------------- Discord-->Rollingpandaa#8813 Discord group for 'The Pleasure Lord'--https://discord.gg/8Xbe3qJ

Rollingpandaa · Fantasy
34 Chs

Legendary God Of Harem In The Modern World

Can a God truly die? Can a God be turned into a powerless mortal? Yes. Yes he can, just ask Ryan. For many years, the name ‘Nergal’ and ‘God of the Underworld’ was feared. All powerful and undefeated, Nergal terrorized and fought against all of his foes. Until one day, he was forced to retreat like a coward! In order to save his lieutenants and companions, Nergal must abandon his power, his status, and his godhood. So now he lives as the simple noodle seller named Ryan, unhappy and in a dead end life. But what if the Fates still have other plans for him? A goddess of a woman suddenly offered to be his queen. Queen!? Queen of noodles?! Has this woman gone insane!? What other explanation is there? Irina is a gorgeous, powerful, super rich CEO! She could have any man she wanted: from athletes, movie stars, celebrities! But she chose to marry a noodle seller instead!? Is this a problem that a God in the modern world has to deal with!? How the hell can Ryan live in peace with this mad woman throwing herself at him? Will the ghosts of his past as a God haunt him in the present day?

Lao_Ban69 · Magical Realism
110 Chs

Yin & Yang Pleasures of Cultivation

Life wasn't the best for Darcel. Just because of what he was born with. He was robbed of a normal cultivation life by the hands of a strange and cruel Organization. An Organization that treats human life as nothing more than little lab rats and Darcel got forced into their cruel experimentations. For years he lived this way, only having a bit of protection because of his inborn powers. It wasn't until a recurring dream of his unexpectedly had a slight change to it. Be it luck, fate, or destiny, Darcel didn't know and frankly didn't really care. Because after that dream, his life took another dramatic turn to venture out into the universe and explore the pleasure of Yin's Darkness...

CosmicPrime · Eastern Fantasy
139 Chs

Bored Gamer in Other Worlds

Bored Gamer in Other Worlds. A spoiled brat journeys in mystical worlds and beyond. Author's Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/Immovable87 PayPal Donation - https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=GX29VUN9C7M78&source=url Discord: https://discord.gg/mXMRjzF

The_Procrastinator · Fantasy
345 Chs

My Pick Up Artist System

"With this system, I'll become the world's greatest seducer! If it doesn't kill me first..." I was a nobody, a short fatty Otaku. Then a girl's voice popped into my head: [Seduce a woman within a month or die.] "What the hell...how? I'm an 18-year-old virgin..." [7+ looks only. No slam donkeys.] "You’re forcing me to die!” Facing annihilation, I had no choice but to join the international community of pick up artists. That’s how my boring student life became filled with craziness and womanizing. I just had one problem: "Why are these guys all insane?" Pick Up Artist: One who uses specialized tactics to seduce women. Additional Tags: weak to strong, supernatural, action, fantasy, funny, dungeon, face smacking, bloodlines, modern, harem, r-18, litrpg,magic, cultivation, martial arts, shameless protagonist, parody, satire, succubus, netori, adult, ecchi, sex, hidden gem, drama, wuxia, adventure, mature, school life, seinen, princess, billionaire, werewolves, xuanhuan, erotic, erotica, romance, revenge, polygamy, psychological, r18, 18, 18+, smut, hentai, comedy, light novel, alchemy, system. *If you're wary of reading originals, I assure you that I'm a native English speaker and you'll find the writing here to be at a professional standard. *No Netorare or Yuri. RELEASE SCHEDULE: 1 new chapter posted every day by 12 pm Est/12 am GMT+8. Bonus chapters don't have a set time, but if there are some pending, on per day is posted for 2 chaps/day total. Join the Discord of 2000+ readers for character art: https://discord.gg/VSKzgzV8J9 (case-sensitive) If you'd like to make a Paypal donation to support the cultural cause of the novel and author: https://bit.ly/3lU4xD1 A big shounen thank you for the anime/manga cover character to https://www.deviantart.com/kirayamato74 and https://www.deviantart.com/gigamessy

SamsaraWithWords · Magical Realism
259 Chs

I got summoned to another world, then married a yandere!

[Some chapters contain R-18 content.] [No rape] [No NTR] "I will become strong with this self-tailored game system! What?! Why does it give quests based on my wife's wishes?!" Kyoya got summoned to another world by a beauty whose aim was sole to get a weak husband! So weak that he wouldn't be able to get a harem and seek other women! Such motives quickly exposed beauty's real personality - a yandere - so Kyoya could only have two paths in his new life! Either to get enough strength to run away from the yandere wife or be strong enough to teach her common sense! A few days were enough to break one of his paths, however! But not only that, his special power, All Creation System, seemed to favor a yandere wife instead of him?! Discord Server - https://discord.gg/zjKqZjXuyU - Comments and replies of the author are his and only his opinion. - Story is a fiction solely for the entertainment purposes, nothing related to the reality. -

Sixth · Fantasy
249 Chs

Poor Man Reborn

Changing book name to Harem Reborn! On death, Dave has transported into a new world and finds out he has been playing a game. With only memories of his horrible past, Things look up when he notices a flashing icon in his sights. Memories of his previous life are all he has to go on, but Destiny guides him to reconnect with strangers from past lives and start him on another journey to save more lost souls. Slowly the memories with each woman reconnect and help Dave get back the experiences he lost while forming new connections and relationships along the way. Welcome to Reborn! A place of infinite lifetimes in worlds and planes thought only to be places drawn from imagination. Players that enter this world are children stricken with a particular terminal disease and given a chance to be reborn an infinite amount of times, participating in new challenges and systems every lifetime. Join Dave, Lavender, Tilly, and all the rest on their adventure through worlds and as they meet new friends and experiences new systems! Added a fanfic harem list called, "Dave's Harem Reborn" https://dynamic.webnovel.com/book/19093946806375105?utm_source=writerShare&utm_campaign=4314060402 My discord: Magic/Epictap/XBO#7267 Discord page:https://discord.gg/hQHJrZCYZu Instagram: ddcmagic_ Twitter: @Daniel_smiles Check my other books Should Have Let Me Die Special thanks to: artsynoire from Fiverr for my covers character drawings Nekomata_Shoji from Webnovel for the title font He is also the author of: I never thought I made a harem by making a manga Taken from the Urban Dictionary: Smut Erotic writing that contains explicit, sexual content. Something that renders you wanting to pour bleach into your eyes after reading, yet possesses an irresistible allure that makes you eventually give in and read it again Reader: Smut is absolutely abhorrent. I swear I would never read it again. Reader a week later, feeling horny: maybe...just...once.....

Magic_ · Video Games
179 Chs

My new item can raise infatuation, but!

What happens when a good for nothing loser get his hands-on some magical contact lenses, with the ability to tell him exactly how to raise a woman infatuation, paired with a system powerful enough to travel between worlds, but not like any heavenly item. This damned tool is utterly broken and forced him to farm infatuation points none stop. What will then happen to the woman around him? ~~~~~~~~~~~~ I chose to make this in the multiverse because I always wanted to. This is for fun, and for my loyal sect members, don't come here expecting shit; this is only for yandere lovers. But I'd say it’s an enjoyable read; I’m sure you will laugh, smile, get thrilled, and of course, sometimes bang your head against the wall. Well, enjoy, and if you liked this book, you surely would like all my books.

Ru_ri · Fantasy
26 Chs

Road to the Crown

Political marriage, war taxes, subsidies, a tribute... All those terms sound nice when one juggles them from behind the screen of his trusty computer! Junk food? Check. Sugary drinks that will cause me diabetes? Check. Two weeks of leave from the work? Check. A fresh copy of the newly released game finishing downloading as I'm going back from the grocery store? Check. Oops! My emotions got better to me, and I tripped on the stairs. I'm so silly! Then... Why the hell am I kneeling in a throne room, watching the marriage and coronation ceremony of the King, dressed in the noble robes with the game itself only flashing in the corner of my eyes? Discord link: https://discord.gg/pJTVGZZ

MotivatedSloth · History
335 Chs

Scion of Time Gaming System!

Check out my other novel: Gaming Sword Magician Full of face slapping! The slaps are so hard that you will feel and hear the echoing of the slaps! Time is always fleeting. But what if the sands of time could be grasped in one's hand? Marvin is a senior high school boy that has awakened but lacks an ability. In a world where weakling is handled as the strong wished, Marvin was bullied regularly. But one day, he awakened a Gaming System and obtained the attribute of time!!!!!! Ever Since that day, he climbed his way to the heavens. This is Marvin's adventure from being bullied to the peak of life. Beauties from all walks of life will fall in his embrace; be it a teacher, models, or a demonic vixen. This is the story of Marvin, the godly gentleman conquering beauties, creating his harem, and becoming the absolute ruler of all! ------- Check out my other novel: Gaming Sword Magician!

Lazy_leon · Martial Arts
71 Chs


This is a work of fiction, any names, characters, stories or events, are fictitious! (Even the country in the story is just the author's fantasy as the author never visited those countries in the story) Armipotent is an archaic adjective meaning "strong in battle." Basically, it refers to someone who is physically tough in war. Originally, it was used to refer to the Roman god of war, Mars. ===================== Tang Shaoyang, an orphan who dropped out of the middle school to fight on the street as he found out school was useless for a penniless orphan like him. Tang Shaoyang dropped out of his school, fighting on the street, and made a name for himself. Berserker Tang from Youyouliucun. Afterward, Dragon Wing triad recruited him and everything was good for him. Even though the public deemed him as a tumor of society, Tang Shaoyang was having a decent life. Until one day, everything changed as an absurd and strange game started. "... Game starts! Stage one: Survival for The Fittest!" After the game started, zombies appeared out of nowhere. ... Ding! "You have killed 1000 zombies less than 24 hours since the game started! You gained 3 Talents!" Dong! "You may choose 3 Talents! please choose carefully!" Tang Shaoyang held his chin and mused what Talent he had to choose. "With Zombies appear everywhere, I need an infinite strength... this is one, I still need to choose 2 Talents more..." Then a lewd smile formed on his lips. "I want an infinite strength, charm and charisma to conquer women, and the last one, I want to upgrade my **** so I can please my women!" After saying this, Tang Shaoyang laughed aloud. "Hahaha, there's no way such talent exists... ehhhhh?!!!" Ding! Dong! "3 Talents are consumed! You have been granted Divine Body! Good Luck, Gamer Tang Shaoyang!" Tang Shaoyang immediately checked the detail of Divine Body. After a brief silence, he muttered unbelievably. "Such Talents really exist..." Note: I don't own the cover. If the creator wants me to take down the cover or put credit, please notify me by replying to my review at the Review section.

HotIce · Fantasy
176 Chs

Veiled Saga: Conquest and Domination

"If I can't conquer your heart, I will conquer your land." He smirks in the heat of the moment, with drumming heart and trepidation from those audacious words he just declared. And finally, he dealt a spit for his last growl: "This world shall know Domination!" =============== Miguel was an Ex-General falsely accused and was sentenced to death. He transmigrated as a spirit trapped in the body of a former young master, turned to a slave: Argus. The era is at the age of conquest, a millennia before Miguel's country was colonized. Or so Miguel thought? During his takeover, however, Argus's spirit is still alive! Regaining his control against Miguel's spirit. At each change of the phase of the moon, Miguel and Argus swaps. Two souls in one body, two fate under one path. They then come to an agreement and declares to conquer the world. Read as the story unravels the mysteries of this newfound world. How would Miguel and Argus deal with their complicated shared-life while treading their own path to Domination? A Glorious Veiled Saga that re-writes history! =============== Photo Cover is owned and drawn by: Ian Sta. Maria Follow his page at FB: the art of ian sta.maria IG: takbotikbalang This is my first novel on this platform, Nice meeting you!

Suezaro · Fantasy
203 Chs

The Romantic Cultivator

Sword Saint Ji Yuan has just breakthrough to the lofty seventh realm saint level after a period of 100 years. When he returns to his celestial clan where he was once the Sword Saint, he has found out that many things have changed. This isn't your typical OP cultivation story because the first rule of OP means the MC will have the plot armor of never encountering anyone that can kill the MC even if the MC is a low level rookie. But not Ji Yuan because he had made deadly enemies of the highest rank at the start of the story. Story is a parody of the Young Master and Smart MC troupe. It will have many plot twists to challenge the smart readers to see if they're smarter than the MC. So each time the smart reader feel the MC is dense, a plot twist will happen later to enlighten them that they aren't as smart as the MC. Only by immersing in the cultivation world can the mystery be solved but it will take a very smart and attentive reader to crack their smart brain cells. If not, just enjoy the ride and leave the mystery to be solved for the MC! This is actually a xianxia romance story about an unromantic cultivator who likes his beard and the romantic leading maidens who all hates his beard. There are a total of seven celestial levels in order to cultivate as a celestial cultivator; Practitioner, Master Practitioner, Enlighten Celestial, Immortal Celestial, Golden Celestial, Golden Supremacy and Sacred Saint.

Avidfan · Eastern Fantasy
254 Chs

Evolving Ghost System: Phantom Universe Expansion Pack

Harvard had been a well respected lawyer, but then he got killed by his girlfriend because he forgot to take out the garbage and she also had robbed a bank. Afterwards, he had a lot of time to think in the underworld before he got to meet King Yama - a beautiful women with the greatest mounds and body he'd ever seen on the ruler of the underworld. She invited him to take part in the phantom universe expansion pack, and because of his lot in life, she decided to give him a little bit of much needed help. He gets lucky enough to inherit the Evolving Ghost System, and journey into the new expanded universe! Inside, he will meet lots of beautiful women, complete quests from badass NPCS, and have fun joining a guild and terrorizing the new universe. There is nothing he cannot do with his new system! [Evolving Ghost System would like to give you a gift basket!] [All Host has to do is complete a simple Quest to receive it!]] 'Oh god, I hope it's more simple than killing 100,000 Ghost Slimes. My reputation is still ruined because of that!" Harvard nervously opened the prompt. "Oh no! Oh god! Here we go again!" *** Any votes are appreciated and will birth new chapters! Please add to the library as well if you wouldn't mind, and come back and expect daily updates if this story gets enough votes! Thank you for your largesse!

RazorIsSharp · Video Games
109 Chs


Tianlong Yun had it all! He was a Crown Prince Dragon. The youngest to reach Godhood. Thousands of beauties in his harem. A perfect life to live. But all of this changed one night. Everything he had was lost in one night. His brother and his new lifelong mate betrayed him. They crippled him and his cultivation and made the world believe he cultivated dark arts. Chased by the whole Immortal World, there was only one person who still believed in him, and stayed by his side. His fateful death companion. But, when he thought that everything was gone, and that he would be in the line to eat Aunt Mengs soup, something incredible happened. He woke up in a new world, a new planet, a new civilization. He woke up in Earth??? Alert!!! This is a work of fiction. Unless otherwise indicated, all the names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents in this book are either the product of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. This book contains a lot of R-18 content, and also bloody and gory scenes. So proceed at your own risk. Thank you! If you decide to give it a try

crazy_immortal · Eastern Fantasy
336 Chs

Dreams and Ashes

Rose wanted the freedom of the wind so that she could fly past her worries and desires. Tristan wanted the same thing except he wanted one more.....invisibility. When the two meet in an unusual turn of events, dreams unlock and barriers fall off but what stories await them, how will they survive the obstacles of life.....only one way to find out.

tarastone_ · Teen
24 Chs

Isekai Absolute Copy and Online Shopping

"Whaa--- I can order Mcdonalds in isekai ?!! With this i can still eat junkfood without problem in the middle of the jungle mwahahahahah! what is dry meat ?! i dont need it !!" Alex the only one otherworlder begin his journey in sword and magic world with hamburger in his hands. . . . patreon.com/wintermist You can see the Illustration on my Patreon (It's new) the character illust and everything will be uploaded there (now its just a world map as well as continent map there XD)

wintermist1994 · Fantasy
116 Chs

Eye System

Levelling also known as cultivation is the thing that the entire world revolves around. Lex had no family and was found alone at the crash site, is an absolute trash with a weak body and was bullied and abused by those his age. On the verge of death after he was nearly killed by his bullies he gave up on life until.... {Ding, host has gained the Eye System}. From then he began his journey exploring the universe and chasing after the girl he loves all while getting stronger and finding out more about himself. But life isn't that simple and fate is unpredictable. With infinite realities Lex has to make his way up from the bottom wherever he is all with the Eye System. Gaining more and more Eye Powers, while unlocking more and more mysteries, will Lex make it to the top. Author Note: Planning for a long novel with an ever growing world and MC and his personality and strength will grow and change throughout so I wouldn't judge the entire novel off the not great beginning chapters and throughout the novel you see the mc change an improve in ideals, personality and strength. Discord Server: https://discord.gg/TtnGfdKanr P. S. Do not own picture on cover

Adam_A · Fantasy
150 Chs

The King's Mandate: Anomalous System

"Whoever dares to harm my loved ones shall cease to exist" In an alternate universe, one where no one knows about gods and religions, unknown to humans, history has been altered and forged into something they can't help but believe. Humans have no true relations with each other, money is their everything. Anything could be bought with money, anything could be sold for money. This was the scenario when the first virtual reality game was released 30 years ago, and a tragedy ensued. Soon after, VR games were banned in the entire world. But, after a few years, one after another, a better version, an advanced version of VR games were released. Daas Ryle, a boy born in royalty. Attacked by the entire world who wants him and his family dead. Losing his loved ones turned him into a psycho. He started to find joy and satisfaction in killing and crushing them. His hate burned like hellfire. Having suffered hell in his childhood, he became an emotionless boy who thought studying was his only way to live. That was when he met 'her', the girl who changed his life. He slowly started falling in love with her. She was his Salvatore. Daas began changing, becoming a normal high school boy, at least from the outside. Never before had he played a single game, yet he was recommended to play a VR game by his girlfriend. Little did he know that agreeing to play the game would change his life. How the game would affect him in the real world. How his future would change. His system, his future reign as a king, his becoming a 'monster'. Everything started here. Meeting new people, unraveling the dark secrets of the cruel world he lives in. Will he ever find out the truth about his system? How did he end up with the system in the first place? Can he ever become the king he aspires to be? =============== Thanks For Reading :) _____________________ You Must Be Reading This On Webnovel.com _____________________ Support Me On Patreon -https://www.patreon.com/NoWoRRyMaN. =============== Here are the tags in detail, Virtual-Reality//Game-world// Real-world// Fantasy// Game elements// Fantasy Elements// Strong Love Interests// Mystery// VRMMO// Futuristic setting//Weak to strong// Overpowered MC// Multiple Love interest// Marriage// Prince// Rich Mc// Early Romance// Magic// Caring MC// Ruthless MC// Princess// Handsome male lead// Beautiful female leads// School life// Hidden abilities// Mysterious powers// Kings// System elements// Kingdoms// Royalty// Polygamy// Kings and kingdoms,//Gore// Ecchi// mature. [Much More Tags in the Auxiliary Volume] ============ Disclaimer- The cover is not mine. I (my bro @birdu) just did some editing. If you are the owner of the image and want me to take it down, tell me in the review. ============

NoWoRRyMaN · Video Games
384 Chs